Inchcock Today – Tues 15 Mar 16: Downloaded the New Coreldraw X8 update – three hours later, I got it installed!

01W03Tuesday 15 March


0705hrs: My nearby posh neighbours

0525hrs: Got up when I woke up, rather late due to my ridiculously late getting my head down last night, and I wrote down a bit of some of the dreams I’d had, to use later.

Not feeling so good this morning, not surprising, after yesterday’s mind and body battering I took. Huh!

Got the return bags and the trolley ready for the Morrison delivery. CG poorly2P1050235Laptop on and titivated the Monday diary, and got it posted off.

I can’t get the picture of the waterless pond and the suffering ducks from my mind.

The delivery came and I stored away the fodder. I can’t help but think I’m overdoing it with the home shopping yer know? Hehe!

Got the washing and accouterments ready, and them and my book down to the laundry room. Someone had left a note on the washer I usually use, explaining it was Kaputt! The first one’s lights were lit either. Luckily, Olive from flat 84 came by and explained to me that it never had lighted before it starts the wash, and demonstrated how to set it to me. I thanked her and we had a nice natter.

Got the washer going, and wandered down to the Community Hut and gave Dean and Julie their Easter eggs. Another good gossip was enjoyed. I returned to the laundry room and got the washing out to go into the dryer – it was extremely wet still? I got the dryer going, but knew that I’d have to give it another go afterward, to get the clothes properly dried.

Back up to the flat, and got the laptop on to update this tosh.

Noticed the notes on the pad about the dreams, but had to rely on these records alone, and the memories of the dreams had gone now.

A gigantic pink yacht, snobs, unpleasant, drowning, guns, submarine, lost head still alive. Prison. – Not very clear are they? Hehe!

Facebooking until time to go down and check the dryer.

Blow me down, the clothes were still damp! Had to spin them for the third time!

Lilly was in the foyer, so I nipped back to get some nibbles for her.

Returned and Lilly had gone. So read my book while the dryer, at last, got the clothes dry enough for me. Blimey, three hours to get my laundry to dry!

Deana Walker and Frank came in the laundry room while I was emptying the dryer and singing ‘The Young One’s” to myself, I did feel a fool!

Back up to the flat and updated this diary, after storing my clobber away.

Got the neck of lamb in the oven cooking very slowly, and opened a tin of Lamb Bhuna with vegetables. This might have been a mistake, I tasted it while stirring it in the pan, it was too hot and spicy for my tasted. I made some plain lamb stock and added it, hoping it would make it less volatile to the pallet. Deerhat1 Fingers crossed.

Not too bad as it turned out… well, not as bad as I thought it might do if you know what I mean?

Maybe, not bad, or maybe not too bad is the best description?

Rated it 7.9/10.

The update from CoreldrawX7 to X8 came through, so I downloaded it – it took me three hours to get it done and working. Huh! The original product code was a devil to find, then it didn’t accept the password, so I had to reset it, then I downloaded the 32bit version in error, so had to download and install the 64bit version… my body objected. With it being so late in the night when I foolishly tackled this job, the brain wasn’t too keen either.

They had changed the appearance of the icons, and this caused me to get confused when setting up the workspace. I did so much then had to get the head down, tired out now, poor thing. Hehe!