Inchcock Today Sat 30 April 2016: Mixed news, mixed weather and I felt a bit mixed up too!


Up at 0300hrs after a bad night for sleep. First thoughts were that my mate Duncan is coming to see me today. (Am email found later confirmed that he is coming tomorrow not today – Humph, I am a fool!)

The right arm, from the elbow down, was still giving me pain, so I rubbed in some of the pain gel again. The flesh, is disappearing from the arms too? Pity, I can’t transfer some of the excessive fat from my stomach and midriff region to the arms. Hehe!

I got the laptop on and checked the Emails. Some caring ones came in that made me feel a warmth inside.

10Got on with doing a funny of sorts for WordPress.

Took me a few hours, but I enjoyed doing it like.

Posted it off and checked the emails again.

Gorra, a scrub-up, took the rubbish to the chute and gorron an L9 bus to town. Going to have a look at the easy chairs on offer in the city.

P1070076Dropped off the bus and cut through the busy Clumber Street, full of Street Entertainers, Big Issue Sellers, shoplifters and potential muggers on my way to the Bank on Exchange Walk. 

The ATM was out of order, so I called in to ask the cashier for my balance figure to see if the house money had gone in yet. 

Good news, it had. But it was less than I’d hoped for with all the extras I had to fork out for during the battle with the solicitor… Huh!

Then I hobbled to the John Lewis (Jessops) Store. Had a good look around the furniture section, but no chairs suitable, though. Went back down to look at the new Dyson V6 Vacuum cleaners without a lead to fall over and get entangle with. There were three models to choose from, the lady told me that the V6 Absolute was the strongest one, and let me use the display model. It breaks down quickly so I can use it to get to high places, or take the end off and use it by one hand, and it gets into the narrow areas. I pondered, and she told me it was on Special Price over the holiday period, £329.99 down from £369.99! I explained I’d have to come with someone else so they could carry it for me and she shot in verbally saying: “Delivery is free if you pay now.” I bought it. Asking when the delivery would be she said in the next five days. I explained I might be out at the Doctors or Dentists or Skin cancer unit. “If you’re not in, they  will leave a form and contact number for you to use!”

I paid her the £329.99 on me card, thanked her and left.

Went out and over the road to the PC World to get a Multi-card reader if they had any.

After spending a rather long time searching for them, a member of staff asked if she could be of help. A rarity indeed in that place! So kind. She couldn’t find them, so she walked me to the other end of the store and asked another member of staff, who walked me back to the opposite end of the store, but couldn’t find them. Yet another member of staff was asked, walked me again to the front of the store and pointed them out on the shelves. I was losing interest now!

They had some in at £7.99, which was a lot less than the last one that failed to work cost me at Jessops camera shop, so I cheered up a bit. As I queued to pay for it, I noticed they had some of the same Dyson V6 Vacuum cleaners like the one I’d just bought and paid for at John Lewis’s, so I wondered back down the store to have a decker at them. Huh! They were on sale at £299.99, and I’d just paid £329.99 thinking I’d got a bargain. Gnash! Mind you, they would have charged for delivery I told myself.

Back up the store to make my exit, and I heard the staff exclaiming: “Blimey (Not the exact word used) look at the flipping (Not the exact word used again) rain!”

P1070079 P1070080

I tooketh a couple of photographicalisations of the sudden downpour from out of the stores doors. 

05Then when it stopped, I hobbled over and into Tesco and got some fodder.

Minced lamb, Minced Beef, Lamb Steaks and some Cream Eclairs fell into the basket while I was getting these. Ahem!

The rain had stopped and the sunshine came out again.

I resisted spending anymore, despite welcome but no doubt temporary bank balance increase.

P1070078As I left to make my way to the bus stop, another famous Nottingham Pavement Cyclists made an appearance.

A funny side to this today. The youth was on a tiny bike and he must have been well over six-foot and I had to laugh.

The good thing is, he heard me and looked back to scowl at me after he’d gone by – and nearly rode into the railings.

Made my day that did.

But I don’t think he was too happy about it. Hehehe!

Caught the last L9 back to the flats, thinking maybe I should have got some extra fodder in after all, cause being Bank Holiday. There are no buses running now, until Tuesday?

Fellow tenants from the 14th floor, Kathy and Frank got on the bus halfway there, and this cheered me up further cause we had a little chinwag en route.

On and off throughout the day, the new bother with the right arm/wrist/hand got a bit painful. Found if I twisted my right-hand inwards, the pain got worse?

P1070084Got in the flat (No falling asleep on the bus, this time, thanks to nattering with Kathy), WC’d, put the fodder away and got the Crock-pot going. Added the lamb mince to it and made a bit more veg gravy and added that too.

The bit of mince left I cooked in the saucepan for later.

Then, the weather suddenly turned 06nasty again.

A bit of a mixture, this time, rain and snow and sleet?

I went to make sure I’d locked the flat door and found a message hanging through the letter box I’d missed earlier.

Nervously I opened and read it. It was only from the NHS Circle Skin Cancer Unit at the Queens Medical Centre. The appointment for the growth to be examined. Friday 6 May 2016 at 1600hrs. Got a move on with that they did, bless em.

P1050010Went into the bathroom to find the heater and radio both switched on?

Maybe I could have left the heater on, I’ve done that a few times. But, I didn’t put the radio on this morning at all?


Got the laptop going again to update this twaddle. Added the hospital appointment to the Google Calendar.

P1070085Then went on Facebook.

Getting late for me now.

The little burn on the back of my hand is healing nicely.

Serves me right!

The hot-pot is looking and smelling good I hope Duncan will like it when he calls to see me tomorrow. He contacted me later, he’s the same as wot I am and doesn’t eat during the day. Still, it’ll be ready for me tomorrow night.

P1070086Got the bacon and tomatoes on for tonight.

As I looked at the photographs after taking the one of the meal, I realised they were in mono – another cock-up Whoopsiedangleplop from the Nottingham Pensioner!


I ate the fodder, having to force myself to eat the cream eclairs as well. (Fib detected?) The yoghourt had unfortunately gone off, Huh!

 Made a right mess with the crumbs from the bread that I had to clean up.

0101Decided to settle and put the TV on, which doesn’t sound too much like a problem? I could not find the remote control thing. Repeated searches trying places I had done earlier, tested my sanity to its limits.

So, no TV tonight, I got the book ‘Voices from the Holocaust’ out for a reading session.

Went to make a cuppa later and returned to my Circa 1959 brown imitation leather armchair with the broken arms, and as I rounded the Ottoman I trod on the remote control!!!

I realised how I’d missed finding it earlier: The front key side as you see in the photo is light grey – it had fell ending up face down with the black back cover on it showing!

Well, that’s my excuse!

Tired but feeling less confused I soon nodded off, and slept to seven hours without waking at all!