Inchcock Today: Sunday 22nd October 2017: ♫ I don’t like Sundays ♫ Hehe!

Sunday 21st October 2017

Basque: 2017 Ko Urriaren 22an, Igandea

0200hrs: Woke with a throbbing headache. Apparently, I overdid it yesterday with the excitement and hobbling around the Papplewick Pumping Station 1940’s do. Late finish as well, that does not help.

The mind again running away toying with me as it tried to assess what the heck was going on. No fecundity, as I slowly got to grips with it and stirred myself into tackling the extrication of the body mass from the £300 second-hand recliner. Not an easy task this morning.

Made a brew of tea and got on with finalising the Saturday Diary. Got it posted and made one solely for the Papplewick Pumping Stations 19040s show visit yesterday. Nearly all just photographs.

Then started on this one, up to here. The rumbling innards began, so it should be an interesting Porcelain Throne session when it finally arrives. Haha!

Checked the Emails, still nothing from the surgery about the INR level or appointment. I feel sad about this, a little uncared for… no, that’s not the word, erm… neglected by the medical people.

0500hrs: I stopped to do the Health Checks: Sys 188  Dia 75 Pulse 80 Temp 33.1 Weight 14.94 The Sys seems a bit high? Made a small drink of tea and took the medications.

Chopped the remainder of the belly pork up and seasoned it in the Crock-Pot to marinate a few hours before I turn it on. This time, I’m recording the seasoning that went in. ¼ little bottle of light Soy sauce, a good sprinkling of balsamic vinegar, some distilled vinegar and a rinsed out the few remaining dregs of the Maple Syrup bottle. I have no idea what I used yesterday cause of the blanking out, so will just have to hope that this comes out anywhere as near good as Saturdays; Because it was super-good! Incidentally, I did not have any dizzies or cut fingers today, either. (Bragging a bit here? Hehe!)

Back to the updating.

My headache has eased a lot now since I took the medications with an extra painkiller. But I do not feel happy taking any additional drugs.

Went onto Facebooking. (Hoping that it will not start sticking and freezing again, Grr!)

Internet signal gone once more, the weekend isn’t it! Grumph! Turned everything off, pressed the reset button. Into the kitchen to make a mug of tea. The rain was more substantial, sky darker and wind higher.

Had a wee-wee, the tried again with the web. Working, but very slow.

Finished the first TFZer graphic eventually.

With all the stop starting while doing it, thanks to Mr Branson and his so-called Virgin Media; I’d made errors in it. Grr! Got the names the wrong way around and missed off two TFZer gals from the graphic. That was because I could not save the thing when the grunglesloptitty internet died on me.

Tried again.

It was slow going, but doable.

Got this one of three TFZer lassies and one chap, Andy, in a bakery shop having a tea break I think?Hope that they like it.

Getting a bit tired now, poor old thing. Hehehehe!

Hope that they like them.

Got them posted of with the bestest captions I could think of.

Then added them to the respective Facebook albums.

The day had gone by the time I completed these graphics, so I got on with sorting the meal out.

The seasoning on the belly pork that I’d hoped would come out similar to yesterdays, was a disaster.

The onions and tomatoes were excellent.

Masticating was easy, what with the belly pork being done in the crock-pot and coming out nice and soft, easy on the teggies.

Settled and got the TV on, there was plenty of films to watch on different channels. I didn’t have the energy to concentrate on the book. Hehe! I didn’t even have sufficient to stay awake either.

Ludicrous really. Started watching an old movie, Railway Children and nodded off at the commercial break, woke up with another film on, nodded off and missed an entire Steven Seagal film waking up to a War Documentary, then nodded off again.