Inchcock Today Tue 22 Mar 16: Disappointing day overall

Tuesday 22 March 2016

On this day: 1903 – Niagara Falls ran out of water due to a drought!

GC blipvinUp at 0425hrs, mind racing a bit; Got to beg someone to ring the surgery for me to make the extra appointment as directed last night by the Queens Medical Hospital Anticoagulation Department, for Thursday.

I felt a bit worried, that they would not be able to fit me in at short notice so as I can get there early, or later than the Winwood Social Hour Meeting at 1000>100hrs.

Made a cuppa and got the laptop going, took the morning medications. Finished Monday’s Diary off then started this one.

Made a start creating and collating graphics for the next “Nottingham City Homes: Part Five: Repairs Guide for New Senior Citizens in Indepedendant Living flats”

I did some Facebooking, but not much, as I had spent too long on the ‘Repairs’ post, and had to get the ablutions done, so as to get to ask someone in the Community Hut to call the surgery for an appointment for me’.

Spruced up, I took the rubbish bags to the chute and poddled to the hut.

Obergruppenfurher Julie was in having her breakfast, that made me popular with her. Hehe! I gave her some cakes and she called the surgery for me. I asked to see if I could get a very early appointment or one after twelve o’clock, so I could attend the Windwood Social Hour.

They said they have no appointments available at all, and I was to ring in on Thursday morning to see if there had been a cancellation! Grobblesocks!

Marvellous that! The Queens Medical Anticoagulation tell me it is vital I book the appointment and I find I can’t. I suppose this means I’ll have to go to the Queens Medical Haematology and have it done in the afternoon. Which involves three buses there and back, and a wait of anything up to three hours in the hall, when I arrive. Ah well, Julie says she’ll ring them for me on Thursday morning, so there might be a chance yet.

P1050898Dejectedly back to the flat and took a picture from the kitchen window of the path that goes up into Woodthorpe Grange Park.

No doggies about just now, in fact, no one at all.

Got some potatoes on the boil for later and made a cuppa. Afterwards, I put some Savlon antiseptic cream on my finger that I burnt on the pan.

Then I did some very disappointing efforts at graphics and deleted them, they were terrible.

Momentos moment here: I made a decision!

I decided to go to the QMC tomorrow for the INR blood test!

Nottingham City Homes: Part Four: Repairs Guide for New Senior Citizens in Indepedendant Living flats

This article was written with the specific intention of assisting any Senior Citizen/s who may move into a Nottingham City Homes Independent Living Flat accommodation at the Woodthorpe Court flat complex.

aa01The author is a male widower, with a bald head, walking stick, is overweight, 5’2″ tall, bespectacled, hearing aid wearing, boils, piles, is an arthritis sufferer, had a heart valve replacement, skin cancer, has angina pectoris, aortic aneurysm, folic acid deficiency, bladder cancer, duodenal ulcer, a sticking reflux valve, has cramps, a bleeding lesion on his miniature Inchy, taking 24 medications a day, is suffering, with partial massive memory losses, falls asleep on buses and misses his stops, has water retention in the legs, suffers perpetually between diarrhoea and constipation, has nightmares, there are no relatives to help him in his daily tasks or Whoopsiedangleplops, had no education and is very nearly a virgin, but he doesn’t like to complain like.

* * * * * * * * *

The kitchen draughts Repairs

P4 01The direction that you will find the draughts coming in through the wall, via the cupboards and drawers.

This graphicalisation does not show where the wind comes in through the window frames edges. Just take is read, that the rust holes and rotted sealing rubbers allow the intrusion of wind at all times.

Be aware that you are on the twelfth floor, so expect high winds to be a ‘No kitchen today’ ritual for you; unless you are willing to catch pneumonia, or you can afford Eskimo clothing.P4 02

You will enjoy planning your layout and trying to get everything to fit into your four paces by 2½ paces spacious kitchen.

Although, there will be no room for luxury extras, like a microwave cooker, food mixer, coffee machine, waste bins or washing machine.

P4 04After many Whoopsiedangleplops and failed calls for assistance, you should get it looking something like this on the left.

Now with a model of the cheapest of Curry’s crap cookers and the same for the fridge

Then you’ll need two days to recover from your exertions, and write a letter begging for an overdraft from you bank manager.

P4 05You will put down a dustsheet and bring in the corner display you bought in 1968, and proudly attempt to refurbish and polish it up to use in the living room. During this five-day effort, you will get tired and a bit fed-up with having to walk around it as it dries in the middle of the floor after several disappointing attempts at getting the blotches covered and polish it. it

Finally, you get it as good as it is ever going to be (Crap), and put the sprays and polishes away in the bathroom out of the way so you can clean the insides of the cupboards and drawers without the stand getting in your way.

P1020961Late in the day, and you are getting weary. So decide to have a nice bath.

Drying off after the tub is when you use the ‘Lord Sheraton’ caretaker furniture polish, in mistake for your deodorant spray.

I advise you to jump back into the bath ASAP like what I did.

You might purchase some plastic four-drawer storage cabinets, these can fit near the door to the airing P4 04acupboard that does not work at all and the assembly can be used for storing your cleaning paraphernalia.

You will spend the rest of your limited lifespan, regretting getting the drawers, as each time you pass and catch against them they wobble and the things inside get jumbled up.

The airing cupboard has bars across that you thought was a good idea after you have filled the thing up with soap powders and capsules, brushed, mops, buckets, cleaning potions, clothes, scourers, tea towels, oven gloves, etc.; You find that the bars move. As they do, all the stuff falls, they burst the door open and knock over your two four drawer Wilko storage cabinets, that then tips over spilling all your medications, tools, sewing kit, oven dishes, plastic containers and all over the kitchen floor, leaving you with a fine mess to sort out!

The bottle of antacid that broke on the way down mixes with contents of the medication pots that spilt out and joined forced with the oven cleaner, leaving you with a new designer stained kitchen floor.

Initially, at times, you may think the flat has some poltergeist or is haunted, possibly the block of flats are leaning over a bit too? This is only the wind blowing in through the two holes in the outer wall, and forcing the drawers and doors to open of their own accord. You’ll notice this is only when the winds are high, and comes through the two gigantic holes in the wall. The one in the top picture that blows through into the cupboards and drawers, and the same size one at the bottom of the wall underneath the top one.

This problem, you take to the Flat Complex Coordinator, who passes on the problem after coming to have a look, and telling you that others have it far worse than you do.

A fortnight later you get a letter from the Nottingham Home Repair Team, advising you that they will be calling in three weeks time to investigate. Of course on the day they are coming, you collapse and have to go into hospital, so miss them naturally. Two days later you return, to find a letter through the door telling you that you will be fined for non-compliance, and giving you a new date for the appointment in four weeks time.

The gentleman arrives at 1315hr on the day. Have a look around the kitchen and ‘felt’ the draughts coming in. He tells you that he can do nothing, but he will arrange a bricklayer to come and plug up the holes. A week later you get an appointment for the bricklayer to call in three weeks. Which he does; takes a look and informs you he can do nothing. You need a carpenter! He says he’ll make an appointment. Two weeks later you get a letter making an appointment for the carpenter to arrive four weeks later. Then get another letter two days later telling you he will come in two weeks?

P4 06The man comes, nice sort of bloke, he sets to assessing the situation.

Then starts to demolish the drawers and shelves to gain access to the bottom hole.

I could tell he was an experienced carpenter and workman by the way he whistled ‘Delilah’ out of tune as he grafted away.

P4 07Soon the dust and wood shavings had left lovely patterns on everything in the kitchen.

I inquired, on seeing the one spray can of filler he had brought along with him, if that would be sufficient for the two holes?

He replied; “Two holes? Have you another then?”

P4 08Well well, I thought.

He assured me that this can would be enough to fill the two holes.

I pointed out that the other hole was behind the top cupboard and only partly accessible.

No problem, with this he whipped off the partial vent above and had a look. 01W10“Yes, I can manage that easily.”

 So didn’t do anything about it the top hole. He got the cupboard back together with an hour.

No fleas on this fella!

I thanked him and off he went, whistling away.

I returned to the dust covered kitchen.

P4 09The draughts were exactly like they were before!

And, a multitude of flies had appeared all around the window frame too?

I hope this Tale of Woe offers hope to any Single Senior Citizens who might find themselves in Nottingham City Homes Independent Living establishment high-Rise flats, especially through no fault of their own.

Part Five: Repairs Guide for New Senior Citizens in Indepedendant Living flats

“The ‘United Carpets’ Farce!”

Please: Never risk your sanity by using these nasty con-men & imitation carpeters!