Nottingham City Homes: Part Five: Repairs Guide for New Senior Citizens in Indepedendant Living flats

This article was written with the specific intention of assisting any Senior Citizen/s who may move into a Nottingham City Homes Independent Living Flat accommodation at the Woodthorpe Court flat complex.


Arranging and having the flat carpeted

Unfortunately, I chose United Carpets, (As opposed to an honest service providing Company) on the advice of my Age UK Councillor. He has since abandoned me, but thankfully Duncan and BJ did not.

Here’s what I went through, this I hope will prevent you making the same costly frustrating and anger making mistakes!


I was given so much help from Duncan, who came from Birmingham to help me with the sorting out and getting prepared for the carpeting. He even brought me a swivel chair and collapsible table and chair!

Thanks, Dunc mate.

001002aSo, I made a marathon walk (hobble) into Daybrook to visit the store. They didn’t have any plain brown carpeting in stock. The excellently skilled con-man sold me some cheap carpet and told me how much it would cost.I asked when it would be available for fitting. A sign outside said ‘Free Fitting on All Carpets,’ so that cheered me up somewhat. He had to order it, they do not keep any in stock and would let me know.

I asked when it would be available for fitting. A sign outside said ‘Free Fitting on All Carpets,’ so that cheered me up somewhat. He had to order it, they do not keep any in stock and would let me know.

He said it had to be ordered, they do not keep any in stock and would let me know.

Dun called that weekend and helped me sort out the flat in readiness, bless him.

Three weeks later, still nothing from the imitation carpet shop people was heard.

Contacted them and was informed I had to pay first before they order it?

I’d waited so long, I foolishly went down and paid the now threatening looking fellow. He said it would be a week or two before it arrives, and he would let me know.

Four weeks later I called at the shop once again. He said it would come the next Monday – and reminded me to that there would be £100 cash to pay the carpet fitters?


A phone call came in on Friday: They will be arriving Tuesday now, at 0730hrs.

I’d got my INR blood test at the surgery Tuesday, but it wasn’t until 1300hrs, and they told me it would not take long to lay the carpet.

003aThe carpet men arrived at 0930hrs, three of them. But there were two of them with another calling in to see them now and then.

They looked a bit on the hard side, scars, tattoos and alcohol-smelling breath like.

Communicating with them was difficult because I didn’t fully understand what their different grunts and accents were trying to say.

As they started to lay the underfelt, I popped out to see the lady next door, very nice, lovely, refined and polite she was – and I explained to her about the noise that might emanate from the flat while the chappy-blokes are laying the carpet today.

I returned six minutes later to the apartment: UNBELIEVABLE! They were off to do another job now they have got the underlay (with United Carpets Air-step printed on it) and the door strips down! Then they told me the carpet has not been delivered to them yet from United Carpets!!!

Cowboys or what? – Yes, Cowboys!

They rang back again 1238hrs – the Carpet from ‘United Cowboys’ has just arrived. On their way back to the flat, ETA 15 minutes.

It so Farcical innit?

Really peed off now, this means they are going to rush the job and it’ll be below standard I’m sure. Are they going to get it done in time for the blood test?

Yes, they did – like lighting they were!

It only took em 25 minutes to lay the lot! Worrying that?

I cannot believe how fast they got the hall, bedroom and living room carpet laid!

01W11They demanded their money and were off in a flash – too quick for my liking as I hadn’t the time to check on what they had done.

The bits of carpet left over were rolled up together, and shreds of nylon from the carpet were all over the place, but I think that is to be expected?

The broken wall connections to the internet box I hadn’t expected. Had to push it back in for now.

Months later I gave up complaining, they just denied doing it.

003aOf course, the Untied Carpet people were not interested at all.

I mentioned this to the Nottingham City Homes people, and they wanted to know why I’d drilled into the walls having the box fitted in the first place, without getting permission from them?


Coming Soon:

Nottingham City Homes: Part Six:
Repairs Guide for New Senior Citizens in Indepedendant Living flats

The Door Lock Problems


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