Inchcock Today – Fri 8 Apr 16: The Missing Panic Alarm Wristlet puzzle solved – Then another Whoopsiedangleplop!

03 01ABCFriday 8th April 2016

I woke around 0100hrs and had yet another search for the missing Alarm wristlet, without any success.

Gave up, nodded off, and sprang awake again at 0305hrs, convinced I knew where the wristlet might just be found; In one of the pockets of the coats hanging in the hallway?

No, not there either.

Fretting now, that I’d have to report this loss to the Nottingham City Homes Control and the flats Coordinator Dean Walker and have to pay for a replacement and make myself look a right clot into the bargain!

I looked in all the places I’d already searched last night, without any luck again.

So, depressed and defeated, I accepted the situation and resigned myself to a day of crawling and being red faced was to follow.

I attended the throne for the morning efforts, made a cup of tea, and booted the laptop into action.

While making the graphic above, I’d hoped to get some inspiration of somewhere I might not have looked yet? As I moved the camera to get to the SD card in the slot… Yes, there it was, right in front of me underneath the camera carrier – where I was sat when I first realised it was missing!

The velcro on the band had attached itself to the velcro on the camera case, so when I first moved the case to look under it for the wristlet, it moved with it. Both being black didn’t help?

Words fail me here! Hang on, I’ve found a few… better not type them in, though!

Took the medications, but the expected joy at discovering the alarm was not there – it was overshadowed I think, by the feelings of inadequacy and contempt with myself that I felt.

The disdain I was feeling toward myself wasn’t helped, when I went to make another cuppa, in semi-celebration of finding the thing and dropped the milk as I took it out of the fridge!

On a right downer now! The feeling is hard to describe and rather esoteric.

Still, neither Little Inchy or Hame Aroids were bleeding at all, and the view from the kitchen window, all the twinkling lights gave me something else to concentrate on. Why do the street lights appear twinkling some mornings, and static on others? Just another pointless, banal thought that popped into my head like. Tsk!

Took a bath and did my ablutions, then got the dirty washing ready and took it down with me to the Laundry Room. I met Olive from number 84 as she was on her way down to the laundry room. I like Olive, sweet lady struggles with arthritis but never complains bless her. We had a natter on the way down in the lift.

Received a letter from Nottingham City Homes confirming they were coming on Wednesday 13th April to look at the draughts coming into the kitchen.

Both the machines were in use, and a lady sat in the lobby waiting for one to finish! No chance there then for Olive or me to get the job done. We returned back up the lift and I had another nice chinwag with her before I returned to the apartment to make another cuppa.

Got the laptop back on and updated this article come diary come, Tale of Woes, come Inchcock Today.

IcePatti Beckert, my oldest cyber friend, had sent me an email. I answered her after doctoring a photo I took of Clinton Street in Nottingham.

I swapped Patti’s face for another lady, using CorelDraw x8 and CorelPaint x8.

Can you guess which one?

 Then I went on Facebook for a while. A long while. A very long while indeed.

P1060044Got the new paring knife, and started to slice and cut the parsnips and carrots ready to spray with sunflower oil and bake in the oven… Whoopsiedangleplop!

It bled a little and I had to change the dressing three times after I managed with microscopic effort, to cut my right thumb.

Losing the blood left me with a blue coloured hand. Hehe! The Warfarin level I suppose?

I got the veg in the oven and added a beef slice later to even out the cooking times. Added the potato sticks, new potatoes, beetroot and pickled onions.

P1060045It came out alright and I was pleased with the result, although using the knife and fork was hindered by having to change the dressing on the thumb again. All okay later, nay bother!

I think my mind control was beginning to labascate when I found the garden peas simmering away on the hob when I went to wash the pots later. Humph! The parsnips and carrots were appetizing, despite my missing cutting off the ends of the carrots due to the Whoopsiedangleplop.

Fell asleep and was woken up by the Asda delivery gentleman ringing the intercom phone to be allowed in to bring the fodder. I answered the phone, he said who he was, I pressed the entry door-unlock button combination, then as I got the tiered trolly to the door in readiness: It dawned on me that I could not remember sending an order to Asda (Walmart)?

P1060046Although I could not recall placing the order, I must have.

As he passed the stuff to me to put on the trolley, it came back to me when I noticed the pack of two lamb leg chops other stuff.

I signed for the food, thanked the chap and went to put away the fodder delivered.

The freezer is now fuller than it ever has been, in fact, I had to dish some bits from it to make room for the new stuff! The cupboards were overfull to the point of absurdity. What when and why did I place this order? I checked on the Google Calendar and saw the reminder for it, and felt a right fool again. Tsk!

I sat down to watch the TV and a message told me to retune to get a channel I had on that had moved to another location. What a mess I made of that somehow. I’ve lost all of the radio channels now, but have got a channel of the CCTV camera on the Foyer door? Much as I wanted the radio channels back, I did not want to lose the CCTV channel? So I left it as it was because I didn’t know how I changed it in the first place? Poor old fool!

No chance of watching the goggle-box as I kept nodding for a few seconds, every five minutes it seemed.

Eventually, I drifted off.