Inchcock Today Bank Holiday Monday 2016: Worra Dream!

Bank Holiday Monday 28 March 2016

01W06Boy, what a sensational dream filled night that was! I seemed to have slept and dreamt the whole way through for seven hours. I cannot recall getting seven hours kip in one night for years. I felt it was all one dream too, not the usual mish-mash of bits.

I got out of my broken 1959 imitation brown leather armchair, scribbled some note of memories of the dream, put the kettle on, visited the porcelain (hard work and painful visit) then took the medications with the cuppa.

Straight onto the laptop and started to get this diary started and record the fantastic yet zany dream. I made a graphic to show in support of my poorly chosen words. While creating this, I decided to make a post out of the dream memories.

The backdrop: I was being sat down at a desk in a chair in a room with no doors other than a lift door, sat across from someone I knew, who gave me an answer to a question, then I got in the lift to the next identical room up, and this process seemed to go on all night.

I set about creating the post with the aid of my notes, it took me a few hours to get it all sorted and posted off.

DSC00172 P1050948

The weather had turned rather rainy, to say the least. I hoped it would knock some of the dirt from the outside of the kitchen window; then I might be able (If the rain stops long enough) to get them cleaned easier.

P1050947I had a bit of luck then and found the plastic strainer I lost a few days ago.

I remembered as soon as I reached up to get the Microfibre cloth and noticed it up on top of the cupboard, where I must have left it after cleaning it and leaving it there to drain over the kitchen sink.

Never thought I’d find that after many failed searches over the last week. Huh!

No buses again today, and the rain isn’t encouraging me to get out and about. And I must get a super scrub and soak in the bath today! I’m in need of it, I just rubbed my chin and nearly cut my fingers on the stubble too!C

I had hoped to get to Asda (Walmart) soon, to get some photographs printed so I could send them off to Brother Pete in Hong Kong. Don’t know about buses for tomorrow, nor if Asda will be open then, it being Bank Holiday Monday? I’ll have a search on Google, hang on a bit, please.

Ah, Asda is open, now I’ll see about the buses for Monday.

No Doctors Surgery, cause I’ve got my appointment for the INR blood test on Tuesday this week.

Shame, no L9 buses again on Monday. Tsk!

I’ll do some FaceBooking now I think. After a while, I got involved in searching for and transferring photographs to save to a folder so they would be easy to find later, for getting them printing for Duncan, BJ and the tenants at the Social hour. Very complicated searching through so many files and SHD cards. In the middle of doing this, my old mate Trevor got in touch on messenger. So glad to hear from him, but what a time for him to call. Hehe! When we were communicating the Fire Alarm went off and I had to leave it. No fire noticed, but no brigade attended either. I wondered if it was another alarm that I didn’t know about? Walked through the flats but no one in sight, and no one outside?

Back to the photo-sorting. But it took hours longer to get sorted, as I had lost where I was and had to start doing it from scratch again to avoid missing any or duplicating. Humph!

The rain stopped suddenly, and the winds got up – howling through the vents and holes in the wall.

P1050949I got the lamb shank in the saucepan and simmering away, and warmed the oven up ready for the chips to go in. Put the peas in the small saucepan to warm through later.

The fodder came out alright.

Rated this one at 9.35/10. A bit of a hiatus when cleaning up the pots like though. Dropped the dish and made a right mess! Humph!

Then did my ablutions and bath, much needed I might add. Felt better.

Smelling perfumed and clean, I settled to watch some TV. There seemed a lot of programmes on tonight that I wanted to watch, all at the same time. Kept changing my mind and the channels.

Realised that not only was I nodding off frequently and missing the plots but it was now 0230hrs!

As I turned off the TV, I could not remember the times of tomorrow’s Medicalisational things, so I put on the laptop and checked on the Google calendar and found; Morrisons delivery 0730>0830, Clinic 0930hrs and INR blood tests 1035hrs. I made sure I put the Anticoagulation Record in my pocket so as not to forget to take it with me. I must remember to tell the nurse about the new bruises near the reflux valve too.

Must have nodded off around 0300hrs.

Jumped awake at 0335hrs! Humph and Tut!