Inchcock Today – Wednesday 11th October 2017: Stuck indoors all day

Wednesday 11th October 2017

0130hrs: I awoke with an appetency to sort out exactly what needed doing and arrange things into some sort of logical understanding. I was confused about events with so much happening at the same time. Felt I needed an agenda or timetable of some sort. But so many of the missions, appointments etc. I relied on the outcome of other decisions and issues. I’m losing myself here.

I think that today, Morrison delivery due twixt 0700 > 0800hrs.  The builders are calling to do the balcony secure and lock removal, between 0900 > 1100hrs. I have to call the doctors to get the INR level result, being as after promising to let me have them and only sending the new Warfarin doses, I’ll need the figure so I can go to the dentist and let them know if I will be attending the Friday appointment or not. So, I must get what I can do on the diaries and Facebooking before 0600hrs when I will need to get the ablutions done, no showering though, because of the noise this early. Oh, must check on the supply of protection pants as well. At this stage the brain sort of went on strike.

I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner and waited for the brain to catch me up. Got the Health Checks done and the medications taken.

Had a wee-wee then got the computer going to take a look at the diaries and collate them with each other and pondered on today’s tasks.

I can’t remember if I ordered any spuds on the Morrison order, so might have to try to get out later for some. I’m stuck indoors until the lady and or workmen come to seal the balcony door. One good thing about it, I won’t have to clean the windows outside will I? Haha!

Started on Facebooking. But had to keep turning it off and on cause it kept freezing. Phwert!

Emails and WordPress reading were done next.

0330hrs: Thought I could hear the fire alarm, so I opened the door after testing the handle with the back of my hand for any heat on it, and there was none. I popped into elevator number one to check on the condition of ‘Watchileno’ the Alien Blob on the floor of the lift. Came back in and made this graphic about it. Hehehe!

Finished the Diary for yesterday, and started on this one.

0600hrs: Tended to the stand-up ablutionalisationing session. Can’t use the shower this early, so stood in a bowl of warm water with antiseptic disinfectant and washing-up liquid to soak the feet while I had a shave and did my teeth (carefully) at the sink. There were no signs yet of any Porcelain Throne usage requirements?

0700hrs: All ready for the Morrison, delivery man. Made a mug of tea, and the milk had gone sour. Still two days life according to the label? Good job I have some coming with the fodder order. I think?

0740hrs: Started preparing graphics for the next few days diary headers.

What a plonker I am… found it is Thursday, not today when the Morrison order is due! I do feel a fool!

No one arrived about the balcony yet?

Back to the CorelDraw. Managed to get some made up ready.

Hours later, I got the fodder prepared early than usual. Smoked Haddock, surimi sticks, garden peas and tomatoes halves with balsamic vinegar.

Listening to the radio on the headphones and I’d just finished eating this feast and enjoying it so much – and a two-bodies appeared through the doorway. Scared me half-to-death!

It was Obergruppenfurheress Warden Deana and the Builders representative lady. They had rung the bell and called out, found the door open and entered when they got no reply due to using the headphones.

The blood pressure lowered itself. I threw away the remainder of the meal and washed the dishes, while they explained they had come to sort out the balcony door securing and lock removal. I mentioned that they told me yesterday, that this was to be done between 0900hrs and 1100hrs, and it was now well into the afternoon. They laughed. The lovely Build Lady took me into the bedroom and explained all the things I needed to do in preparation for the windows in there to be done. A lot of moving stuff and covering of others. The ladyess could see I was incapable of carrying out the required arrangements and said she would try to get me some help, via Jenny. Between the three of us, I managed to get myself all confused. Hehe!

A bloke arrived while we were talking and had ‘done’ the lock in the balcony door in a few minutes and was off.

No more photographicalisationing from me on the balcony anymore. Sob!

Deana did a battery-check on the wrist alarm while he was here. A few laughs were generated.

I actually felt a bit sorry when they had to leave. Oh, I got rid of the expensive American instant potatoes that I am not keen on, gave them away.

They were both impressed with Koala Katie who I had placed over a bottle of Balsamic vinegar to show her off.

Thanks again Marie from Aussieland.

I was really drained by now. Did the medications and Health Checks and as Dizzy Dennis gave me a visit, I settled to watch the TV.

Bit of a blur as I kept nodding and waking as is the norm.

8 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Wednesday 11th October 2017: Stuck indoors all day

  1. The persistence of Watchy is quite something. I wouldn’t mess with it that’s for sure. Those were sorry American potatoes with coconut. Never heard of such a thing. So you are free to roam you balcony again? Koala Katie is cute.

    • Watchy has certainly got the better of the Nottingham City Council CLeansing Departent, and out caretakers in particular. Hehe!
      Never heard of coconut in instant mash before? I gave away my last packet yeterday to Warden Obergruppenhureress Deana. She might like it.
      Balcony all sealed up now, locked up and the mechanism removed, Tim.
      Cheers, Sir.

      • You mean to tell me they deem the inmates as dangerous. Did they put a “Warning! Don’t Feed the Pensioner” sign out for the workers?

  2. Glad they got that door thing taken care of, still not sure why they had to seal up all the balconies though. I can’t imagine anyone not liking Koala Katie, I’ve always been taken with koalas. Only ever seen the real thing once when I was at the San Diego zoo when I was 12 & they were all sleeping. My dad would occasionally go to Australia when he was at sea (he’s, now retired, Navy) & he always got me a stuffed koala every time he went there as he knew I loved them. <3

    • Not worked out why the removing and securing of the balcony door took place myself, Corin.
      That was kind of your Dad, ‘Thanks to Dad!’
      I hope you’re feeling a bit better petal. ♥

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