Inchcock Today – Thursday 12th October 2017: Tenant goes very pale, Tenant Detail Updating Interview, Tenants Social Hour, Tenant sealed inside flat, Space Saucer photographed… Blimey, a better headline than the Sun! Hehehe!

Thursday 12th October 2017

Filipino: Huwebes Oktubre 12, 2017

0125hrs: Sprang awake, expergefacient with a jump, shudder and confusion, knowing that something in a dream had made me do this. By the time I had reached for the pencil and pad, the memories had departed my brain-box. I hate that!

I think the nocturnal nibbling had returned overnight. An empty Stilton cheese biscuit bag and a suspicious looking couple of sweets were resting precariously in the folds of my overweight bulbous wobbly belly! Oh, and a banana skin on the Ottoman. Guilty?

I removed them and fought my way out of the £300 second-hand recliner and gingerly made my way to the Porcelain Throne. Where the evacuation went very well. Haemorrhoid Harold was hardly bleeding at all, Little Inchy tender, but no bleeding either, and I noticed en route to the wet room, that Hilda Hips was not playing up! Good signs here, I decided I could now leave off the protection pants when I change after the ablutions later.

Even the burn on the hand was not giving any pain or soreness. With all these positives this morning, I began to think that maybe I was still asleep and dreaming? Hehe!

But I was impuissant to stop Anne Gyna as she tried to make up for all the other ailments that were giving me a break. But, I’m not complaining.

Into the kitchen and took the medications, did the Health Checks and looked out of the window, the early morning sky to the right, had some fantastic colours in the darkness. I made my way to get the camera and into the front room to go out on the balcony to get a photo of the colours… Boing! I’d forgot about the lock being removed from the balcony door yesterday.

So, I went back and hung myself… Wait for it! Out of the window to take this photo on the left. Not a good quality one, but the content context (Is that the right word?) I found very pleasing.

Got the computer going and finished the diary for yesterday and got it posted off.

Then, to the wet room to titivate up shave, teggies (Not easy cleaning around the painful ones) etc. Taking care not to make any noise this early in the day, didn’t want to bother the neighbours.

I’ve had an odd feeling all morning, and suddenly realised what it might be: Apart from the lack of so many ailments hassling me, I thought I might be dead. Hehehe! See picture. Mind you; the light is very bright in the wet room.

When I went in to do the ablutions and was my skin pale again or what? Still, being as I felt alright it didn’t matter to me much.

All done, I dressed and got the nibble-box and raffle prizes ready for the Winwood Tenants Social Hour into the bag ready.

I’ve ordered some flowers for Jenny in the Morrison order. She does a lot of work helping others and many of the tenants I hear, only want to moan and take the wee? So this will show Jenny that I appreciate her work for us.

Started this diary going.

Making another small mug of tea, I noticed as the light came out in the sky, that there were many contrails across the vista. Thought I’d take a picture of them, set the camera to ‘Through Glass’ setting.

Look how it came out here on the left. Hehe!
The what seemed like a Flying Saucer had appeared and looked so real and lifelike. It was in reality, a reflection of the light fitting on the kitchen wall. I’ll try to think of something humorous to put on it when I post it to the TFZer site. Ah, I’ve thought of something. If I can get an updated photo of the Alien Blob in lift one and use it along with this one? Hehehe!

Had a go at Facebooking, keeping my fingers crossed that it does not start freezing and blocking comments on me again. After a while, it slowed to stop. Phwert!

The Morrison lady arrived with the groceries. Nice gal.

Moved the carrier bags into the kitchen, and there were plenty of them today. I got the stuff put away. I took a picture of the flowers, Roses and Carnations in their box that I’d got for Jenny. Hope she likes them.

I now have plenty of bleach, washing-up liquids and mineral water in stock. I got extra in, just in case the GUM or Hilda Hippy treatments came up earlier than planned. Save hassle if I don’t feel up to scratch after them, like,

I put the box near the door, so I did not forget to take it with me.

Obergruppenfurheress Deana arrived about 0915hrs, to do the updating of the details of my records. Before we started, I asked her if would take the flowers to Jenny for me, and she readily agreed, bless her.

We got on with the Q & A session, managing a few chinwags and incoming phone calls to her in between.

All done and sorted, we departed together, Deana got side-tracked and I carried on to the Tenants Social Hour meeting Although there were only 38 minutes of it was left by now).

I met Ernie en route and gave him the pickled herrings, he was very pleased and this, in turn, cheered me up.

Within minutes of my arrival, Deana caught up with us and quietly handed Jenny the box. Bj was there, and about 15 others in total. Jenny asked me if I wanted a small cup of tea with only a little milk (She remembered!) and I thanked her and sat down next to BJ and Bill (William on Sundays). We had a decent natter come chinwag. Handed out the nibbles.

The general ambience seemed a little low-key and subdued as I read it. Not miserable or gloomy, mind. I hope this comes over luculently.

As I hobbled around, it seemed a little strained despite the laughter?

There was no acuity present as I pondered and debated with myself whether I should go up to Aldi on the 1130hrs bus or not? Said my goodbyes to the few left in the meeting and meandered back to the flat. I decided not to go to Aldi’s store, as fatigue was already seeping into my psyche, and Hippy Hilda started to ache and twinge a bit more.

I got lift one up to the twelfth floor and took the opportunity to photographicalise and update of the ‘Watchileno’ Blob on the floor of the elevator.

I later created this graphic for use on the TFZ site, but I will doctor it with something funny first I think.

Well, a bit of fun might cheer us all up a little bit. Or not of course.

The ‘Herbert’ upstairs started knock-knocking and tapping away.

Started to update this diary.

Stopped to sort the meal out. Had some potatoes already cooking in the crock-pot. Put some peas, franks and light soy sauce in a pan and decided to risk some chips today. So I got the oven warming then back to the computer and did next weeks Morrison order. I delayed this when the DVT result arrived through the letterbox.

The surgery, who I had to ask for the current level, had informed me my status was level was 4.6 was – the DVT record card showed it as 1.5!!!

I’m thinking of trying to change doctors now. That will not be easy trying to convince a new doctor to take on all my ailments. Oh, dear!

Back to the Morrison order.

I got the chips into the oven.

After much shuffling and indecision, I settled for some franks, lemon flavoured cooked beetroot, two potatoes halved and dabbed with Vegemite, garden peas with light soy sauce, halved mini tomatoes with White Wine Vinegar and soft-cooked thin fries. Although I had some trouble with catching the teeth, this meal went down very tastily.

While masticating away carefully, I remembered about the dentist tomorrow, 0945hrs. I scribbled a reminder and stuck it on the mini waste bin near the recliner.

Washed the pots up.

Health Checks completed and medications taken.

So tired and weary now. Got goggle-box on and perused the screening schedule on the TV magazine… now here’s a thing; Why do I bother? It is an inevitable fact that I’m only going to fall asleep with the TV on, headphones my head so I can’t hear any telephones, alarms, doorbell tunes or whatever! I even had a look at tomorrow’s page. Hehe!

I lay with the minds and stomach rumbling away, then got a feeling that I’d left the tap running. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to investigate. I’d not got any taps running, but I had left the oven on. Lovely and warm in the kitchen now. While up I checked the wet room to see if I’d taps on, heater on etc. All was safe.

Back to the recliner and it was refusing to work again. I climbed onto it and knocked off the rube of pain-gal I keep there in case of need. Clambered out again and stood on the flipping tube! Still, I can rest easy now, knowing that the carpet will not be in any pain for a bit! Tsk!

9 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Thursday 12th October 2017: Tenant goes very pale, Tenant Detail Updating Interview, Tenants Social Hour, Tenant sealed inside flat, Space Saucer photographed… Blimey, a better headline than the Sun! Hehehe!

  1. Good thing your friend in the comic wasn’t looking at bras, it be an eternity for you in purgatory. Looks like you got a UFO in the clouds and Watchy is reproducing! Oh my, you all might be doomed. Does Obergruppenfurheress Deana always wear two pair of glasses? She looks like a geeky girly as the pair on top of her head don’t look to be sunglasses, but I could be mistaken. Your data is all up-to-date then? Seemed rather painless? It’s quite fashionable to show up late with an Obergruppenfurheress. Probably a little envy depressing the mood of the social hour. I’m so excited to see you have a dental appointment. I really hope the dentist can get you fixed up. BTW did you ever get past heart throbs and fantasies and remember to ask nurse Nichole if your blood pressure was normal considering all your meds? Good to hear you downed that rather hefty looking meal. You will need the energy to face the dentist.

    • I think you’re right about the shoes being a better option for the gal and me, Tim.
      The reflection of the light fitting was very welcome for once, with it making the photo really. Hehe!
      I’d not noticed Obergruppenfureress Deana’s two pairs of specs when I took the picture. I guess they must be one for reading? She’s a patient woman.
      As for the Watchileno, this morning when going up and down in the only lift working, number one to do the laundry – guess what? – A new Blob in the lift! It was right on the edge of the floor underneath the fold-up seat and was hard to photograph in the dark corner. But I got one, I’m going to put it in today’s diary. Multiple attacks now? But the first one seems to be dying off, almost. Haha!
      The details took a while to gt right, what with the medicational details they required.
      Hard to tell what was amiss with the clan at the social hour.Perhaps it was just me?
      I’m crossing my fingers about the dentist, Sir. With the surgery telling me the level was 4.6, just about within range nearly, and now the DVT Unit tell me it is only 1.5, if they check with them before they do owt with the teeth, I fear they may refuse to do them again and start another four weeks wait for me… I’ll tell them the doctor told me it was 4.6 I think. It’s not a lie is it, really?
      So, from going from too high and a risk of bleeding to death, I am now back on the Watch-list for blood clots and seizures. Tsk! With any luck, the District Nurse might visit again with the injections? Hehe!
      Shame I kept catching the teeth with the meal, but it was so tasty!
      Thanks, mate.

  2. I got up in the middle of the night and wrote a poem. When certain poems come to me (not of the haiku variety) I must write them immediately or like you said it goes straight out of my head. Sometimes I have no choice, but to write them and post them immediately which I did last night. Eventually I went back to bed.

    • Well, thanks for telling me Tessa, nice to know while I’m typing away over here, I have you for company over there, typing away. ♥
      I’ll have a look at your wordsmithing later petal. (I was up at 0012hrs this morning, 0045hrs now)
      Two addicted people with so many similarities and aiments in unison. Perhaps we were related in a passed life? Hehehe! XXX

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