Inchcock Today Wed 30 Mar 16: Dentist saga – Plus UK Top 10 TV Shows from 1960

What we old biddies and baldies were watching in 1960


Wednesday 30th March 2016

Woke up around 0400hrs and remembered the dentist appointment but could not recall the time. Sad, I know! So got the laptop on first to check on the Google calendar. 1115hrs.

Then to the WC, no bleeding from Little Inchy, but Hemo Oids was gushing a bit.

Made a cuppa and took the medications, and back to the porcelain for another heavy duty session?.

Cleaned up a bit in the kitchen when I went back to make another cuppa.

Returned and set about doing the graphic above, of the TV 1960 TV programmes.

Finished off the previous diary and then spotted the full pot of medications that I’d not taken yet, so I took them.

P1050958Out of the blue, I suddenly started to think of and miss Chrissie.

Whatever kicked off and ingeminated these emotions I’ve no idea. But I was transported for few moments back to the good times and the fun and games we’d enjoyed so very much.

I believed I could smell her at one time while I was looking at her photo on top of the electric fire. Don’t laugh! I thought then, the electric fire is the optimum position to reflect her memories.

Once more to the porcelain, three times know this morning? Best get rid before I get to the dentist, though.

Hello, I’m sneezing again, that reminded me I woke myself up sneezing earlier. The rain started coming again too, now.

01W04Checked the emails, I got one via Streetwise about the starting a new U3A starting nearby.

So I went on their site to find out more:

One a month meetings, Only £20 to pay annually. You can buy a drink at the meetings. These workshops have been designed not just Meetings, Only £20 to pay annually. You can buy a drink at the meetings. These workshops have been designed not just for Committee members but for any U3A member who might be interested in joining a Committee. The workshops home in on the U3A ethos and on helping committees to manage their U3As more effectively. Prospective committee members would gain a useful insight into how committees work from either of the two workshops. The beauty of workshops like this is the opportunity they afford delegates to share experiences by networking with members of other U3As.

Conveniently sited where there is not a bus service to reach it for me.

Conveniently held at the same time as my beloved Woodthorpe Social gathering hour.

Conveniently, I wasn’t interested!

01W03The roundabout walk to the dentist is not a long one, but I thought I’d show this diagram just in case I collapse on the way back like, then you’ll know where to search for the body.

Did some Facebooking then.

Ablutions tended to. 

Set off up the gravel path to the park and left down onto Mansfield Road and towards the Dentist.Paid up, before treatment as is usual with this Stalag Dentist establishment. Read my book a bit and was commanded to go upstairs to treatment room two.

Received a phone all from Steve Age UK. Wonderful, after four weeks trying to get in touch with him. He is still finishing with me, but had had a telephone from the solicitors and need me to find the email address of the lawyers. He, to call at the flat later to pick it up?

Got in the dentists and paid up the fee, before treatment as is usual with this Stalag Dentist establishment. Read my book a bit and was commanded to go upstairs to treatment room two.

Where they told me the canal work was not being done today, just a clean and the fillings for the front two bottom teeth. They got the burner going, then filed and cleaned out the bits followed by a filling and further filing.

I noted that they had cleaned out the neon lighting cover since my previous visit. I know this because on my last visit I counted 75 flies and moths and one wasp in it. Today they were down to only 39 flies and moths.

I was told to make an appointment with the Obergruppenfurher receptionist, this I did. As I left the through the door, at the bus stop were two flat residents. So I didn’t walk back after all. I had a chat with them and caught the bus back up the Winchester Street Hill, having a laugh between up as we did.

Got in the flat and WC’d, made a cuppa.

Awaiting the arrival of Steve from Age UK.

Started sorting the paperwork folders.

Got the potatoes on the boil.

Deana Walker (Head honcho of the flats) called to do battery check on the alarm. Gave her an Easter egg for her and Julie.

Back to the sorting of the paperwork.

Still awaiting the arrival of Steve from Age UK.

Drained the potatoes. WC visit made another cup of tea.

Still awaiting the arrival of Steve from Age UK.

Received email from the surgery with the latest INR level reading. Down now to 2.2. So that’s 2.9 – 3.4 – 5.6 – 3.8 – 5.7 and now 2.2? Puzzling innit? Ah well!

Made a start on a graphic to use later.

Still awaiting the arrival of Steve from Age UK. (I’m losing heart here) I reckon because he lives close by, he’ll call really late in the day and say he has to rush he’s on his way home! Wanna bet? Cunning chap! Two days to go when I lose his services which he has not been supplying anyway. Bitter? Me?

Well, fancy that he just rang he’s not coming,  just wanted the email address for the solicitors. Now I’ve lost interest and faith!

P1050960Turned off the laptop and got the fodder dished up.

Pulled pork, potatoes and sticks. yogourt.

Rated this one as 8.9/10.Took medications.

Took medications.

TV’s from then on, feeling a bit down, but the thought of the Winwood Social hour tomorrow kept me going.