Inchcock Ponders the In or Out Euro Referendum – In Rhyme (Of sorts)

Stay or leave?


A case was presented firmly for staying in from the HSBC,

It seemed a well-balanced argument to me,

Duncan pointed out, their tax avoidance at its Swiss subsidiary,

And, their Director refused to take personal responsibility,

HSBC helped wealthy clients across the world save many a pound & rupee, 

Saving them by arranging for them to make profit tax free!

Evading millions of pounds worth of tax said the BBC,

But that’s not all, there’s the other naughty thing,

HSBC was also fined $1.9bn for failing to prevent money laundering!

NCCwalk05Barclays Bank, said they want Britain to remain in the EU,

Considering their history, would you believe anything they say is true?

They fiddle clients trade rates, and got a $284m forex fine,

The Government rescued them time after time, keeping them in line,

Not surprising, William Hague’s wife was a Barclays paid advisor at the time,

Sacked their Chief Executive with a handout of £950,000, the swine,

And a pension of £363,000 a year, I wish it were mine!


AnotherBank, who wants us in Europe, to stay,

Banco Santander, the one that got involved with I must say,

Gotti Tedeschi, former head of the Vatican Bank up till last May,

Pope Benedict XVI’s confidant, who was detained by Carabinieri,

For corruption investigation involving an Italian subsidiary,

Using untrained advisors, failing to advise clients to their financial dismay,

Circumventing European money-laundering rules, oh, yay!


 What will we do without these companies here,

Will they pull out if we do, I fear?

Aren’t the Chinese building our new power station that’s nuclear?

The situation is confusing and not too clear,

Will leaving the Euro, mean more things austere?

Boyo’s tirade at Obama means his intention are not unclear!

Slab riots

There are so many other wanting us to leave and be free,

Err… like Luke Johnson, chairman of Patisserie Valerie,

I’m still confused, but that’s not unusual for me!


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