Sat 12 Mar 16: Inchcock Today – Mixed fortunes today!

Q: Why are lawyers like nuclear weapons?

A: If one side has one, the other side has to get one. Once launched, they

cannot be recalled. When they land, they screw up everything forever.

* * * * *

Saturday 12 March 2016

What a good nights sleep – I got five and a half hours in, and only woke up two or three times! Mind you, when I did wake up, ‘Little Inchy’ was in a right painful state. Still, some other ailments were kinder, Arthur Itis, Roger Reflux, and the back were easier, Anne Gyna was playing up real bad still, though. Oh, and Hem Aroids, no bleeding at all at the porcelain visit.

P1050174Every morning, is like waking up different person?

Made a cuppa and took the medications.

The weather was just a little misty this morning.

The weather was not looking too bad; I thought I’d have a good walk today. I might walk into Daybrook, then Arnold and do some window shopping and call to get some bread and nibbles along the way.

Laptop on and started this diary off to here, then finished off yesterday’s diary and posted it off.

Did some Facebooking.

Readied me for a marathon hobble through Daybrook and into Arnold, to get some bits and hopefully some photographs if the birds in Arno Hill Park en route.

I got so many, and I’m going to do a separate post on the eventful and enjoyable leg-wearying journey.

Here’s, just couple of photographicalisations I took while hobbling about:

16 02

When I got back, I put away the fodder.

26Then, the most welcome of sights beheld my eyes; The Throne!


I got the nosh on, and while it was cooking, I transferred the photographs onto the laptop and kept popping into the kitchen to see how the ‘unplanned’ meal was doing.

Lengthy visitation this one was.

I felt 5lb lighter, in less pain and relieved!

Took a photograph of the sky through the kitchen.

27It had a sort of beauty to it, the clouds and light never cease to amaze me how it changes from day to day now that I’m in this flat, I can appreciate it so much more.

I just wished the house sale would end soon.

Soon the ‘unplanned nosh; Unplanned, because when I got back to put the shopping away I had to use some of the frozen fodder for my nosh, so as to make room for the bread to go into the freezer! Tsk!

28There was two part filled food bags with what I thought were battered Cod balls, it turned out one was so, the other was chicken. Both were very nice anyway. Wish two fish cakes, some dried roast onions, and beetroot, followed by a Lemon dessert thingumabob, it went down well.

Rated this one 9/10.

I nipped to the bathroom, and oh boy, was ‘Little Inchy’ pouring blood! Hell of a job on then, stopping it was the most urgent, and as painful and messy. Then cleaning things up without starting it flowing again was a hassle. Then the bloodied togs went into a bucket of water and disinfectant for attention later. The leakage affected the night pants, undies, and socks! Even had to wash my feet!

Never had it that bad before, weary about what I’ll find in the morning, I put a pair of the throw-away nappy like undies on, and creamed him well. Crossed fingers. I wondered why this had happened? Cleaned the bathroom.wa

Too tired by then to do owt much at all, I watched a DVD, ‘Tremors Five’, the best one yet I thought, thinking that would let me drop off into the land of nod – it didn’t.

So I watched another – no luck.

I switched to the TV, there was two back to back Law & Order Special Victims on. I watched through them both with only one or two nod-offs during the advertisements.

Amazing, there I sat desperately tired, but the mind would not let me! Humph!

I tried reading the book but was too tired to concentrate, yet still no sleep!

Had the long hobble affected me and livened me up or what?

I know, I thought to myself, I’ll listen to the radio through my headphones, of course, I keep forgetting these new fandangled TVs can pick up the radio stations.

That did the trick.

Worra day!

Inchcock’s Partially Photographicalised Hobble

001aA Marathon (To me anyway) of mixed incidents and occurrences, I thought might be worthy of mentioning.

Perhaps due to the dwindling level of acuity I have been suffering with, I’m not sure. But the pain of this hobble was quite severe physically.

And yet, I really enjoyed it so very much.

The Main Reasons for my lengthy Hobble-Out today, was to try to get a photograph of the wildlife that would be good enough to post on the Nature Facebook page.

Also to get some fodder in.

The walk was only about two miles, although it felt an awful lot more to Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna and me. Hehe!

Observations along the route were of mixed emotions and memories.

01I set off, from the flats.

Up the gravel footpath to Woodthorpe Grange Park.

Then down the sparsely populated for a Saturday path and down onto Mansfield Road.

Turned right to the North, and 02Daybrook.

Tried to wipe the mud off of shoes best I could.

Then ventured along the A60, main intention to get to the B&M store to see if they had any cheap Easter eggs in stock, so I could treat the old folks at next Thursdays Community Hour 03in the Windwood shed.

A lady walking towards me looked me up and down as she passed by.

Offered a sneer and tutted, shaking her head a little as she did so? I thought I’d better have a look at my reflection in the first shop window I came to?

04Slightly puzzled, I pressed on.

Then a really sad observation; The Old Headway respite charity place, had now closed down, and the trees had already been pulled down.

I couldn’t see what was to built, but expect it might be more student flats.

05So many memories of when I was a volunteer helper there. I mused on this and wondered where they had all gone now. Such a brave lot of people who I admired, and got such satisfaction and joy from knowing. Some names returned to, Kathy, Roger, and Damian. I was in Daybrook without knowing, I was so deep in thoughts.

06Called into the B&M store and had a plod around. Got some individual Strawberry jam packs, a pot of porridge and a pack of five Cadbury cream eggs for £1-89.v

I purchased some an individual ten pack of Strawberry jam, a pot of porridge and a pack of five Cadbury cream eggs for £1-89.

07I also collected a glare of doom from the lady on the till, then as I left the shop, had a look at my reflection in the glass door. I could see nothing untoward; My nose wasn’t running, my zip was fastened up?

As I left and moved onto Mansfield Road and up to cross it, I espied some Nottingham Street Art at 08the bus shelter. Not up to the usual high standard I thought. Hehehe!

Over and down passing the Part-Time Fire Station and down a bit further to the Arno Hill Park.

Memories came to the surface again here. In about 1985 I had to respond to an alarm activation at this station, 09no key holding, just an assessment visit.

It turned out they had a fire but their Fire Alarm did not activate, the Intruder one did when the doors buckled.

Memories again!

10Through the pretty, but dirty park gates and into the grounds.

More Nottingham Street Art on the path around the pond.

This time made with some partly singed paperwork?

I plodded on where the birds and ducks were gathering and got out my Camera and had a great time.

11 14

18N13ot that I got any photographicalisations that were terribly good.

A lady came up to me, and I was expecting funny looks again. But no! She told me there was an owl on the 20island I might like to take a shot of.

It turned out to be an imitation dummy one. Hehe!

I left and carried on into Arnold proper. The sign said nine minutes by foot. Not with my feet and legs it wasn’t, more like fifteen. Humph!

22As I approached the traffic lights I took a photo to show how little traffic was about.

Seconds after taking this picture, a lady driving the 4×4 vehicle clouted into the back of the one in front of him.

They seemed quite civil to each other 23about it I must say.

I entered into the pedestrianised area of Front Street, and it felt so strange not seeing any mobility scooters or pavement cyclists about.

I checked myself in the Peacocks window reflection again to see if I’d missed something odd or out of place 24on my earlier checks. Why, might you ask?Because a woman passed me by and turned and gave me a rather disapproving stare again?

Because a woman passed me by and turned and gave me a rather disapproving stare again?

I was approaching paranoia (Not 25really, but I was still confused).

Got into Asda, and found they were selling the box’s of five Cadbury Cream Eggs for £1.79. Huh! I bought a good selection of individual mini eggs, so I might have enough now to give each tenant at the social hour one each. If no more than 15 turn up that is.

I also got some more desserts at 2 for a quid and another Irish Barn loaf.

At the checkout, the lady was very patient with me as I struggled to handle the money to give her. Then I dropped some of the eggs, as my finger froze while putting the in the bag. The lady waiting behind me get served shot passed me and picked them up for me. I thanked her profusely.

26Made my way to the bus stop and caught a bus back into Sherwood. Dropped off at the same bus stop where I caught a number 40 bus the three stops up Winchester Hill. I was so glad it arrived within a minute of me dropping off the other bus; For two reasons. I was shattered, and needed the bathroom urgently!

At the time of taking this photograph, I thought it was the best of the lot.