Inchcock Today Fri 29 April 2016: Questioning my own Sanity today

Friday 29 April 2016


I reckon I fell asleep early last night because I woke, thinking it was about 0600hrs at 0100hrs. Wide awake and needing to make use of the bathroom throne.

To the kitchen – Gawd it was cold! The winds coming in through the cupboards, kitchen window edges and the air vent making it very uncomfortable to be in the kitchen at all. The rain was hitting the glass with at a fair pace, I could hear the wind a-blowing too.

Made a brew, and as I got the laptop on, the mind started musing and it was confusing!

  • The fretting over the bathroom to shower conversion and related problems and costs.
  • Will FraserBrown get the finalisation of the house sale done?
  • Have I got all the medical appointments and cancellations down on the calendar correctly?
  • Will Duncan be alright driving in the wind and rain tomorrow on his visit?
  • What will the new Metastatic Melanoma skin cancer be treated in time?
  • Did I take last nights medications? (Don’t think I did, cause I fell asleep so early)
  • Why have I just taken the morning pills so soon?
  • How do I manage to leave the hot water tap running so often?
  • How will I survive without a bath or WC for three days when they fit the shower?
  • How come Rea Flux and Arthur Itis are being so kind to me while Anne Gyna and Duo Denal are being so bothersome?
  • How is it I always get in a muddle and end up bruising myself or someone else when I use the walking stick?
  • How come the right foot/ankle that has been twisted outwards for over two days, isn’t curved outwards this morning?
  • Why are my 1959 imitation brown leather armchair arms, breaking and sinking into the chair?
  • Does everyone know my funeral is already paid for via Age UK, at Baguley Funeral Parlour people?
  • Will Sister Jane be alright when she get her results from the hospital?
  • I must remember the dentist appointment next Wednesday!
  • Will things ever get better?
  • Why am I sat here thinking like this?…

Sad innit? Humph!

Set about finishing yesterday’s diary. Then started this one off.

Bling04Doing some Facebooking, I came across this photo on the SDHC card.

I’ve no idea when or why I took it, though.

I expect there was a reason? But I’m blown if I can remember what it was? Hehe!

Maybe I’d thought of something humorous about the colour of the cloth and mug being the same?Did a lot of Facebooking, being as I’d gotten up so early like, I got caught up nicely.

Did a lot of Facebooking, being as I’d gotten up so early like, I got caught up nicely. Checked the emails.

I’ll get an early bath this morning so I can get out to do some shopping for the things I keep forgetting to get. Made a list to take with me. Transferred the Winwood Social photo’s to a disc to take with me to get them developed at Asda.

P1070074Set off and caught the bus to Arnold, friendly chinwag on the way to the bus-stop.

Then again with the gals at the bus-stop with the gals in the shelter and bitterly cold wind.

Dropped off in Arnold and straight into Asda (Walmart) and to the film unit, got the few photographs from the Social Hour done, I made two copies of those with two in the photo, so they could individually have one each.

Got some bits from the store, bread and desserts and did a bit of counter shopping. Remembered to collect the photographs!

Walked over to the Fulton Food Store and nosed around a bit. Got some Chestnut mushrooms. Then to the bus-stop and back to the flats. Fighting the urge to fall asleep all the way. (Again, Hehe!)

P1070075Once in the apartment and having visited the WC, fatigue dawned again, thoroughly drained. So I got a simple meal prepared, Curried baked beans and sausages from the freezer.

Had it with some bread, but felt so tired I nearly fell asleep eating it!

Still nice, though, rated this one at a fair 8.9/10.

The rest of the day was dozes, nodding offs and heavy eyelids.

Drifted off proper thinking of, and looking forward to Duncan visiting tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Fri 29 April 2016: Questioning my own Sanity today

  1. think you’ve got it wrong, inchy , re lack of WC for 3 days while new shower is fitted ?

    when we had new shower fitted a few years ago, it took them a few days to do the job but we didn’t have to shut water off during all that time – only during the day when they were actually working and not even all that time either

    you may be worrying needlessly here – situation may not be as bad as you fear ?

  2. look on the bright side, inchy –

    this is a golden opportunity to get your leg over to know Olive better – explain your dire predicament and ask to use her loo 😆

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