It’s Been a Funny Old Life – Part Seven: Thanks, to the Nottingham City Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation Gym Team

I felt the need to show my appreciation for the help given by the staff at this centre, so:

Here is the My Odes of Thanks to the staff at the Nottingham City Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation Gym:


The Gym Sessions

First a little talk, to get to know the other people there,

One chap called Ivan, even came in a wheelchair!

A cup of tea or coffee we even did share,

Then, to the gymnasium, that was small and square,

Thankfully, rope-ladder was in state of disrepair,

Of not overdoing things, we were made aware.

* * * * * * * *

The exercise bikes sent me Anacreontic,

Of course at that time, I wasn’t arthritic,

Nor, was I suffering from being a Cholestatic,

They almost had to drag me off the bike,

To do the running around the gym, that I also liked,

The bouncing box, made me feel a bit sick,

A football they let me take the corner-kick,

A didn’t charge me for the broken light, I felt such a dick!

* * * * * * * *

The swinging and lifting of the weights started then, it was a blast,

Muscles tensed, the barbell high, how long could I last?

I dropped it on me foot, they applied an Elastoplast.

Inchcock Today – Mon 21 Mar 16: Itching chest pains irresistible, but, only one Whoopsiedangleplop today!

Monday 21st March 2016

I had been waking on and off all night, the itching around the torso really giving me grief. It felt like I was burning. 0400hrs, I hobbled to the bathroom and lathered the last of my Cetroben cream around the chest and ribs.

Made a note to ask for more cream on my INR blood test session with the nurse at the surgery at 1300hrs. I wondered if the bath salts had started this off, but then realised I’d been using the same one for ages now without any bother?

Made a cuppa and took the medications.

Finished off Sundays diary, and started this one, then worked on Part Four of the Nottingham City Homes Repair series.

Five hours later, I had to stop (Still not completed) so as to have a bath shave and do my ablutions, so as not to be late for the surgery appointment.

Set out and called at the Community Hut and had a natter with Obergruppenfurheress Julie, gave her some nibbles.

P1050889Then set off down the hill into Sherwood, and up the gradual incline, over the top and down into Carrington.

The knees were doing well at this point.

On to, and into the surgery, remembering to put in written request for the extra prescriptions.

Took a seat and started to peruse my book. I was soon called in, to see the nurse, and we had a good gossip. I gave her the nibbles. She thought the marks on my chest and ribs might be the start of Shingles and told me if it was still there in the morning, to come back and see the doctor, with or without an appointment?

I left and walked over and down the road to the chemist, collected my haversack full (Well, carrier bag, hehe!) of medications and caught a bus into Arnold.

Dropped off right outside Asda and plodded in. Went to the photography place and got lost trying to get the film-developing machine to work. The lady kindly came to me, tutted, then did the operation for me, so fast I couldn’t keep up with her, so I’ll be no better off next time. Huh! Anyway, they would be ready in half an hour, she gave me receipt to collect them after doing y shopping.

Did a bit of shopping while there, despite my having got an order from Asda being delivered tonight at the flat. There are several things that the home delivery service do not stock that I wanted – like cream cakes and orange and lemon desserts. (Guilty feeling coming on here…)

Got some other bits and went to collect the photographs. I must say these Asda photographic girls are good at developing… they cut off my head on one photo!

I left walking to the L9 bus stop to find one was due in only six minutes. Nice that as I was getting a bit tired.

On the route to the flats, the bus has to go through a housing estate with narrow roads and parked cars.

P1050890We came across pavement works, and as I was near the front of the bus, I took a photo of them.

I thought “Hello, he’ll never get through this lot!”

He did, though. He took a right and left turned a couple of times on the main road, getting us back on the bus route.

Clever stuff that I thought.

We were soon at the flats, and as I was getting off, I told him I was impressed with his little detour. He said; “I was lucky, I’d no idea where I was going!” Hehe!

Into the flat, and a bit concerned that I didn’t require the porcelain? Then found a letter on the mat.

It was from my half-brother Pete in Hong Kong! The first reply to mine for over ten years. Now I must get some airmail stuff and reply to him.

P1050892I put the fodder away.

I suppose you noticed the unhealthy but, oh so tasty desserts and potato sticks? Just asking like.

Then date arranged the medications with those left in the drawer and got the pots ready for dispensing the monthly requirements.

P1050891P1050893I seem to be low on Warfarin for some reason, enough for the month, but only if they do not have to increase the dosage when they get the results of today’s INR blood level tests.

Hey-ho, I might have to go back anyway if the rash and spots flare up again.

As I finished getting the pots ready to receive the various pills, I spotted a woman outside with three small dogs and just had to use binoculars to have a close-up them – never have I seen happier wagging tailed dogs running about chasing each other. And one of them was a lot smaller than the other two, but almost kept up with them. Not earth shattering news I know, but it cheered me up just watching them P1050894play.

Finally, I got the pots all finished, the dropped the flipping drawer as I was about to shove it back into the holding stand. 

A bit of luck here for a change, only one pot lost its lid! Amazing!

On my second attempt, they went in without any hiatus.

Then I did need the porcelain, boy did I need the porcelain. And it kept up, little and often for the rest of the night!

I pondered on what to have for a late meal, then remembered I’d got something coming from Asda – Lamb leg chops if I remember right? So I left the preparing of the food until even later after the delivery is completed.

Did a bit of Facebooking and WordPressing.

P1050895The BBQ sausages arrived – had some with baked beans with IRsih Batch bread for dinner!

Fresh Cream French Horn for afters.

A cuppa and took the medications.

Settled down to watch another episode of Dr Who on the DVD.

A phone call came in from the Anticoagulation Haematology Department of the Queens Medical Centre about the INR Warfarin level test result – it had one to 5.2 now? – I must not take any Warfarin tonight, half a one tomorrow and one and a half Wed; then told me I had to contact the surgery and make an appointment for another INR test for Thursday.

Really bad news that was; Thursday, My Social Hour meeting in the  Community Hut day!

I told her I’d already taken tonight’s two and a half tablets, and she said not to take the half tomorrow night. Bit confused now.

Oh dear. I’ll try to get to see Deana or Obergruppenfureress Julie in the morning and ask them to ring the surgery for me to make the appointment, and hope they can fit me in dead early, or after 1100hrs when the meeting finishes. This is really going to put me on a downer if I have to miss the highlight of the week for me.

I managed to fall asleep with relative ease, waking up just a few times, but the itching was far easier than last night.

TTFN folks.