Tue 8 Mar 16 – Inchcock Today: Dentist financial shock today – Two root canals and two fillings to be done later – of course it doesn’t bother me at all…

CG poorly2

Tuesday 8th March 2016

The body stirred into life, with a jump, the mind followed as best it could later.

The back seemed fair, Arthur Itis was being kind to me now, the Anne Gyna and Roger reflux were still giving me some hassle mind.

I lay a while, considering what the day would bring forth. Ah, the dentist to visit, odds on that will prove expensive again. Must tell them about the fillings that cost so much, on the two front teeth they did last time, already going black.

To the porcelain, no bleeding anywhere, encouraging that was!

Made a cuppa and took the medications. Got the laptop on. Starting this diary, I realised I’d not finished and posted my Sunday or Monday ones yet? Huh, wotta plonker!

So I got them both done and posted off, then did the ‘Celebration Days’ funny post.

21JanWent on Facebook and had a good time on there.

The weather forecast was that the rain would stop later today, but tomorrow; Wet rain, winds and 33ºf tops. I thought I’d nip in the Co-op that is near the dentist later, and I can get anything needed so to have a stay-in day tomorrow.

I had a bath and cleaned up and serviced the ageing wobbly body, and shaved with only one tiny cut during the process.

Got the things ready for me walk through the park to the dentists.

Up the hill and down through Woodthorpe Grange Park, no any folks about. I walked down the hill and booked in at the dentists with Obergruppenfurher receptionist, who commanded me to take a seat. Which I did.

In Sherwood, I called in the Co-op after checking that I had plenty of time. Too scared to be late for the Dentists.I walked down the hill and booked in at the dentists with Obergruppenfurher receptionist, who commanded me to take a seat. Which I did.

Bought a packet of honey roasted ham, a small beef pie and the Classic Car paper. When I paid at the check-out, I was handed my change and four receipts! One for the cash, one telling me I might be a winner and they will let me know before 15th April? A coupon for £1 off any fresh meat, poultry or Quorn, valid until 15th April. Another for 50p off when I spend £4 or more, valid until 15th April. Talk about get confused.

P1050146I walked down the hill and booked in at the dentists with Obergruppenfurher receptionist, who commanded me to take a seat. Which I timidly did.

She then came over to me with things to sign and a form to fill in about medical conditions address etc. Which I timidly did.

A voice bellowed out from the top of the staircase; I timidly hobbled up the staircase to treatment room two. Where the usual dentist, Beata Cwik greeted with orders to it down. Which I timidly did.

This time, she asked if I had any problems, and I boldly told her about the two front bottom teeth going black after she had filled them on my last visit. (Gawd I felt brave!) She said after a three-second inspection they needed X-raying, along with another double tooth on the left lower, and set about doing this. When the results came through I 01Wcould see them on the monitor.

I thought for a moment I could see charges on the screen.

She told me how much they would cost to be put right, and the front teeth have an infection inside them, and would be painful and expensive to try and put right, but she could not give any guarantee that the treatment would work. A rather cruel smile came over her face, and her attitude to me became almost human from then on?

She ordered that I go now, down and book an appointment with one of the receptionists fro further treatment. I struggled down the stairs and joined the queue at the desk. When my turn came, I told her I had to make n appointment fro further treatment, she replied without hesitation; “You will need to pay for today’s checks first!” with a look of sheer determination on her face. So I gave her the £20 quid for today’s check, nervously.

She made an appointment and reminded me that they no longer send out reminders, and a missed appointment would result in a £60 charge, and would no longer be abe to provide any service for me. I acknowledged this and awaited the time and date, writing it down. Wednesday 30th March 2016 @ 1115 hrs!

A sheet she gave me, advised on the future treatment: Examination, Root canal filling (3), Oral X2, Small Xray film,  Root ex-sealing (2), and Scale & Polish. I’m not a lot wiser! Other than it is going to cost a lot, and not knowing if it will work to save the two front teggies, no idea about the double one.

P1050147Out to he bus stop, where I took the photo (above) of the Dentists. Met an old dear and had a good chin-wag with her. I realised after checking the timetable the next bus to the flats was 40 minutes away, so I gave the dear some nibbles and had a walk back through Woodthorpe Grange Park.

Again there were fewer people about than usual.

Not many dogs either, perhaps they are waiting, for the drizzle to stop? No point in trying to do that tomorrow, according to the Red Alert for rain forecast.

I plodded on up the hill and down to the flats.

IMG_0002I checked in the laundry room as I went through the foyer, both washers were in use again. Tsk!

So, up to the flat and I put my bits away and recorded the appointment time and date in Google and Microsoft calendars.

Laptop on and go this updated.

Put the giant potato in the oven to start baking. I’ll add the beef pasty and roasting veg later, if I remember to and don’t fall asleep.

Did some more Facebooking then WordPressing.

GC (01c)Checked the fodder, making ready to do the gravy and dropped the pot and dry gravy mix, of course, it had to fall between the cabinet and the cooker – the hardest of places to get at to clean it up. Huh!

Got it all done and served up. Large baked potato, beef slice, roast vegetables, brown soda bread and chicken thigh, followed be a banana and fresh dessert. Rated this one another 9.54/10, especially as I didn’t drop it all over the place like the night before.

Took the medications and settled to watch some interesting old stuff on the goggle-box. I did well, getting through perhaps two whole programmes before drifting off to sleep…