Inchcock Today – Sun 3 April 16: A day of loneliness, blues and fatigue! Hehehe!

Sun 3 April 2016

03 04 ABCStraight to the bathroom to use the porcelain and to check out the status of certain bodily areas: Little Inchy was not bleeding, well, only the tiniest bit. The rear end bled a bit after I struggled very painfully this morning, to perform the essential evacuation procedure. I cleaned myself up and made a cuppa taking the medications and an Entrolax to ease things in the rear nether region.

Got the laptop on and started to finish the Monday diary off.

After about an hour, the need to use the throne returned, rather quick that I thought: Blow me down, it was the opposite of the earlier session, felt like I had now acquired Diahorrea? Could one Entrolax have had such an almost instant reversive effect? Mmm?

When making another cuppa around 0600hrs, I thought I’d take a photograph through the kitchen window.

P1060005P106000201 meandGrizWhat a mess I made of it.

Got in a right pickle with the camera, only trying to cancel the flash, Tsk!

Had to take eight shots before I got it right, then I didn’t know what I’d done to get it right!

I just hope I’ve not messed it (The
camera settings) 
up altogether now.

Got all irritable about this for some reason, cursing myself and almost growling at my ineptitude?

Still not sure it was worth all the hassle.

No dizzies this morning, let’s hope it stays that way?

Got Coreldraw X8 booted and did some work to post later.

Then did some Facebooking on the TFZ site. (Several hours, Tsk!)


Spent a good while internetting about, then checked me emails:

I had an email from L R Johnson, my cyber mate Les.

He’s doing well with his Erskine Quint novels, just got his second of three out in print. Available now, on Amazon in book or e-book form at a good price. Great reading that takes you out of yourself and into the world of Erskine with all the madness and freedom we can only dream of.

P1060007Got me nosh prepared without any hiatus. Lamb hock with vegetables, potato cakes and Irish Batch bread to soak up the gravy.

Good one this. Rated at 9.22/10.

Just the one dizzy spell today, while I was doing the washing up – but, a rather nasty one.

The rest of the day I spent resting! Fatigued for no reason?


Ageing and Waking up – Advice on what to expect!

01 meandGrizCreated by a 70-year-old Nottingham Pensioner, in support and advice for those amongst us who are approaching maturity and senescence, but without having first prepared for the coming nasty onslaught of their failing faculties, loneliness and the consequences of physical and mental disintegration that are imminently coming.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Waking up in the Morning

First thoughts, can you remember your nightmares you’ve just had,

Have you passed water or anything else that might be bad?

Did you take last nights medications?

Or have any more confusing aberrations?

Is life real, or just a fad?


You’ll test out your moving parts and ailments early on, slowly of course,

The Arthritis, water filled legs, ankles, hands one by one, 

Is the Angina, reflux valve or ulcer giving you any bother at all? 

 Avoid when getting up, from having a dizzy or another fall.


Moving quickly, must not be overdone!

What medical appointment have you today?

Will anyone call to see you? No, you reply in dismay,

Ah, you’ve to go to the clinic for your X-ray?

Or perhaps this in for next Monday?

Will you snuff it today, you cannot say!


Then the serious stuff comes into your mind,

Which tea-bags to use, Yorkshire, Punjana or Co-op ninety-nine?

You begin to move, there’ll be a jolting pain down your spine,

You’ll have a little chunter, a curse and a whine!


Bravely you grab the broken arm of the chair,

To ease yourself up, but you don’t get there,

Slumping back into your 1959 brown imitation leather armchair,

With steely determination you try again, ignoring the pain,

You must succeed, for you need to use the porcelain yet again!

The odds will be against you getting there are a crime,

You’ll stub your toe en route, this you’ll do more than one time,

Your piles will bleed, miss the bowl and think you’re going insane!

A cuppa will help, you put the kettle on while searching for your sock,

You’ll feel the wet warm dribble from your bleeding Inchcock.


Then you’ll get another bit of a shock,

You’ve run out of your Dandelion and Burdock,

Looking at your kitchen clock, it shows it’s approaching only one o’clock!

At this stage, you’ll question your sanity and mental health,

Realising of stupidity, you have great wealth,

And you don’t really like your older self!

The end

Written in a moment of insanity inspired boredom and realisation

that the time is coming to reconsider the subjectivity of your

own self-detrimental thoughts are escaping into the ether.

Or something like that!