Inchcock Today – Tue 29 Mar 16: Whoopsiedangleplop ending to the day, Tsk!


Apart from not being able to get a free washing machine in the laundry room! Hehehe!

Tuesday 29 March 2016

Woke up after an hours kip at around 0335hrs, mind racing.

Recalled bits of a dream, but nothing like I remembered yesterday’s dream. Odd that how I can remember only vague themes and pieces, then on the rare mornings like yesterday, I remember such a lot?

To the porcelain, but the kettle on and took the medications.


0340hrs – All is well!

This photograph on the left, I took as I entered the kitchen. First

turning off the flash to avoid reflections.

Then could I remember how to turn it back on – huh! Still it came back to me when I realised which camera I was using. Hehe!

Both have different controls and I do get confused with them you know. Hehehe!

P1050929I must remember to tell the nurse about my new bruises today at the INR blood test session. I’ve got a new one since taking this photograph. A mystery to me these are.

Oh, and the black patch near my right ear-hole too. I’m sure that is another spot of skin cancer, it looks just like the last ones did.

And, as well as and besides that, I must remember I’ve got the dentist tomorrow for the two fillings and two canal procedures. I’m still not sure what canal procedures are, but someone did tell me ‘Painfull’ when I asked them if they knew. Oh dearie me!

I heard a loud noise coming from somewhere inside the flats I thought, went to investigate and noticed a sign informing us of another tenant passing away. Cheered me up that did. Tsk! No signs of anything untoward, no idea what the noise was?

Did a bit of Facebooking and checked the emails. Then finished Monday’s diary off and posted it.

I received a reply from my request to ‘Grammarly’ asking for how to set the default checker to Casual Style.


This feature is not available, and I will have to continue changing the style everytime I do a check.

DuncBatGCI got an email from my mate Duncan from Birmingham.

He kindly sent me a new photograpicalisation of his Grand-Daughter Seren.

She is all wrapped up well for going out.

The sweetest looking gorgeous gal. I fell in love with her just seeing her pictures. Those eyes, are going to set a few hearts going later?

P1050951Got a quick wash and shaved ready for the Morrisons delivery of fodder.


Red sky in the morning – Shepherds Warning! It was a little dank looking, but at least, it isn’t raining for my hobble to the Surgery for the INR blood test.

Awaited the arrival of Mr Morrison. He was nearly an hour late but never mind.

Put the nosh away, and stored the Easter Eggs for the Social Hour, in the bedroom.

I rang BJ to see if he enjoyed Sunday’s outing, and ask him if he can call sometime to pick out the photographs he wants so I can get them printed off.

He said he would come later after I’d done the clinic and INR blood test.

Made a cuppa, updated this and sorted the photo’s onto a stick in readiness for when (If) BJ arrives. 

Carried out my ablutions and sorted then took the rubbish bags to the chute.

P1050952Set off for the Clinic and surgery. A third of the way there and the rain pelted down and the wind blew as I hobbled up Mansfield Road.

I stopped to let a van put onto the main road, I thought I’d take a photograph from underneath the umbrella.

A bus came past and soaked me jeans and shoes, thus legs and feet as it careered through the running puddle running down the gutter. Tsk!

Onward to the surgery booked in and had a good read of my ‘damp-in-parts’, Sniper book.

The nurse fetched me in and did the blood test, had a look at the bruises and told me to book an appointment with the doctor.

Gave her the nibbles and departed for a walk into Carrington and called at the chemist and got my extra prescription for the cream.

Then to Lidl, where I bought some bits.

P1050953As I left and waited for the bus, the sky looked a bit nasty again.

Caught the bus to Sherwood and I walked through Woodthorpe Grange Park, back to the flats.

There were a good few dogs for me to watch, they were walking their owners and refusing to return the balls thrown by them. Hehe!

P1050955Another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist shot by me and weaved between the other pedestrians.

But if course it didn’t bother me!


The scumball sadistic nasty piece of imitation human slob!

P1050954At the top of the hill, I took a photo of the old trees I fell in love with last month again.

There something admirable about how they continue to fight each year against the elements and Nottingham vandals.

Down the slippery gravel and mud footpath and into the flat.

P1050956It was close to 1430hrs and BJ’s ETA. Mind you he did say about 1430hrs, with BJ you can give an allowance a day or two either way. Haha! Some mail had been delivered.So I got the purchases put away

So I got the purchases put away and tackled the mail.

Only one for me, from the Nottingham City Council – The Council Tax Bill, informing me I owed the £1180.72, it had gone up by 3.7%. Bless them. The others were for the previous tenant.

Cup of tea and got the laptop on to update this.

BJ rang 1450hrs, he’ll be here in ABOUT 15 minutes.

01W01 Hehe!

Checked the emails and did a little Facebooking.

BLJ4BJ arrived at 1510hrs.

He was looking healthy and fit. I made two strong cups of tea and we had a chinwag about this and that.

He chose the photographs he wanted to have printed.

I made a list and placed it in my jacket pocket so as not to lose it, and know I’d have it on me when I could get to Asda to have them printed.

After BJ had departed, saying he might attend this week’s Social Hour with me, I set about getting the meal ready.

P1050957Having bought the Frikadellens I could not resist having some.

Cottage bread, seasoned chopped tomatoes, Frikadellens and BBQ pork sausages.

Followed by a pot of mandarins in jelly.

So tasty it was. Rated this as an 8.94/10.

I felt a bit cheered by his visit and began to perk up a little: This was when I realised I’d not attended the Clinic Appointment!  Whoopsie

I soon lost my bit of confidence and turned back into a miserable blob of fretting and nervousness.

I must ring them in the morning to apologise… Again!

Sleep was hard to acquire, and Gawd knows what time I nodded off.


2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Tue 29 Mar 16: Whoopsiedangleplop ending to the day, Tsk!

    • Cheers Tim. Very tasty these BBQ flavoured one are. The Frikadellens were most welcome, cause I’ve had to cut back on them due to the cholesterol inducing contents, so only getting one pack of five each month, so it is a treat when i do have them.
      I hope things are alright your end Sir.

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