Inchcock Today Tue 26 April 2016: A hobble to the Arno Hill Park to photograph the ducks and pigeons was the highlight of the day

06 Tuesday 26 April 2016

0255hrs: With a jolt I sprang awake. All I could recall about the dream I was having, was fire, a talking gargoyle and confusion. I took to the gargoyle and we chatted in the inferno about many different things before he ate me?

I sat there in my broken 1959 imitation brown leather G-plan armchair and checked out the lower regions: Only a few specks of blood, so a good start to the day I thought.

Managed to remember that BJ was going to ring me yesterday about lifting me to the launderette this morning, I couldn’t remember him doing so?.

Spent a while thinking of the man from the Council (Benjamin) had told me yesterday about the bathroom conversion. The actual shower area will be minuscule, not that it could be anything else with the tiny bathroom in the first place. The thought of going four days without a toilet and sink caused me some consternation about how to overcome the difficulty?

Eventually, I stirred myself and went to the porcelain then made a cup of tea and took the medications. Got the laptop on and did the graphic about the dream while it was freshish in my mind. I wondered if Steve Age UK might call me today if he’s heard anything about the house sale from FraserBrown the comical, expensive and uncaring solicitors yet like they said they would?

As I made another brew, I realised that Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna were both in a good mood this morning and not giving me much bother at all. It was time for Rea Flux to have a go at me, and he was having fun with me. Tsk!

The incredibly annoying Virgin Internet connection keeps going down at the moment, Huh and Humph

I took a bath and waited for BJ to ring, but he didn’t, so I rang him, but no reply.

Decided to go for a walk into Arnold, and feed the ducks on the way at Arno Hill Park.

Great steady walk, and got some beautiful photographs, it was just grand!

01 02 03 04 05 06S001 S07So many new types of wild fowl at Arno Hill Park pond today.

The flowers in this photograph were found on the Bupa Hospital property on the top of the edge of the wall on Mansfield Road on my hobble to Arnold.

The best find was this colourful duck, I think it is called a Mandarin?

Apart from the Canada Geese that bullied the smaller breeds to get to the food I fed them.

I was very impressed with how all the others ducks and fowls got on so well with each other and the pigeons too.

A wonderful hobble out today.

As I walked out and towards the bus-stop, the high spirits evaporated as the worries returned. I’d heard nothing from Steve Age UK or FraserBrown the lying solicitors about the sale of the house progressing, Steve and the lawyer said at the last meeting that arrangements would be made for a meeting Wednesday this week, but I’ve heard nothing from either, fancy that. Deja Vu?

I must try again to contact BJ, who didn’t arrive this morning as he said he would, I hope he’s not got any bother or is poorly.

Caught the bus back to the flats. The wind was getting up.Got

Laptop on updated this tosh.

Got the nosh prepared and cooking.

Fretting over things again, so I delved into the DVD shelves and selected a ‘Rumpole of the Bailey’ DVD to watch and immerse myself into.

P1070055The fodder was baked potatoes, baked BBQ flavoured beans and the chicken discs in crispy batter.

Some bread thins and a lemon dessert to follow.

It was awesome, apart from I’d overcooked the chicken thingies a bit.

Still gave it a 9/10 rating.

To the porcelain, the bladder was a little overactive.

Back to the DVD and wallowed in nostalgia, managing to forget my worries for a bit.

I did nod off for an hour or so, but now I’ve worked out how the remote thingy works, no problem.


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