Inchcock: His weirdest dream yet – Answers to questions not asked?

Definitely Inchock’s Weirdest Dream yet!

01W06The backdrop: I was being sat down at a desk in a chair in a room with no doors other than a lift door, sat across from someone I knew, who gave me an answer to a question, but did not mention what the actual query was?

Then I got into the lift, up to the next floor and into a similar room, with another person I knew or had known. This process seemed to be repeated with different answers to other queries I’m thought about over the years. 

It felt like this went on all through my sleeping hours and I slept and dreamt for over six hours. A rarity for me to kip that long, and no waking up for trips to the porcelain either.

I got the feeling that I was going through some preparatory process on my way to hell, but oddly, this didn’t seem to bother me in the slightest? 

Here are the answers, given to me that I can recall: Not in any particular order, just as I recalled them I wrote them down.


“No, they are not all born equal, but of course, you knew this!”


“Yes, it was your fault, you are too gullible that’s why!”


“I think you always knew you would see the end of the world, what you would call ‘The Great Equaliser.”


“You understood why she had to, and wish you had had the guts to explained why to her. You will pay for this when your croak out and have to account for your actions.”


“No, never, Hehehe!”


“Oh no, nearly being a virgin is not sufficient!”


“Deaths and the responses of earthly beings have no bearing on the future death of the universes.” 


“Marmite is better than Vegemite, but don’t tell any Australians you might find quartered with when you get to heaven!”


“You could have looked this up on the internet instead of wasting you preparatory assessors time, we are busy you know!”


“Of course, it is not fair that you should have been dealt such a small attachment, but it is proof that the Lord has a sense of humour!”


“No, never. Shame really.”


“Would you?”

I think there were hundreds of more answers that were given to me.

In between the ‘Answer Rooms’, I had little chance to ponder on what the question before was to the answer given me. Bodies appeared from nowhere and they bundled me into the lift, up to the next ‘Answer Room’.

I noted that my walking stick was changing colour in each room, multicoloured for some of them, and wanted to ask someone why. Each time I tried to ask the bodies, the dream seemed to start over again?

After waking in the morning, as the day went on, I kept remembering the odd other answer given in the dream.

Really, the oddest dream yet?

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