Inchcock Today Sun 24 April 2016: Odd sort of stay in day are Sundays. (No buses and I felt too drained to go for a walk)

Something to think on, from 2015


Inchock Today: Sun 24 April 2016

Inchy’s hemerine daily waffle

01W03aWaking at 0325hrs, the bladder and Little Inchy needing attention, I made my way without any hassle from Arthur Itis to the bathroom and responded to their needs.

While doing so, a bit of a dream came back to me. I was in charge it seemed, in a vast emporium of Roman looking senators. They all wanted to invent water taps and give them to the proletariat? We all appeared to know about them somehow? I argued against them because it would cause the masses to start washing and thought this would lead to Waterhea disease, whatever that is or might be, and cause a shortage of water for the Mallard ducks? That’s all I could recall, another odd one.

P1050106Washed the things I’d left soaking in the sink and I stood looking out of the window at the lights as they were twinkling away and pondered on life for a few seconds.

Then gave up! Hehe!

Brewed a cup of char and took the medications while I thought of it.

Got the laptop going, despite the Virgin Internet Connection not being too keen on the idea again (Huh!). Checked the emails to see if the Queen or Cameron had got in touch.

Made a start again on the post about the past. It took me another four hours to get done and posted.

Got the nosh started early: NZ Leg of lamb steaks, roasted swede, parsnips, turnips, onions, carrots and green beans, boiling some potatoes and mushrooms to add to it.

Set about cleaning the fridge, Whoopsiedangleplop! I dropped a jar of beetroot on the floor and got juice and beetroot all over the place. Took me longer to clean this up than it did to clean the fridge, Tsk!

Fatigue hit me out of the blue again, and Little Inchy started pouring out blood from his poor lesion.

P1070026The roast vegetables got a bit burnt, but the other stuff was okay.

The lamb was excellent.

Rated this one a 9.33/10 and ate it all up like a good little pensioner.

Back in the bathroom to sort out Little Inchy (Painfully, hehe).

Settled down to watch a DVD without falling asleep as I would normally expect.

Tried reading one of the books eventually, that did it. Managed to nod off around 0100hrs.

Woke around 0300hrs, and flipping heck, I could feel the warm wet sensation that Little Inchies lesion had released.


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