Inchcock Today Wed 30 Mar 16: Dentist saga – Plus UK Top 10 TV Shows from 1960

What we old biddies and baldies were watching in 1960


Wednesday 30th March 2016

Woke up around 0400hrs and remembered the dentist appointment but could not recall the time. Sad, I know! So got the laptop on first to check on the Google calendar. 1115hrs.

Then to the WC, no bleeding from Little Inchy, but Hemo Oids was gushing a bit.

Made a cuppa and took the medications, and back to the porcelain for another heavy duty session?.

Cleaned up a bit in the kitchen when I went back to make another cuppa.

Returned and set about doing the graphic above, of the TV 1960 TV programmes.

Finished off the previous diary and then spotted the full pot of medications that I’d not taken yet, so I took them.

P1050958Out of the blue, I suddenly started to think of and miss Chrissie.

Whatever kicked off and ingeminated these emotions I’ve no idea. But I was transported for few moments back to the good times and the fun and games we’d enjoyed so very much.

I believed I could smell her at one time while I was looking at her photo on top of the electric fire. Don’t laugh! I thought then, the electric fire is the optimum position to reflect her memories.

Once more to the porcelain, three times know this morning? Best get rid before I get to the dentist, though.

Hello, I’m sneezing again, that reminded me I woke myself up sneezing earlier. The rain started coming again too, now.

01W04Checked the emails, I got one via Streetwise about the starting a new U3A starting nearby.

So I went on their site to find out more:

One a month meetings, Only £20 to pay annually. You can buy a drink at the meetings. These workshops have been designed not just Meetings, Only £20 to pay annually. You can buy a drink at the meetings. These workshops have been designed not just for Committee members but for any U3A member who might be interested in joining a Committee. The workshops home in on the U3A ethos and on helping committees to manage their U3As more effectively. Prospective committee members would gain a useful insight into how committees work from either of the two workshops. The beauty of workshops like this is the opportunity they afford delegates to share experiences by networking with members of other U3As.

Conveniently sited where there is not a bus service to reach it for me.

Conveniently held at the same time as my beloved Woodthorpe Social gathering hour.

Conveniently, I wasn’t interested!

01W03The roundabout walk to the dentist is not a long one, but I thought I’d show this diagram just in case I collapse on the way back like, then you’ll know where to search for the body.

Did some Facebooking then.

Ablutions tended to. 

Set off up the gravel path to the park and left down onto Mansfield Road and towards the Dentist.Paid up, before treatment as is usual with this Stalag Dentist establishment. Read my book a bit and was commanded to go upstairs to treatment room two.

Received a phone all from Steve Age UK. Wonderful, after four weeks trying to get in touch with him. He is still finishing with me, but had had a telephone from the solicitors and need me to find the email address of the lawyers. He, to call at the flat later to pick it up?

Got in the dentists and paid up the fee, before treatment as is usual with this Stalag Dentist establishment. Read my book a bit and was commanded to go upstairs to treatment room two.

Where they told me the canal work was not being done today, just a clean and the fillings for the front two bottom teeth. They got the burner going, then filed and cleaned out the bits followed by a filling and further filing.

I noted that they had cleaned out the neon lighting cover since my previous visit. I know this because on my last visit I counted 75 flies and moths and one wasp in it. Today they were down to only 39 flies and moths.

I was told to make an appointment with the Obergruppenfurher receptionist, this I did. As I left the through the door, at the bus stop were two flat residents. So I didn’t walk back after all. I had a chat with them and caught the bus back up the Winchester Street Hill, having a laugh between up as we did.

Got in the flat and WC’d, made a cuppa.

Awaiting the arrival of Steve from Age UK.

Started sorting the paperwork folders.

Got the potatoes on the boil.

Deana Walker (Head honcho of the flats) called to do battery check on the alarm. Gave her an Easter egg for her and Julie.

Back to the sorting of the paperwork.

Still awaiting the arrival of Steve from Age UK.

Drained the potatoes. WC visit made another cup of tea.

Still awaiting the arrival of Steve from Age UK.

Received email from the surgery with the latest INR level reading. Down now to 2.2. So that’s 2.9 – 3.4 – 5.6 – 3.8 – 5.7 and now 2.2? Puzzling innit? Ah well!

Made a start on a graphic to use later.

Still awaiting the arrival of Steve from Age UK. (I’m losing heart here) I reckon because he lives close by, he’ll call really late in the day and say he has to rush he’s on his way home! Wanna bet? Cunning chap! Two days to go when I lose his services which he has not been supplying anyway. Bitter? Me?

Well, fancy that he just rang he’s not coming,  just wanted the email address for the solicitors. Now I’ve lost interest and faith!

P1050960Turned off the laptop and got the fodder dished up.

Pulled pork, potatoes and sticks. yogourt.

Rated this one as 8.9/10.Took medications.

Took medications.

TV’s from then on, feeling a bit down, but the thought of the Winwood Social hour tomorrow kept me going.


Inchcock Today – Tue 29 Mar 16: Whoopsiedangleplop ending to the day, Tsk!


Apart from not being able to get a free washing machine in the laundry room! Hehehe!

Tuesday 29 March 2016

Woke up after an hours kip at around 0335hrs, mind racing.

Recalled bits of a dream, but nothing like I remembered yesterday’s dream. Odd that how I can remember only vague themes and pieces, then on the rare mornings like yesterday, I remember such a lot?

To the porcelain, but the kettle on and took the medications.


0340hrs – All is well!

This photograph on the left, I took as I entered the kitchen. First

turning off the flash to avoid reflections.

Then could I remember how to turn it back on – huh! Still it came back to me when I realised which camera I was using. Hehe!

Both have different controls and I do get confused with them you know. Hehehe!

P1050929I must remember to tell the nurse about my new bruises today at the INR blood test session. I’ve got a new one since taking this photograph. A mystery to me these are.

Oh, and the black patch near my right ear-hole too. I’m sure that is another spot of skin cancer, it looks just like the last ones did.

And, as well as and besides that, I must remember I’ve got the dentist tomorrow for the two fillings and two canal procedures. I’m still not sure what canal procedures are, but someone did tell me ‘Painfull’ when I asked them if they knew. Oh dearie me!

I heard a loud noise coming from somewhere inside the flats I thought, went to investigate and noticed a sign informing us of another tenant passing away. Cheered me up that did. Tsk! No signs of anything untoward, no idea what the noise was?

Did a bit of Facebooking and checked the emails. Then finished Monday’s diary off and posted it.

I received a reply from my request to ‘Grammarly’ asking for how to set the default checker to Casual Style.


This feature is not available, and I will have to continue changing the style everytime I do a check.

DuncBatGCI got an email from my mate Duncan from Birmingham.

He kindly sent me a new photograpicalisation of his Grand-Daughter Seren.

She is all wrapped up well for going out.

The sweetest looking gorgeous gal. I fell in love with her just seeing her pictures. Those eyes, are going to set a few hearts going later?

P1050951Got a quick wash and shaved ready for the Morrisons delivery of fodder.


Red sky in the morning – Shepherds Warning! It was a little dank looking, but at least, it isn’t raining for my hobble to the Surgery for the INR blood test.

Awaited the arrival of Mr Morrison. He was nearly an hour late but never mind.

Put the nosh away, and stored the Easter Eggs for the Social Hour, in the bedroom.

I rang BJ to see if he enjoyed Sunday’s outing, and ask him if he can call sometime to pick out the photographs he wants so I can get them printed off.

He said he would come later after I’d done the clinic and INR blood test.

Made a cuppa, updated this and sorted the photo’s onto a stick in readiness for when (If) BJ arrives. 

Carried out my ablutions and sorted then took the rubbish bags to the chute.

P1050952Set off for the Clinic and surgery. A third of the way there and the rain pelted down and the wind blew as I hobbled up Mansfield Road.

I stopped to let a van put onto the main road, I thought I’d take a photograph from underneath the umbrella.

A bus came past and soaked me jeans and shoes, thus legs and feet as it careered through the running puddle running down the gutter. Tsk!

Onward to the surgery booked in and had a good read of my ‘damp-in-parts’, Sniper book.

The nurse fetched me in and did the blood test, had a look at the bruises and told me to book an appointment with the doctor.

Gave her the nibbles and departed for a walk into Carrington and called at the chemist and got my extra prescription for the cream.

Then to Lidl, where I bought some bits.

P1050953As I left and waited for the bus, the sky looked a bit nasty again.

Caught the bus to Sherwood and I walked through Woodthorpe Grange Park, back to the flats.

There were a good few dogs for me to watch, they were walking their owners and refusing to return the balls thrown by them. Hehe!

P1050955Another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist shot by me and weaved between the other pedestrians.

But if course it didn’t bother me!


The scumball sadistic nasty piece of imitation human slob!

P1050954At the top of the hill, I took a photo of the old trees I fell in love with last month again.

There something admirable about how they continue to fight each year against the elements and Nottingham vandals.

Down the slippery gravel and mud footpath and into the flat.

P1050956It was close to 1430hrs and BJ’s ETA. Mind you he did say about 1430hrs, with BJ you can give an allowance a day or two either way. Haha! Some mail had been delivered.So I got the purchases put away

So I got the purchases put away and tackled the mail.

Only one for me, from the Nottingham City Council – The Council Tax Bill, informing me I owed the £1180.72, it had gone up by 3.7%. Bless them. The others were for the previous tenant.

Cup of tea and got the laptop on to update this.

BJ rang 1450hrs, he’ll be here in ABOUT 15 minutes.

01W01 Hehe!

Checked the emails and did a little Facebooking.

BLJ4BJ arrived at 1510hrs.

He was looking healthy and fit. I made two strong cups of tea and we had a chinwag about this and that.

He chose the photographs he wanted to have printed.

I made a list and placed it in my jacket pocket so as not to lose it, and know I’d have it on me when I could get to Asda to have them printed.

After BJ had departed, saying he might attend this week’s Social Hour with me, I set about getting the meal ready.

P1050957Having bought the Frikadellens I could not resist having some.

Cottage bread, seasoned chopped tomatoes, Frikadellens and BBQ pork sausages.

Followed by a pot of mandarins in jelly.

So tasty it was. Rated this as an 8.94/10.

I felt a bit cheered by his visit and began to perk up a little: This was when I realised I’d not attended the Clinic Appointment!  Whoopsie

I soon lost my bit of confidence and turned back into a miserable blob of fretting and nervousness.

I must ring them in the morning to apologise… Again!

Sleep was hard to acquire, and Gawd knows what time I nodded off.


Inchcock Today Bank Holiday Monday 2016: Worra Dream!

Bank Holiday Monday 28 March 2016

01W06Boy, what a sensational dream filled night that was! I seemed to have slept and dreamt the whole way through for seven hours. I cannot recall getting seven hours kip in one night for years. I felt it was all one dream too, not the usual mish-mash of bits.

I got out of my broken 1959 imitation brown leather armchair, scribbled some note of memories of the dream, put the kettle on, visited the porcelain (hard work and painful visit) then took the medications with the cuppa.

Straight onto the laptop and started to get this diary started and record the fantastic yet zany dream. I made a graphic to show in support of my poorly chosen words. While creating this, I decided to make a post out of the dream memories.

The backdrop: I was being sat down at a desk in a chair in a room with no doors other than a lift door, sat across from someone I knew, who gave me an answer to a question, then I got in the lift to the next identical room up, and this process seemed to go on all night.

I set about creating the post with the aid of my notes, it took me a few hours to get it all sorted and posted off.

DSC00172 P1050948

The weather had turned rather rainy, to say the least. I hoped it would knock some of the dirt from the outside of the kitchen window; then I might be able (If the rain stops long enough) to get them cleaned easier.

P1050947I had a bit of luck then and found the plastic strainer I lost a few days ago.

I remembered as soon as I reached up to get the Microfibre cloth and noticed it up on top of the cupboard, where I must have left it after cleaning it and leaving it there to drain over the kitchen sink.

Never thought I’d find that after many failed searches over the last week. Huh!

No buses again today, and the rain isn’t encouraging me to get out and about. And I must get a super scrub and soak in the bath today! I’m in need of it, I just rubbed my chin and nearly cut my fingers on the stubble too!C

I had hoped to get to Asda (Walmart) soon, to get some photographs printed so I could send them off to Brother Pete in Hong Kong. Don’t know about buses for tomorrow, nor if Asda will be open then, it being Bank Holiday Monday? I’ll have a search on Google, hang on a bit, please.

Ah, Asda is open, now I’ll see about the buses for Monday.

No Doctors Surgery, cause I’ve got my appointment for the INR blood test on Tuesday this week.

Shame, no L9 buses again on Monday. Tsk!

I’ll do some FaceBooking now I think. After a while, I got involved in searching for and transferring photographs to save to a folder so they would be easy to find later, for getting them printing for Duncan, BJ and the tenants at the Social hour. Very complicated searching through so many files and SHD cards. In the middle of doing this, my old mate Trevor got in touch on messenger. So glad to hear from him, but what a time for him to call. Hehe! When we were communicating the Fire Alarm went off and I had to leave it. No fire noticed, but no brigade attended either. I wondered if it was another alarm that I didn’t know about? Walked through the flats but no one in sight, and no one outside?

Back to the photo-sorting. But it took hours longer to get sorted, as I had lost where I was and had to start doing it from scratch again to avoid missing any or duplicating. Humph!

The rain stopped suddenly, and the winds got up – howling through the vents and holes in the wall.

P1050949I got the lamb shank in the saucepan and simmering away, and warmed the oven up ready for the chips to go in. Put the peas in the small saucepan to warm through later.

The fodder came out alright.

Rated this one at 9.35/10. A bit of a hiatus when cleaning up the pots like though. Dropped the dish and made a right mess! Humph!

Then did my ablutions and bath, much needed I might add. Felt better.

Smelling perfumed and clean, I settled to watch some TV. There seemed a lot of programmes on tonight that I wanted to watch, all at the same time. Kept changing my mind and the channels.

Realised that not only was I nodding off frequently and missing the plots but it was now 0230hrs!

As I turned off the TV, I could not remember the times of tomorrow’s Medicalisational things, so I put on the laptop and checked on the Google calendar and found; Morrisons delivery 0730>0830, Clinic 0930hrs and INR blood tests 1035hrs. I made sure I put the Anticoagulation Record in my pocket so as not to forget to take it with me. I must remember to tell the nurse about the new bruises near the reflux valve too.

Must have nodded off around 0300hrs.

Jumped awake at 0335hrs! Humph and Tut!

Inchcock Today – Easter Sunday 26 March 2016:

I heard that my Solicitors had gone bankrupt.

Well, I already knew they were only Morally Bankrupt!

* * * * * *

Easter Sunday 27 March 2016

01W03Woke around 0520hrs, but it was really 0530hrs. No medical hiatus’s prevented me from hobbling around and resetting the clocks. In fact, I was physically in good shape, even ‘Little Inchy’ has stopped his bleeding.

It was my mental state I was worried about.

I got the kettle on to make a cup of tea and take the medications.

Then, onto the laptop and got carried away somewhat with finishing posts, doing a humorous graphic post and starting this one off.

By 1045hrs, I’d got the graphicalisation finished and sent off.

01W03aWent to put the kettle on again, and had to clear up three or four dead meat-flies on the window ledge?

Back to the laptop for a while, back to the kitchen and found another meat-fly on the ledge?

Mad Magpies were amassing in the trees, and meat-flies were appearing from where?

01W04And not anyone animal could be seen anywhere.

Out of curiosity, I got the binoculars and scanned around; no signs of life at all?

No traffic was moving, no smoke from the chimneys and no lights to be seen?

Had the world ended? Dang dang, dang dang Hehehe!

Did some more graphicalisationing with CorelDraw 8 and CorelPaint.

I’m having problems with changing my default style on ‘Grammarly’. At the moment, I’m having to change it manually each and every time I do a paragraph – driving me potty, but I just cannot find out how to change it to Blog casual as default?

Frank16dI did a graphic of Caroline, Frankie, Lynton, and Shuttlecock for a bit of fun.

I’ll post it as a caption competition on Facebook methinks.

Then I spent another two and a half hours Facebooking, Tsk!

Suddenly the day had passed so quickly, and here was me, not even had a bath and shave yet, Tsk!

P1050946Got the fodder going.

Gammon chunks, cheesy potatoes, beetroot and, a bit of batch bread followed by a low-calorie lemon dessert.

When I run out of these desserts, I’m going to stick with pots of jelly afterwards, cut back on the dairy stuff a bit. Sandra, Margaret and Janet from the TFZ Facebook site kindly advised me to, bless em all.

Not a bad meal, 7.9/10 rating.

I got carried way watching the goggle-box, and soon it was too late for me to have a bath, cause of the noise disturbing my neighbour.

So a dirty me nodded off.


Inchcock: His weirdest dream yet – Answers to questions not asked?

Definitely Inchock’s Weirdest Dream yet!

01W06The backdrop: I was being sat down at a desk in a chair in a room with no doors other than a lift door, sat across from someone I knew, who gave me an answer to a question, but did not mention what the actual query was?

Then I got into the lift, up to the next floor and into a similar room, with another person I knew or had known. This process seemed to be repeated with different answers to other queries I’m thought about over the years. 

It felt like this went on all through my sleeping hours and I slept and dreamt for over six hours. A rarity for me to kip that long, and no waking up for trips to the porcelain either.

I got the feeling that I was going through some preparatory process on my way to hell, but oddly, this didn’t seem to bother me in the slightest? 

Here are the answers, given to me that I can recall: Not in any particular order, just as I recalled them I wrote them down.


“No, they are not all born equal, but of course, you knew this!”


“Yes, it was your fault, you are too gullible that’s why!”


“I think you always knew you would see the end of the world, what you would call ‘The Great Equaliser.”


“You understood why she had to, and wish you had had the guts to explained why to her. You will pay for this when your croak out and have to account for your actions.”


“No, never, Hehehe!”


“Oh no, nearly being a virgin is not sufficient!”


“Deaths and the responses of earthly beings have no bearing on the future death of the universes.” 


“Marmite is better than Vegemite, but don’t tell any Australians you might find quartered with when you get to heaven!”


“You could have looked this up on the internet instead of wasting you preparatory assessors time, we are busy you know!”


“Of course, it is not fair that you should have been dealt such a small attachment, but it is proof that the Lord has a sense of humour!”


“No, never. Shame really.”


“Would you?”

I think there were hundreds of more answers that were given to me.

In between the ‘Answer Rooms’, I had little chance to ponder on what the question before was to the answer given me. Bodies appeared from nowhere and they bundled me into the lift, up to the next ‘Answer Room’.

I noted that my walking stick was changing colour in each room, multicoloured for some of them, and wanted to ask someone why. Each time I tried to ask the bodies, the dream seemed to start over again?

After waking in the morning, as the day went on, I kept remembering the odd other answer given in the dream.

Really, the oddest dream yet?

Inchcock Today – Sat 26 Mar: Losing it mentally now – Huh!

01 cupid

There is always some politician that generates hatred above all others.

Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler and now we have Gideon Oliver Osborne.

Just thought I’d mention it. Sorry.


26 March 2016

01 meandGrizActually got up at 2355hrs, totally convinced it was around 0500hrs?

I found out when I got in the bathroom and noticed my little travelling (It hasn’t travelled anywhere yet mind) clock on the toilet top. It was indicating that it was 0002hrs?

I thought the battery might have conked out, so I checked with the computer, and it was right!

I stayed up, made a cuppa and got the laptop on and finished the Nottingham City Homes Part Five funny at last. Then yesterday’s diary and spent hours making some graphics for use later.

Then I started this one off.

P1050937To the WC, the clock now telling me it was coming up to 0500hrs now.

Where did the five hours since I got up, go to? Just flew passed. 

Made another nice strong cup of tea and took the medications.  

Not feeling too bad this morning. 

P1050939The forecasted wind and rain had not arrived yet.

Took a photographicalisation from through the kitchen window – the window that badly needs cleaning.

Guilt mode adopted here!

I’ll go out early if I can, to get the Hong Kong letter paid for and posted. The lady on the bus yesterday told me where the Post Office in Sherwood had relocated to.

01 meandGrizI had a look on Google to see the weeks Rain and Wind forecast.

Wet and windy it is to be then.

Four days of rain. Huh!

I had to stop myself taking another pot of morning medications, I’d got them out and was opening the lid when luckily noticed the empty one near the laptop that I had already taken.

Phew, a close call that one was.

So glad I didn’t take them.

I felt sure that last night I thought of two things to do in Sherwood this morning. What was the other thing…er… get the letter sent off and… erm, er, argh gorrit! Get the stuff sorted to take to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop. I’ll do it now, excuse me…

Got them sorted into a carrier bag, and added the letter to post.

Nearly 0600hrs now, I hope the rain holds off until I get me bits done.

I’ve got an awful lot of paperwork to sort through and file away too – and those windows… oh dear, I’m not doing them in the rain. When I get back from the walk to and from Sherwood, I’ll try to get the paperwork sorted at least. Mind you, having gotten up so early, I’d better not sit down for fear of nodding off! Hehe!

Had a scrub-up and readied the rubbish for the chute on the way down. Feeling a bit tired now.

Out into fresh air, the wind was not too bad and no rain yet either.

P1050940Up to the top of the hill opposite the flats and right down to Mansfield Road, out of Woodthorpe Grange Park, over the hill into Sherwood and down to the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop.

Not many folks about yet.

The lady in the Hospice shop always remembers people’s names, she greeted me cheerfully telling me I was out early. Gave her the bag and had a quick chinwag.

Then over the pelican crossing and down to the independent supermarket where the Post Office is now based. Joined the queue, which I didn’t expect with so few people about outside.

When my turn came, I handed the letter through the window slot, and he passed it back to me telling me to place it on the scale on my side – so I did.

It cost £1.44 and I paid the chap and left. It only had one sheet of airmail paper in it, and it was in a lightweight airmail envelope. I dreaded to think what it is going to cost me next time when I send him some photographs?

P1050941Back up the hill and down to the park, up the path and right down the steep hilly gravel track to the flats.

Still very few folks about.

When I was limping up the pedestrian path, looking at the few dogs having fun, the wind suddenly got up and blew worse as I continued om the journey.

By the time I reached the flats, I could hardly stay upright – oh dear! Still, the rain hadn’t arrived yet.

One in the flat and went to make a cuppa, took out the hearing aids and placed them safely in Auntie Kath’s pot, I could hear the winds without them in!

One of the girls on the TFZ site suggested my storing the hearing aids in Kathleen’s porcelain pot she had left me, saying it would remind me of her every time I use it. She was right. Thanks whoever it was. So sad when the memory goes innit? Humph!

Got the laptop going, and while Coreldraw 8 loaded (It takes a few minute to load), I browsed the TV paper. There is a lot on I’d like to watch, but ought to be sorting the paperwork really – mind you, when I sit down I’ll fall asleep I expect anyway.

I’d better get me din-dins cooking. After much changing of my mind, I’m making BBQ Pork sausages, with two small potato cakes, and having them with some sauce and Irish batch bread.

The rain started, the winds blew.

As for the falling asleep, that didn’t occur at all. The fretting about everything began in my mind again.

BJ rang to see if wanted to go to Papplewick Pumping Station tomorrow. For the first time, I had to thank him but decline. The reasons being I was feeling pitiably sorry for myself again, the heavy rains that were forecast and the confused state of my mind.

TV viewing even was not easy, I wanted to watch the boxing, but kept jumping over between that and Law & Order, and yet not taking either in as the mind raced worrying about everything imaginable. I’ve rarely felt like this before and would sooner the angina arthritis etc. was giving me bother as opposed to my mind. No inner peace at all. T’was gone midnight before I nodded off and the dreams seemed to start immediately – horrendous ones too.

Around 0300hrs or so, I had to attend the porcelain and found a mess to clean up thanks to Little Inchy. Had to change the night attire, more washing to do.

I think I dreamt I was unemployed again and seeking work – all frustration.

Not a good night at all.

Eventually nodded off again. Humph!

Sanity decaying? Sad innit!

Nottingham City Homes: Part Five: Repairs Guide for New Senior Citizens in Indepedendant Living flats

This article was written with the specific intention of assisting any Senior Citizen/s who may move into a Nottingham City Homes Independent Living Flat accommodation at the Woodthorpe Court flat complex.


Arranging and having the flat carpeted

Unfortunately, I chose United Carpets, (As opposed to an honest service providing Company) on the advice of my Age UK Councillor. He has since abandoned me, but thankfully Duncan and BJ did not.

Here’s what I went through, this I hope will prevent you making the same costly frustrating and anger making mistakes!


I was given so much help from Duncan, who came from Birmingham to help me with the sorting out and getting prepared for the carpeting. He even brought me a swivel chair and collapsible table and chair!

Thanks, Dunc mate.

001002aSo, I made a marathon walk (hobble) into Daybrook to visit the store. They didn’t have any plain brown carpeting in stock. The excellently skilled con-man sold me some cheap carpet and told me how much it would cost.I asked when it would be available for fitting. A sign outside said ‘Free Fitting on All Carpets,’ so that cheered me up somewhat. He had to order it, they do not keep any in stock and would let me know.

I asked when it would be available for fitting. A sign outside said ‘Free Fitting on All Carpets,’ so that cheered me up somewhat. He had to order it, they do not keep any in stock and would let me know.

He said it had to be ordered, they do not keep any in stock and would let me know.

Dun called that weekend and helped me sort out the flat in readiness, bless him.

Three weeks later, still nothing from the imitation carpet shop people was heard.

Contacted them and was informed I had to pay first before they order it?

I’d waited so long, I foolishly went down and paid the now threatening looking fellow. He said it would be a week or two before it arrives, and he would let me know.

Four weeks later I called at the shop once again. He said it would come the next Monday – and reminded me to that there would be £100 cash to pay the carpet fitters?


A phone call came in on Friday: They will be arriving Tuesday now, at 0730hrs.

I’d got my INR blood test at the surgery Tuesday, but it wasn’t until 1300hrs, and they told me it would not take long to lay the carpet.

003aThe carpet men arrived at 0930hrs, three of them. But there were two of them with another calling in to see them now and then.

They looked a bit on the hard side, scars, tattoos and alcohol-smelling breath like.

Communicating with them was difficult because I didn’t fully understand what their different grunts and accents were trying to say.

As they started to lay the underfelt, I popped out to see the lady next door, very nice, lovely, refined and polite she was – and I explained to her about the noise that might emanate from the flat while the chappy-blokes are laying the carpet today.

I returned six minutes later to the apartment: UNBELIEVABLE! They were off to do another job now they have got the underlay (with United Carpets Air-step printed on it) and the door strips down! Then they told me the carpet has not been delivered to them yet from United Carpets!!!

Cowboys or what? – Yes, Cowboys!

They rang back again 1238hrs – the Carpet from ‘United Cowboys’ has just arrived. On their way back to the flat, ETA 15 minutes.

It so Farcical innit?

Really peed off now, this means they are going to rush the job and it’ll be below standard I’m sure. Are they going to get it done in time for the blood test?

Yes, they did – like lighting they were!

It only took em 25 minutes to lay the lot! Worrying that?

I cannot believe how fast they got the hall, bedroom and living room carpet laid!

01W11They demanded their money and were off in a flash – too quick for my liking as I hadn’t the time to check on what they had done.

The bits of carpet left over were rolled up together, and shreds of nylon from the carpet were all over the place, but I think that is to be expected?

The broken wall connections to the internet box I hadn’t expected. Had to push it back in for now.

Months later I gave up complaining, they just denied doing it.

003aOf course, the Untied Carpet people were not interested at all.

I mentioned this to the Nottingham City Homes people, and they wanted to know why I’d drilled into the walls having the box fitted in the first place, without getting permission from them?


Coming Soon:

Nottingham City Homes: Part Six:
Repairs Guide for New Senior Citizens in Indepedendant Living flats

The Door Lock Problems


Inchcock Today – Fri 25 March: Dizzies

GC (6)

* * * * *

Friday 25 March 2016

Sprung awake from the dream filled sleep around 0340hrs. Horrendous dreams too. No specifics remembered by the time I got around to writing this record of the Inchcock, Nottingham Lads diary, though, just bits: I was all alone and searching for someone… Writing emails on a giant computer, Desert, Iceland, in outer space, down caves, in hospitals, digging up coffins? Felt uncomfortable and uneasy when I sat there thinking of this and looking out through the window, at the dark single starred sky. I soon came out of my stargazing when I stood up, pleased with the lack of objections from Arthur Itis and trod on mineral water plastic bottle I’d used last night to take me medication with, and fell backwards into the chair again, with a thud.

A nice bruise came up at the back of both fibulas within seconds, accompanied by dull aches. Hey-ho, best get the Whoopsiedangleplops out of the way early in the day, I must say. Hehe!

For some reason, this took my mind back to many years ago when I was in the Life Boys and I recalled taking first aid lessons from a Boys Brigade leader who read everything out of a book and could not pronounce Fibula when he read it, it came out as Fibberer. Funny how things spring to mind after so many eons. Haha!

I limped to the porcelain, and struggled painfully, and at great length to perform the required functions (But no bleeding, that was good). Into the kitchen, put the kettle on and added a senna tablet to the mornings medications.

P1050926Into the kitchen, put the kettle on and added a senna tablet to the mornings medications, made a brew and took them.

Pondering in whether I should go to Asda (Walmart) and get the photographs from yesterday’s Social Hour printed off or not, I couldn’t make up my mind – another of those days? Huh!

Got the laptop on to update Thursday’s diary, and start this one off. Checked the emails. Got one from Sister Jane, I can’t go to see them today, they are off for a meal and show later. Jealous me?

Answered the emails and did a bit of Facebooking.

Then decided I would have a walk into Arnold today to get the photographs printed for the Tenants Meeting next Thursday while I could, a busy week medically speaking. Might get to batch bread, desserts and beef chips too.

P1050930Got the things ready and had a bath and scrub-up. Drying off, I spotted some bruises on the rib-cage.

I’ve no idea how they came about! Something else for me to remember for when I see Dr. Vindla next.

Scrap to the chute and out to the Community Hut – no one there and I remembered it was Good Friday, Tsk!

Had a good laugh with some residents at the bus-stop and they all got on the L8, I waited for the L9 that would take me into Arnold.

I was wondering what else I would forget today as I approached the Post Office in Arnold to get the letter weighed and paid for – Huh! Still Good Friday isn’t it? They were closed of course!

I met a fellow tenant (Frank) as I walked towards the Fulton Food Store. Had a gossip with him. He warned me of the weather forecast for the weekend – High winds and rain! OH heck!

I moved on and spent too much again, it’s because they have such good prices yer know? Got two packets on Gammon steaks for a quid each, a box of two lamb shanks and some cheap Chocolate Easter bunnies to give out as nibbles.

P1050931Moved up to Asda and went to the photograph section. Started going through the process on the copier machine, but an assistant had to come to clarify things for me. I still managed to get them with borders on and in a larger size than I wanted. Humph! Still all 14 cost only £5.60. I paid the lady, got my receipt and did some shopping – spending far too much again! Grumph!

11 pots of various desserts, two small packs of Irish Batch bread, some beef flavoured potato sticks and was soon out in the sunshine.

P1050932It was not very warm it, though, despite the glorious looking sunshine and almost free of clouds sky.

I hobbled around for a while then made my way to the catch the L9 bus back to the flats.

As I approached the shelter, I observed that the dilapidated old bench seat had lost another slat from the P1050933seating on it.

The mould growth on the wood had increased since my visit last week, and particular aroma, not unlike stale mackerel had developed?

A bit further on after I’d arrived at the bus-shelter a lady tenant came to catch the same bus.

P1050919It was the lady who was giving me the threatening dagger looks at the Social Hour yesterday as I took the photographs.

I smiled and asked if she was alright and had gotten everything she needed. It was reassuring when she told me she’s also forgotten in was a Bank Holiday and had called at her bank to find it closed. She added a warning P1050935about the coming gales and heavy rain.

Yet it looked so beautiful at that moment.

We got on the bus and she made a point of not sitting near me and offering a few of her Ena Sharples scowls en route back to Woodthorpe Court.

Scared? Me?

P1050934On the way, I took a photographicalisation of some terrace houses on the Main Road in Arnold, through the bus window.

I thought they might look quaint to the TFZers from America, Canada and Australia, so I’ll post it for them on their Facebook page later.

I think they were built for the miners originally.

01W03Now there’s a sad thing: The last deep mine in the UK has recently closed!

Britains Last Deep Coal Mine closes

I got back to the flats and made my way to the porcelain, as I did I discerned that I had no Dizzies while I was out at all! Made a cuppa.

Put away the purchases, and got the laptop on to update this. Then checked the email situation.

Got the gammon steaks in the oven and chopped tomatoes in the saucepan. Polish country bread at the ready.

P1050936Finished off and posted Thursdays Inchcock Today off.

I had a pot of lemon dessert and a strawberry cheesecake for afters.

Got a Dr. Who DVD in and settled for a marathon viewing session.

I was asleep after the first episode, waking up during the third episode. To the toilet, back and rewound the DVD.

Woke up o episode three gain, and gave up. Got my head down.

Woke three hours later near midnight, the itching all around my ample midriff again driving me potty.


Inchcock Today – Thur 24 March: Dizzy-spells rampant, but still enjoyed the Tenants Social Hour.


* * * * *

Thursday 24 March 2016

01 cupid

Still giving me grief. Tsk!

Horrible sense of not belonging when I woke up? A feeling that I wasn’t here, but watching myself, and I hated what I saw?

Perhaps this was due to a dream I’d been having, but I could not remember it at all, just a sensation that I’d had it?

I started shaking on and off, not shivering, shaking, shuddering? It stopped and was replaced with a panicking about everything again, a lack of cohesion, guilty feelings and when I tried to get up, the dizzies hit me with a dangerous attack, and I sat down for a while.

I was worried about being worried. The mind slowly returned to action, and I escaped the morass of emotions and fears, but the odd shake kept on all day. Yet most times it was only for a few seconds at a time?

P1050906I got up, WC’d, made a cup of tea and took the medications.

I got the laptop on quickly and started this diary off to record what I could remember about the emotions and sensations I’d have just one through.

Sorry to start on a low-level, but I felt more like myself again. But still fretting in over everything in my mind.

I rang BJ to see if he was coming to the Social Hour. No answer, he might still be in bed, I’d not realised people sometimes are not morning folk me.

I’ve not been able to get hold of BJ for a fortnight now. I’ve phoned him a few times and called at his house twice without any luck. I hope he’s alright. If he doesn’t arrive today, I’ll text him to see how he is.

With not being able to talk to Steve Age UK and his no longer being able to assist me after the 30th, I think I’m all alone regarding help now. The reality of this started me off fretting again. I fear this may spoil the Social hour at the Comunity Hut for me?

I called BJ again and got through, he’s not coming again today. Bit sad about that, but still, he’s got his own family and commitments.The dizzies eased off, the sudden shakes got less often. I miss seeing him. It’s so nice when Duncan or BJ comes to see me.

I ventured to the porcelain to check the ailments. I would have done the BP and temperature checks, but I can’t find the machine! I remember cleaning it and putting somewhere safer where it will not get knocked so easily. How I can remember that, but not where I put it remains another mystery of the Ageing process.

The dizzies eased off, the sudden shakes got less often. I ventured to the porcelain to check the ailments. I would have done the BP and temperature checks, but I can’t find the machine! I remember cleaning it and putting somewhere safer where it will not get knocked so easily. How I can remember that, but not where I put it remains another mystery of the Ageing process.

‘Little Inchy’ was bleeding for the first time in a few days. Surely, if my INR Warfarin level is too high as it is, the blood should be thicker, so less bleeding should result? But the Haemorrhoids were also bleeding? as

I did some Facebooking and the email checks while I had time before the ablutions had to be done so as to get myself prepared in time for the Social Hour at the Comunity Hut.

Damned dizzies gave a few scares while I was on the laptop, them again in the bath.

Victoriously, no cuts, no Whoopsiedangleplops I exited the tub, prepared my attire and got the nibbles and photographs out ready for the Social Hours and made my way down the lifts to exit the premises. In the lobby, I realised I’d not got me hearing aids in, so returned up to the flat and put them in. (You’ve got to laugh surely, the times I do this!)

P1050909Back down and out to the Community Hut.A good few folks there already, mind you, I a bit late at having to go back for me hearing aid I suppose.

A good few folks there already, mind you, I was a bit late at having to go back for me hearing aid I suppose.

I went to hand out the photographs I took last week and had printed at P1050918Asda (Walmart; I didn’t hand the ones out that Asda had cut the heads off of!) And realised I’d left them in the flat Tsk!

Back to the apartment and collected them from near the door where I’d left then in the mistaken idea I would gather them departing the flat the first time I left it.

P1050917Back to the  Community Hut and handed them out.

Most of them seemed to have appreciated this gesture.

The meeting went so quickly by, it was soon time for me to kicked out.

Toni, the girl from Winchester Court, who had lost her purse at the P1050920Nottingham Arena last week, was still in good form, though. A very sharp Senior Citizen lady.

Bless her cotton socks.

I made my way back to the flats and noticed a washing machine was free in the Laundry Room, so I nipped up and got the laundry ready.

Lily01Down with it to the room, and noticed Lily was in the foyer, and she asked if I had any nibbles for her.

I got the washing in the machine and going, and told Lily I’d be back shortly with some nibbles for her; she wanted to know how long I’d take. I told her four minutes. She smiled and said she was waiting for her carer to arrive.

She struggles most of the time Communicating with others and this makes some of the them try to avoid her. It’s not her fault.

I got down again with some nibbles for her and my crossword book and waited for the dryer to complete its hour-long cycle. I did my best to intrigue Lily in the crossword. She did show a bit of interest today.

Her carer arrived, and they went up to her flat.

P1050922Eventually, I emptied the dryer, cleaned the filter and had a wipe around.

Packed the clobber in the bag and returned back up to the apartment.

I then returned done to the Laundry Room and collected my crossword book.

Done an awful lot of lift-riding today am I not? Hehe!

P1050924I got in the flat and then noticed a letter stuck in the box. It was another Anticoagulation Record Notification.

Put the clothes away and got the laptop on to save the details to the diary.

Found I’d got a new email from the doctors surgery telling me the same information, and telling me to contact the surgery to book my next appointment. They Hospital listed Tuesday 29th as the date for my appointment, so I emailed the surgery and asked for an appointment on Monday 28th, feeling sure they would not mind me being a day early. The level had dropped to 4.6 now, still 1.3 higher than the target, but going the right way.

Got an email back telling me Monday 28th was a Bank Holiday! (I did feel a fool again! Tsk) So I emailed the back asking for one for Tuesday late in the day, as I had an appointment at the clinic Tuesday 0800hrs, and that is why I asked for one in error for Monday. Ain’t life complicated sometimes? They sent one back confirming my appointment for Tuesday 19th at 12.35hrs.

I placed an order online from Morrisons for delivery Tuesday twixt 0730 > 0830hrs. Got some treats for the tenants meeting next Thursday. That reminds me, I must get to Asda and get today’s Social hour photographicalisations printed, might be going to see Sister Jane tomorrow, still waiting for an answer to my email request to go and see them, I’ll check me emails see if she’s answered yet, hang on.

No reply yet. If I do go to see her that takes out Friday to go to Asda, Saturday I might have another walk into Arnold to the store, can call in the park and see the ducks perhaps. It depends on if the dizzies stop or not. Mondays out because of the Easter holiday and Tuesday is booked with the Morrisons, the clinic,01W04 and the INR Warfarin Blood Tests? Wednesday I don’t expect to be in any condition for travelling; It’s the dentist for me. Two fillings and two root canal jobs. (Whatever that is?)

Got a pot of Lamb Hotpot opened and ready for cooking in the oven, lamb gravy seasoning in the pot ready to add boiling water to it, and the Country batch bread out of the freezer to thaw ready. Got the minced lamb hotpot in the oven and pressed  on with updating this waffle.

P1050925No dizzies for a few hours now. That’s good.

The fodder was as good as it gets.

Added some salted potato chips to the dinner.

Rated it as 9.45/10.

The bread that had with it soak up the extra gravy came out of the freezer, but it had kept well and tasted good.

Watched many hours of DVD and TV while waiting for the brain to let me sleep. The fretting returned, but the dizzies kept away.