Inchcock Today Mon 16 May 2016: Hectic Day


Monday 16th, 2016

02I sprang into life with such a jerk, I almost fell out of the chair! Within seconds, the instantly rememberable bits of the dream I’d been having evaporated and the need for a visit to the bathroom throne became apparent to me, along with the warm wet sensation of the leaking blood from the lower regions.

As I made my way to the porcelain the feeling of guilt and my incompetency at losing the alarm wristlet joined in with the other emotions rampant this morning (0255hrs) as I mounted the throne. Painfully I relieved myself then cleaned up myself and placed the jammy bottoms to soak in disinfectant. Then cleaned up Little Inchy and creamed the lesion area. Tsk!

As I left the bathroom to go to the kitchen (All of five/six paces), the dizzies started. Used the wall to steady my balance and it was all over in about a minute? Put the kettle on and got the laptop on to start this post off, made the brew and took the medications (Not realising it was so early like).

As I loaded CorelDraw, an update came in, so I downloaded it and went to make another cuppa while waiting for it to load.

Noticed the state of the kitchen floor near the cupboard door, bravely I got a microfibre cloth, down on the knees and wiped the muck up. I was impressed with how the micro fibre sheet picked up so much dirt easily without using any cleaning agents – then the getting back up caused a hiatus and a little pain. Made worse, by my not having the wristlet alarm I’d lost the other day to use if I fall or slip in my efforts to get back up. Huh, Depression and self-loathing returned. I only tended to patch on the floor at one end of the kitchen, then returned with my fresh cuppa to the laptop to find the CorelDraw download completed, no idea what it downloaded, it just said: “Downloads were added in response to customer requests”?

Anyway, Coreldraw worked okay as I got the top graphic done.

Time for a think before I started writing:

  • Yesterday when in the laundry room and gossiping, Frank told me that Deana was away for today at another complex. So I won’t be able to report the lost alarm to her, will I?
  • How do I get in touch with Steve Age UK councillor who said he was going to get back to see me last week but didn’t, he seems to have made a point of not giving me his mobile number or email address?
  • I’d love to get to see Sister Jane and take the pressies to her, but she is so busy (Galavanting mostly, Hehe!) and with me having so many things to get done or going wrong, will I ever get to see her again! Haha!
  • Must remember the INR blood test today at 11.15hrs.

From how I felt an hour and a half ago when I got up, things seemed to be settling now. Little Inchy is no longer leaking, the back passage has calmed down nicely and even Anne Gyna has eased off. The usual pains in the knees, ankles, hands and right wrist/arm are easy and calm. I wish my mind were as calm. Hehe!

Made a start on the funny rhyming post about my search for the Alarm Wristlet, but could not concentrate, did a bit on it, mind.

Did a bit of Facebooking then got the nibbles and things ready for the GP surgery.

Carried out the ablutions. Then took the rubbish bags to the chute as I set off, on the days missions. Called at the Community Hut on the way to advise Julie of the Alarm Wristlet situation, but she wasn’t in.

P1070217Onwards down Winchester Hill and up into Carrington and down to the GP surgery.

Observed yet another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist on Mansfield Road as I neared the doctors surgery for the INR Warfarin blood test at Sheringham Park.

The little monkey!

Had a good read of the Holocaust book while waiting, and soon got tended to. Left the nibbles and caught the bus to the clinic. A bit of an embarrassment there, trainee doctors came to the examination. Red faced I left and caught the bus into town.

P1070218Dropped off and waddled into Tesco in Victoria Centre (Mall) and spent some money. I got a ready-made sandwich, chicken portions and potato cakes.

Then to the end of the centre, had a walk through the market buying nothing, but did notice the for hire for £3 kids push cars on my way to Boots the Chemist superstore. I had a look to see if they had any 31-day medication dispensing pots on sale, but could not find any, and the queues were gargantuan. Still, I got some St Peters Wort tablets after a lengthy wait to pay for them.

P1070222Busy, as I came out of the shop, I got a phone call. I thought it might be Steve Age UK, now titled Powher. But it was a Nottingham City Council chap wanting to come see te bathroom to measure and check it over. I told him I’d be there in about two hours.

Over the road and to the Pound Shop. More spending. Oven tray, Cadbury Cookies (2 or £1) and a bag of Strawberry Chamalous.

Wandered around a while until the L9 bus was due, took a photo or two for the TFZ Facebook page, clandestinely fed a pigeon or two, then caught the bus back to the flats.

P1070223 P1070225

 When I get the time, I’ve an idea for doctoring the first one for them.

Back at Woodthorpe Court, I tried the Community Hut door, but it was locked. Julie is on her own today as they have used Deana at another site.

Up to the flat and I got another call, thought this might be the Nottingham City Homes man, but it was Steve of PowHer, he’s coming to see me so he can finalise the standing orders for the old place.

Put the bits away and got the laptop on, when the NCH man did arrive. Nice chap, we had a chinwag as he measured up. He told me it would be 4 or 5-day job, and men would need access throughout. Also, he confirmed that they would be making it into a Wet-room. I forgot to ask him how I go on with having no toilet to use. Humph!

I thanked him as he told me it would be two or three weeks and he would contact me with a date later.

Off he went, and Steve of Powher arrived and sorted or confirmed the electricity, gas, water Rates and Council Tax, then the house insurance, using the internet on the laptop. Then phoned the Budget insurance about the old house. I am to get  £40 charge for cancelling it, and a refund of £15. The phone call will probably have cost me more than that! Thanks to the increase from Virgin.

Amazingly he gave me his phone number before he told me he had now finished as my advocate. However, if I did have any more problems I was allowed to ring the PowHer, and he gave me their 0300 number. He mentioned that we have got a lot done and advanced well. I could not help but say the Untied Carpet farce, the solicitors taking 11 months to sell the house, my not being able to contact him and he was not happy! Hehe! I thanked him for his help. He’s a nice bloke, even if he did leave marks from his shoe on my 1959 polished cabinet.

Off he went.

P1070226I started to get this updated, then got the sandwiches and chicken and added some beetroot to them, and dined regally, but still worried about losing the wristlet, however, contended that hopefully, all the problems with and about the old house were now history!

I got the medications ready to take the evening doses, just as I got a  telephone call from the Anticoagulation Team at the Queens Medical Centre, the Warfarin level from today’s test were far too high. They gave me instructions not to take any Warfarin tonight, then 2 on Tuesday and Wednesday and I must make an appointment for an extra test for Thursday with the surgery. I thanked them.

Very short notice for me to get into the surgery, I feared I’d have to go all the way to the QMC to get it done. So I called Sheringham Park and they made a slot for me on Thursday at 1005hrs.

I thanked them, then realised it was the same time as the Winwood Hut Tenants Social Hour! Ah-well.

I soon nodded of tonight.

Inchcock Today Sat 14 May 16: Whoopsiedngleplop – Lost the Emergency Wrist Alarm… Humpf!


Saturday 14th May 2016

It’s hard to express the feelings I felt when I woke up this morning (0500hrs): Sullied, soiled, contaminated, begrimed and unchaste all seemed to fit the bill, along with the primary sensations of trepidation and unshakable anxiety. Why?

However, I forced myself to lower the shuddering recliner chair and attend the porcelain after a couple of minutes of deep and pitifully inadequate philosophicalisationing. The hiatus of making use of the throne prompted me to take an EntroLax pill along with the cuppa and medications I took shortly afterwards. Had a bit of a job stopping the blood flowing (Another pair of jammy-bottoms for the wash), from Little Inchy and Haem Aroids. However, Anne Gyna, Rea Flux and the right wrist and arm were being kind to me, so this cheered me up a minuscule I think.

While making the brew, bits, or rather sensations, about the dreams returned to me, they were not nice and I think shame was the overriding feeling?

Overall, I was not in a good condition mentally. Then, the flaming dizzies started, Tsk! Still, they didn’t last for too long. Then, more hassle, clearing the pots I’d left drying on the sink drainer, I dropped a cup, well, mug and now have only one unchipped mug left! Hehe! I’ll have to get another one later when I go to take the clothes and stuff to the Nottingham Hospice Shop. Hey-ho!

On the laptop and finished off the Friday diary and started this one off, did some graphics. Then did mucho Facebooking and it let me post okay this time. Some lovely messages and comments today.

Got the bags ready for the Hospice shop. Had a spit and polish, made sure I’d got the camera, mobile phone (Not that anyone rings me like, but I might have needed it for calling for help?). The hearing aids in, the little notepad of reminders, etc. and then did my ablutions and set off on me mini circular walk to the shops and back.

01According to the NCC, Winchester Street has the second highest road gradient in Nottingham, and I certainly believed them when I walked back up to the flats today.

Good job I didn’t have a lot of weight to lug up it. But I do consider, although apparently I can’t run anymore, that little struggle to get up the 1-3 gradient stretch actually does me some good, and try to tackle it at least once a week?

Setting off out of the building and up the gravel footpath and halfway up I 04stopped, not through fatigue but to photograph a brave little flower forcing its way through to search for the sunshine.

I observed that the insects in and amongst the grass were beginning to move frantically about for some reason?

Up into the Woodthorpe Park and down onto Mansfield Road. Stopped again for a while, to watch the dogs taking their owners for a game of ball. Plenty of canines around and not one barking?

Walked down the hill into Sherwood and called to drop off the items at the Hospice Shop.

Then down further to the Wilko store, where I had a good rummage for some teacups, well, mugs anyway. I got three of different sizes. The offer on the Dettol had finished, but they had one on Blitz towels twin pack at £1.79, so I grabbed one.

Next port of call a visit to the Polish Continental shop. I got a loaf of bread and four thick slices of smoked belly pork with garlic stuffing and peppers. (I can’t help it, it’s delicious!)

Set off for Winchester Street and up the hill of doom… Today the weeds and plants were forcing their way through the fences and railing.

05 08

07The Dogwood weed, I think it is called was looking so radiant and proud as its white flowers bloomed.

My being a Towny for so many years, now I’m almost settled at Woodthorpe Court in the semi-countryside, I have the pleasure of discovering these plants and weeds.

The way they force their way through obstacles never ceases to amaze me.

Also seeing how the young shoots (If that’s the right word) seem to copy their elders and come through the fence panels alongside them as in the last picture above intrigues me.

I pressed on up and back to the apartments, feeling a bit tired and weary but proud of forcing myself to have a bit of an extra exercise.

Visited the WC. Then put away the purchases.

10  09

I couldn’t help but think to myself; “How long before I drop one of the mugs?

Ah well, I can have two visitors at once now and give them both a nice strong cuppa. Hehe!

Got the laptop on and updated this diary.

0205Then got the medication pots sorted.

This took over an hour and many dropped tablets and pills encouraged naughty words to emanate from my mouth I’m afraid.

To the throne and much bleeding and pain resulted, but at least I was going again, so no complaints.

04I got the cold meal prepared and very tasty it was too. All good, bread nice, mushrooms okay, pickled eggs, tomatoes and the belly pork was so appetisingly tangy flavoured.

Took the medications.

While eating it, I realised I’d not got the Alert Wrist Alarm on and I went to the bathroom to fetch it… Oh dear! Spent hours looking for it without any success.This really got me going and so annoyed with myself. It had to be a Saturday when I lose it as well, no one to report it to until Monday.

The recliner stuck and I thought “Hello, that’s the end of this then!” But it started going again, this was repeated a few more times over the night.

Losing the alarm really got me going and so annoyed with myself. It had to be a Saturday when I lose it as well, no one to report it to until Monday. And then, only if the were not ‘doing’ another complex.

I tried to watch a Jonathan Creek DVD, but kept getting thoughts of where the Alert Alarm might be and kept getting up to search: During these numerous independent searches I went through the laundry bag again, bathroom nooks, all the clothes pockets hanging in the hallway, kitchen drawers and bins, looked under all the furniture, shelves and drawers in the front room, checked all the shopping bags, all without luck or resolution.

Washed the pots up, (and even checked in all the saucepans for the alarm) and another call to the Throne came, even worse this one, Little Inchy joined in with Haem Aroids bleeding this time!

Getting myself a bit het up by now, and felt a bit down.Kept waking up throughout the night, and on some occasions, I went searching for the Wrist Alarm – why I don’t know, cause I only looked in places I’d already search, some more than twice. The recliner was shuddering a bit each time I lowered it to get up, this added to my frustrations and embarrassment.

Kept waking up throughout the night, and on some occasions, I went searching for the Wrist Alarm – why I don’t know, cause I only looked in places I’d already search, some more than twice. The recliner was shuddering a bit each time I lowered it to get up, this added to my frustrations and embarrassment.

I think I was awake more often than asleep, fretting away. Tsk!