Inchcock Today – Sat 26 Mar: Losing it mentally now – Huh!

01 cupid

There is always some politician that generates hatred above all others.

Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler and now we have Gideon Oliver Osborne.

Just thought I’d mention it. Sorry.


26 March 2016

01 meandGrizActually got up at 2355hrs, totally convinced it was around 0500hrs?

I found out when I got in the bathroom and noticed my little travelling (It hasn’t travelled anywhere yet mind) clock on the toilet top. It was indicating that it was 0002hrs?

I thought the battery might have conked out, so I checked with the computer, and it was right!

I stayed up, made a cuppa and got the laptop on and finished the Nottingham City Homes Part Five funny at last. Then yesterday’s diary and spent hours making some graphics for use later.

Then I started this one off.

P1050937To the WC, the clock now telling me it was coming up to 0500hrs now.

Where did the five hours since I got up, go to? Just flew passed. 

Made another nice strong cup of tea and took the medications.  

Not feeling too bad this morning. 

P1050939The forecasted wind and rain had not arrived yet.

Took a photographicalisation from through the kitchen window – the window that badly needs cleaning.

Guilt mode adopted here!

I’ll go out early if I can, to get the Hong Kong letter paid for and posted. The lady on the bus yesterday told me where the Post Office in Sherwood had relocated to.

01 meandGrizI had a look on Google to see the weeks Rain and Wind forecast.

Wet and windy it is to be then.

Four days of rain. Huh!

I had to stop myself taking another pot of morning medications, I’d got them out and was opening the lid when luckily noticed the empty one near the laptop that I had already taken.

Phew, a close call that one was.

So glad I didn’t take them.

I felt sure that last night I thought of two things to do in Sherwood this morning. What was the other thing…er… get the letter sent off and… erm, er, argh gorrit! Get the stuff sorted to take to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop. I’ll do it now, excuse me…

Got them sorted into a carrier bag, and added the letter to post.

Nearly 0600hrs now, I hope the rain holds off until I get me bits done.

I’ve got an awful lot of paperwork to sort through and file away too – and those windows… oh dear, I’m not doing them in the rain. When I get back from the walk to and from Sherwood, I’ll try to get the paperwork sorted at least. Mind you, having gotten up so early, I’d better not sit down for fear of nodding off! Hehe!

Had a scrub-up and readied the rubbish for the chute on the way down. Feeling a bit tired now.

Out into fresh air, the wind was not too bad and no rain yet either.

P1050940Up to the top of the hill opposite the flats and right down to Mansfield Road, out of Woodthorpe Grange Park, over the hill into Sherwood and down to the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop.

Not many folks about yet.

The lady in the Hospice shop always remembers people’s names, she greeted me cheerfully telling me I was out early. Gave her the bag and had a quick chinwag.

Then over the pelican crossing and down to the independent supermarket where the Post Office is now based. Joined the queue, which I didn’t expect with so few people about outside.

When my turn came, I handed the letter through the window slot, and he passed it back to me telling me to place it on the scale on my side – so I did.

It cost £1.44 and I paid the chap and left. It only had one sheet of airmail paper in it, and it was in a lightweight airmail envelope. I dreaded to think what it is going to cost me next time when I send him some photographs?

P1050941Back up the hill and down to the park, up the path and right down the steep hilly gravel track to the flats.

Still very few folks about.

When I was limping up the pedestrian path, looking at the few dogs having fun, the wind suddenly got up and blew worse as I continued om the journey.

By the time I reached the flats, I could hardly stay upright – oh dear! Still, the rain hadn’t arrived yet.

One in the flat and went to make a cuppa, took out the hearing aids and placed them safely in Auntie Kath’s pot, I could hear the winds without them in!

One of the girls on the TFZ site suggested my storing the hearing aids in Kathleen’s porcelain pot she had left me, saying it would remind me of her every time I use it. She was right. Thanks whoever it was. So sad when the memory goes innit? Humph!

Got the laptop going, and while Coreldraw 8 loaded (It takes a few minute to load), I browsed the TV paper. There is a lot on I’d like to watch, but ought to be sorting the paperwork really – mind you, when I sit down I’ll fall asleep I expect anyway.

I’d better get me din-dins cooking. After much changing of my mind, I’m making BBQ Pork sausages, with two small potato cakes, and having them with some sauce and Irish batch bread.

The rain started, the winds blew.

As for the falling asleep, that didn’t occur at all. The fretting about everything began in my mind again.

BJ rang to see if wanted to go to Papplewick Pumping Station tomorrow. For the first time, I had to thank him but decline. The reasons being I was feeling pitiably sorry for myself again, the heavy rains that were forecast and the confused state of my mind.

TV viewing even was not easy, I wanted to watch the boxing, but kept jumping over between that and Law & Order, and yet not taking either in as the mind raced worrying about everything imaginable. I’ve rarely felt like this before and would sooner the angina arthritis etc. was giving me bother as opposed to my mind. No inner peace at all. T’was gone midnight before I nodded off and the dreams seemed to start immediately – horrendous ones too.

Around 0300hrs or so, I had to attend the porcelain and found a mess to clean up thanks to Little Inchy. Had to change the night attire, more washing to do.

I think I dreamt I was unemployed again and seeking work – all frustration.

Not a good night at all.

Eventually nodded off again. Humph!

Sanity decaying? Sad innit!

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