Inchcock Today Mon 30 May 2016:


Monday 30th May 2016

GCslippers Good Morning Folks!

Woke up at 0500hrs, hated not being able to remember any of the dreams, just a sensation that they were frustrating in nature.

Sat pondering and fretting over everything and nothing for a while.

The £300 second-hand broken recliner allowed me to lower it and to extract myself so I could visit the porcelain. It did it a bit noisily, but at least it worked this morning. Blood from Haem Aroids was a lot less too.

I noticed the full evening-pot of tablets at the side of the chair, indicating that I’d not taken them me evening medications last night. Humph! So I made a cuppa and added one Warfarin to the morning medications and took them.

Laptop on and finished and posted the Sunday diary, then started this one and did some graphics.

Carried out the ablutions and dug out the bus-pass, camera, mobile and made sure they were in the coat pocket to take with me to Arnold to get the photographs printed, and pressie for Sister Jane and Pete arranged. Took some mail that had been delivered for Margaret, the previous tenant. With the aim of dropping them off at the Community Hut.

Down the lift, and thought it odd that there was no one else waiting to catch the bus?

Walked to the hut and found it all locked up.

It was really cold this morning, so I walked back to Woodthorpe Court to go up and put a big coat on. As I entered the lobby, Jenny was there doing her washing in the laundry room. I gave her a nibble and she pointed out kindly, but with a look of “You Idiot!” on her face, that it was Bank Holiday and there were no buses to or from the flats today, but other areas had a skeleton service running.

I nipped up to the flat to get a coat on, and took some of the Old Nottingham books for Jenny to have a read of.

P1090039Then I set out on a walk into Arnold.

As I left the Park and turned right, the sparsity of traffic hit me, but… I did see a bus coming from Arnold and this gave me confidence that I would easily be able to catch one back into Sherwood later.

(Which turned out to be hogwash, rubbish, a dream! I was lucky enough however to get one part way back later.)P1090040

Half a mile or so later, I espied some flowers that I’d never seen before at the edge of a car park next to the road.

They looked spectacular to me, and seemed to be growing from weeds?

I’d love to know what they were called.

P1090043I plodded on slowly and limpingly now, the feet and right knees giving me some hassle. I got into Arnold eventually and called in Arno Hill Park to feed the ducks and birds some worms, seeds and earthworms.

I didn’t see any of the mandarin ducks today.

The Grebe families (I think that’s P1090045what they are called) were out showing off their new babies.

The Canada Geese were still bullying the other fowls, but not so much my favourites, the Mallards. Although smaller they gave as much back to the gigantic Canada attackers as they got.

Bless em! 

P1090044I was glad I’d took the seeds for the pigeons but was amazed at the size of the earthworm pellets they ate.

I moved on and walked into the Arnold Centre and popped into Asda and went to the photograph printing machine first.

I don’t want to say what I was ordering, cause they are for early Christmas present for Sister Jane and Pete. Had some bother getting the instructions into the machine, but the lady guided me through the procedure. She said the  photos might come out a little pixelated on the… whoops nearly said what it was then. If they are too bad when I collect then, she said I could get my money back? We’ll see next week then.

I did a bit of shopping. As I came out of the store, no buses were at the bus stops, so I decided to walk it back as well. (Fool!)

Insanely, I called into Sainsburys as I passed by. More money spent! Huh!

Now struggling with two bags full of fodder, I crossed the road and as luck would have it, a number 58 bus arrived as I was near to the bus stop. So I got on it, and very grateful for it too! Oh the pain me plates were giving me!)

P1090041I got off the bus and walked down to the park o hobble through that back to the flats, I noticed a most pretty flower coming up bravely, through the tarmac.

It looked a bit Tulip-like to me.

Another one I don’t think I’ve come across before. at least I don’t think I have?

P1090047On and up through Woodthorpe Grange Park on the footpath.

Not many folks about, a few passed by with their hounds with wagging tails.

The feet were getting so bad now, burning, tingling and painful.

Poor old devil. I blame myself for going on long walks yer know. Hehe!

Going down the  hill back to the flats, I resisted the temptation to walk through the copse, I thought the uneven ground might make my feet and knees worse.

P1090048Got in the flat and made it in time to the toilet… just!

Emptied the bags of the unnecessary fodder I’d bought.

Put the apples in the fridge so as they might keep longer. The banana won’t last long, so I nibbled one. Hehe! The bread thins were wholemeal as part of me diet schemes. Vegetable granules. A pack of Casserole veg consisting of: Carrots, swede, leeks. onions and potato cubes. A pack of crisp-bake thingies, some more bird seed and earthworm pellets. The last two not being for my consumption you understand?

Got the veg in the oven.

Laptop on.

P1090049Got the meal ready.

Enjoyed this feast without any bread once again.

Got some stuff out of the bathroom in readiness for tomorrow’s visit from the Nottingham City Homes demolition gang.

A lot left to do, but that will be in the morning after I’ve had my last bath before the shower is ready in about four days. Might have to go to Sister janes for a shower while it is being sorted?

Unsure about getting diaries sorted over the next few days?

Watched some TV and Pie in the Sky DVD, nodded off.