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Wednesday 27 April 2016

I woke at 0250hrs, annoyed at not recall the dream I’d been having at all. Sniffling and runny nose, but the rumbling tummy was far easier this morning.

Made a cuppa and started the routine of trips for a wee-wee for the day.

The stomach started churning after the first visit to the porcelain. Took the medications, Little Inchy bleeding just a tad, Haem Aroid, Arthur Itis and Duo Denal being kind to me, of my regular ailments only Anne Gyna was playing up. I expect that is most likely due to me worrying about the upcoming visit later on, to the sole-destroying FraserBrown Solicitors at their head office with Age UKs Steve about the house sale. Around ten months now since I accepted the buyer’s offer, and Steve keeps stopping me from cancelling and putting it on the market again? Surely it must go through soon?

I got the nibbles ready in the bag for the tenants meeting and put the FraserBrown paperwork folder in too.

Flipping cold again this morning. Did the BP checks:

Temp 36.5 – Sys 142 –  Dia 75  Pulse 71. Googled the results. Resulting comments: Indicates Stage 1 Hypertension, which means the force of the blood pressure in your arteries is higher than normal, putting you at increased risk of life-threatening problems such as heart attacks and stroke. Blood pressure in this range can also damage organs such as the heart and the kidneys, especially in people who already have chronic medical problems affecting these parts of the body. If you’re already being treated for hypertension, and your blood pressure is in this range, you may need to have your medications adjusted.

Cheered me no end that. I’d send this to Age UKs Steve to get him more interested in solving the problems with the house sale that might be causing it in the first place, but he has kept his new email address to himself. Tsk!

Lucidity and the application of logic appear to be absent from my muddled brain today. To aid my recovery, I searched for some new or rather old and rare words to use.

P1070067  P1070063

Got a good bath and readied the things for the Social Hour session. BJ and William were both in good form.

P1070065 P1070064

P1070066A few more attended this week, all seemed to have a really jolly time. I reminded some of them there was no meeting next week.

Due to the Euro Referendum Voting taking place. Handed out some nibbles for them. William won three raffle prizes, Eddie won two, BJ won one, I didn’t win any. Hey-ho!

BJ gave me a lift into Friar Lane in Nottingham, where the Boots Optician and FraserBrown were located. Kind of him.I went into the Opticians 

I went into the Opticians, and selected the frames and paid my dues to them. Using the machine to pay, I put in the number twice and it rejected it? I was of course not sure if it was the correct one, or if I’d keyed it in wrong? Oh dear! The lady put the card number in and it accepted that. £120 more quid gone.

Out and over the Maid Marion Way to meet Steve Age UK, timing it well as it happens, it was ten to twelve. No sign of Steve, so I went in and asked if he was inside, no, so I went out to keep an eye on for his arrival. He arrived a few minutes later and we met in a room with the solicitor. She spoke a lot but I could not make out what she was sometimes saying, but Steve indicated things were alright. I was not feeling too good at this stage, Anne Gyna playing up.

The ‘opposition’ solicitor arrived and I signed the form about their query over the land on the gable end at the prompting of Steve.

Minutes late we were outside and walked into Slab Square.

Steve left me to get some grub, and I went to the bank to get some guidance on the bank card situation at the opticians earlier.

He watched me use the cash dispenser and it accepted the number okay. I then asked him if they could advise me when the reduced money from the house sale goes into my bank account. He said now, I’ll have to use an ATM and request a balance figure. I thanked him very much, gave him a dark, sneery look a best as I could manage and departed.

P1070069Walked around for a while waiting for the bus to arrive in twenty minutes or so.up the busy Queen Street

Another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist on one of the Council’s free to use bikes was weaving merrily around the pedestrians, and was not overly pleased with the one-word expletive I shouted at him.

P1070070Then I hobbled up to the top of the busy Queen Street and waited for the L9 bus to arrive.

Five minutes later it did. I soon got myself ensconced at a window seat.

I just knew somehow, even as I settled, that I was going to have a bit of a battle to keep awake on this journey?

No cross-wording or reading of my book, tiredness overtook me.

I nodded off a few times en route but felt proud as the bus approached the Woodthorpe Flats stop and I was awake at that point… How I managed to fall asleep withing seconds, remains a mystery, to me. I woke up when the bus was pulling off, so got off at the next stop. Not too bad a Whoopsiedangleplop really.

I walked back and called at the Community Shed, but no one was in, so made my way to Woodthorpe Court, where Dean and Julie were doing the Fire Alarm Testing. Gave them each a nibble, and got up to the flat post haste to use the WC.

P1070071I felt a little anile as I limped wearily around my flat getting the fodder ready. Lackadaisicalness, seemed to be attacking me? Anne Gyna persisted and the right foot/ankle was bent out like never before. I’m going to pot I expect – Haha!

Got the lamb casserole in the oven cooking.

Got the laptop going and updated this hogwash.

P1070072The fodder went down well.

I got the vegetable right tonight and enjoyed the nosh. Rated this one at a decent 8.9/10.

Cleaning up the pots was a bit of a farce, though: I dropped the bowl, which sprayed the soapy liquid over the floor and into the waste bin bag, bent down to sort it out and it took me so long to get back up… then dropped the flaming bleach bottle, managed to catch it before it hit the floor and split open, and cracked me right elbow on the corner of the open under-sink cupboard door! I think I might have sworn!

The plan to read my book proved unworkable due to my falling sleep and waking up around 2130hrs, thinking it was the morning?

Huh! However the following Whoopsiedangleplop was an interesting one:

Settled down after making a cuppa, nodded off and the tea spilt of over me lap and knees waking me jump again! I jerked up and knocked the picker-upper off the arm of the broken 1959 imitation brown leather chair I was ensconced in, that hit the walking stick at the side of it and the stick came down on the remote control and it shot it up in the air and landed on my right big toe, this made me jump and that started off Anne Gyna giving me bother.

I sat in astonishment.

Ah well, makes for a bit of interest I suppose? Hehe!


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