Inchcock Today Sat 7 May 16: All going well until I got on the wrong bus… Humph!

Saturday 7 May 2016


The view from the kitchen window was a beauty to behold, I had to take photographicalisation of it. The thin gently rolling mist, the lack of people and the changing thickness of the vapour from the mist was amazing. Shame it doesn’t show up in the photo.

Woke up around 0440hrs: So tired. Didn’t manage to lift my body up out of my vintage 1959 brown imitation leather armchair with the broken arms for another hour or so, kept drifting back into half-sleep. And then it was more in response to my need of the porcelain than any actual willingness to move. Hehe!

And what an event that was! Talk about pain and blood, Huh! Haem Aroids were rampant in their desire to leak blood all over the bowl, me and the floor! I swore, cleaned up, and went to make a cuppa and get the medications taken.

Took the medications and got the laptop on to finish the Friday diary. Yesterday seemed like a dream, not a bad one at all, just that my memory had faded so fast – good job I got it down last night. I checked on the Google Calendar for jobs next week – remarkably clear compared to last weeks.


No INR blood tests so that helps, and I await the appointment from the skin cancer Treatment Centre and re-appointment at the GUM clinic, but I can’t help thinking I’ve missed something off? Horrible feeling!

Got on with starting a funny ode post with graphics idea for WordPress, looks like it will take a while due to my brain not fully in conjunction with fingers this morning.

Ablutions then set off on the bus, to Arnold.


04Dropped off on High Street and called at the Estate Agents in Arnold and asked about the house for sale on Blake Road for brother-in-law Pete.

It had already had many offers and had been sold very quickly.

Later I did a search on Zoopla and found some photos and detail. Rang Pete to tell him the price etc, then emailed him the photographs in the morning.

07Crossed over the road and took a look at the high chairs in the Arnold Sofas & Beds Centre.

They didn’t have any in that really appealed to me mind, despite there being a great range of them on show.

They ranged from £299 to £699. The gentleman was very pushy and over friendly. I asked him (As instructed to earlier by Sister Jane) could they take away the old one and how much would it cost. He was very vague and suggested I give it to a charity shop. Then I asked what the delivery charge would be, he became even vaguer just said he’d look after me? Mmm!

I then hobbled to the bus stop to catch a bus to town. When I arrived at the stop a bus marked City arrived, so I mounted it. It soon became clear, that this was not the bus I thought it was, as it meandered all through the housing estates and ended up in Bulwell on its circular route to the City Centre. So, realising we were approaching Bulwell, I decided to alight the bus go in search of the cheapo shops bargains and feed the ducks on the Leen River while there.

P1070145I limped to the Bargain shop and got a some Blitz kitchen towels and meal worms for the ducks and pigeons.

Then into Bulwell Market and to the Fulton Store in search of food bargains.

Got a pack of sausages very cheap and some Polish cooked ham.

P1070146Then back through the market, avoiding the perishing Bulwell Pavement Cyclists as best as I could.I hobbled to the river to feed the ducks.

Hobbled to the river to feed the ducks.

Not many about today, but plenty of pigeons to nibble the seeds and earthworm pellets.

P1070147Up to cath the Nottingham tram at the station.Tram

It was well full as it arrived, and I lost most of the shoulder charging and pushing contests.

I did manage to get on last in the battle against the aggressive Bulwell populace in competing to ensure each get on the tram before the other. I was a little surprised there were no injuries, least of all to me! Hehe!

I had a bit of a battle to get off the tram at the Theatre Royal stop, only just getting off it time having to force y way through the standing passengers who had no seat.

P1070150I got to the bus stops on Queen Street, the L9s had stopped running and the next 40 bus was no due for half an hour, so I had a wobble through the Slab Square.

The female populace was obviously in training for summer show-off time.

Not that I noticed really. (Ahem)

P1070149Som folks were listening to a bloke on a microphone making fart-like musical noises that were supposed to imitate music I think?

Still, the weather was nice and for once I could not see any Pavement Cyclists?

Back up to the bus stop and got on hte 40 one, and we were soon off.

P1070151 P1070152

As we passed the end of Clumber Street, I had the camera out and took two photographs through the bus window, of the Nottinghamians crossing the road, as is their usual habit, against the lights.

Somehow, I stayed awake through the whole journey, mind you, having a Derby Demolition fan as bus driver helped me out there.

Dropped off, well almost fell off the bus after my struggle to keep on my feet to get to the door as the driver jammed on his anchors (Tsk) at the stop. Crossing the road was the usual high-risk task, but I managed it without any hiatus. Walked to the flats in glorious sunshine.

WC’d put the kettle on and fodder away, all but the sausages.

P1070153Made sausage sarnies with mushrooms and beetroot, followed by two pots of desserts. Well!

The sausages were absolute rubbish! So, only a rating of 4/10 for this poor effort.

Fatigue dawned again, and all I could do then was sit in the 1950’s built damaged imitation leather armchair and try for all I was worth to nod-off. Bit of a battle for some reason again, tired as I felt, sleep was a long time coming tonight. Huh!