Inchcock Today Mon 2 May 2016: Flat Bound – No buses today


Monday 2nd May 2016

I stirred gently into life around 0550hrs. Amazed I could remember nothing of the dreams I knew I’d been having? Went to make a cuppa and take the medications, and found I’d not finished the washing up from last night. Naughty Boy!

Took a peek at the calendar for the week: Today: No INR blood tests due to it being a Bank Holiday. Tuesday: Launderette, shopping for fodder, Wednesday: Possible delivery of the Dyson cleaner upperer (Could be any day really) Thursday: Vote for the £60,000 a year Nottingham Police Crime Commissioner and then the Dentists for me canal work, Skin Cancer Clinic on Friday. Of course, if the haematology or cardiac appointments come through it could be fun if they clash with any of the things already arranged and the Nottingham City Homes give me an appointment for the bath/shower changeover, which they tell me will take three to four days to do… I’m all confused now… 

P1070122Posted the Sunday diary off. Spent a few hours preparing some graphics for later use, posting the Out of Euro post, then made some early fodder.

The view from the kitchen window when the rain stopped.

I spent a while using the binoculars while the food was cooked. I still haven’t got them set up right yet, but bigger problems are lurking to worry about.

When will the Dyson be delivered and will I be in? Will it come while I’m at the laundry with BJ then doing the shopping tomorrow, or on Wednesday? (I expect not because I’ll be in all day Wednesday unless the 12-hour notice cardiac appointment comes meantime) Or on Thursday when I’m out Voting or at the dentist having the canal work done? Maybe Friday, when I’ll be out at the Skin Cancer Clinic for hours having tests and test-extractions? Why can’t I find a way to clean the hobs, on the electric cooker? Why has Little Inchy’s bleeding eased off so much? Why can… (Oh sorry, got carried away a bit there!)

P1070123The meal, mashed potatoes, petit pois and lamb steaks looked exquisite.

But it was crap! The potatoes too wet, the petit pois sourish tasting and as for the lamb steaks that did look inviting indeed:

Horrible! Tasteless! Dry!.

Best rating I could give it; 4.5/10. A bit of failure I’m afraid – no more lamb for me for a while until the memory of this dull, bland effort fades, at least.

Then I spent many hours doctoring the photographs that Duncan took and those of him I made for later use in CorelDraw X7 and CorelPaint X7. Far too much time as this prevented me getting any cleaning up done again. (Hehe!)

Fatigue kicked in,  despite my not doing anything even remotely physical today, and I settled to watch the TV. I enjoyed the ‘Evening with Victoria Wood’, yet felt so sad at the same time.

That set my mind off wandering and pondering on so many relevant and unconnected things before I nodded off.

P1050958I woke around 2345 hrs, shaking and trembling for a few minutes (Dream?). And realised I’d not done any WC activity for hours now?

Caught a site of a lost love framed photograph, and pined a while.

Nodded off again.

TTFN all.

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