Inchcock Today Tue 3 May 16: Launderette, Asda shopping and Whoopsiedangleplops!


Tuesday 3 May 2016

Didn’t wake up until 0615hrs, and with no desire or need to use the throne in the bathroom. Mmm?

Bits of the dreams remained, something about me hanging on hooks in a cellar-like place and having bits of my body hacked off now and them by men in white coats wearing bobble hats. Apparently they were feeding the chunks of my torso to endangered species and hung a photo of the aforementioned animals on the brickwork near me each time they lobbed a lump off?  Hey-ho!

Steve Age UK might be contacted me today, no doubt if he does I’ll be out at the launderette with BJ at the time.

Made a cuppa and took the medications, cleaned the pots and then cleaned me in the bath and abluted.

Still no urge to pass anything. Most unusual for me this!

Got the laptop on and finished Monday’s post, started this one and did some graphics ASAP as BJ will ring me in a while, to say he’s coming to pick me up.

BJ did ring a few moment later, he’ll ring me later before he sets off to collect me bless him.

Made another cup of tea, still no sign of needing the porcelain?

BJ rang me, he’s on his way. So I hurriedly got everything ready and went down to the foyer to await his arrival. After a while, I decided to walk to the end of the road and wait there for him. He arrived ten minutes later and not in a good mood. He’d been trying to sort out the registration for his wife’s new car, but only met with obstructions, so he apologised for temper before we started off.

Got to the launderette and started off the washing. Managed to have a gossip and laugh with the laundry gal.

Steve Age UK phone me, he’s going to call to see me on Friday AM before I go to the Cancer Clinic to sort out what needs cancelling with the bank.

Eventually got it done, and took one massive bag of done washing to BJ’s car and we went to BJ’s neighbour so he could see how she was and what she needed. She is 83-year-old and her son has had a fall. Then off we went to Asda (Walmart).

We split up and agreed to meet up at the bench near the tills when we had done our shopping. Unfortunately, I was delayed by a Whoopsiedangleplop while shopping. (Huh, again!). I was reaching up to get some bottles of flavoured spring water and managed to drop one as I took it down. It bounced unceremoniously around the aisle and hit a woman’s trolley, who screamed and the staff came running… I bent down to retrieve the plastic bottle and hit me head on the cart. Boy if looks could kill, I’d be a gonna now!

This delayed me getting to BJ and he rang, he was out in his car waiting for me and not happy about it either. I limped out having a dizzy on the way to the car and told apologised for keeping him waiting and explained what had occurred.

He ran me back to the flats almost in silence. Made our farewells and he then departed. I struggled into the foyer with the bag of washing and two bags of fodder. A kind lady held the inner door open for me so I didn’t have to put the bags down to open it. Very kind of her that was.


I got the minced beef on the go in the Crock-Pot, put away the washing and then sorted the shopping out. During these procedures, I must have had to wee-wee around five times, but no heavy duty evacuations yet today at all?

Made another cuppa and took the medications, then I got the laptop on to update this and get some graphics started for me next funny post.

Getting a bit cold now, so I searched for my bobble hat, and after a while, found it on my head. Sad, I know!

P1070126Dined on the minced beef and onion dinner followed by a pot of mandarins in orange jelly.

Not very good at all the mince, despite my best efforts to season it with spices and beef gravy mix.

Another disappointment of the highest order! Could only give this one a 3.5/10, horrible it was! Tsk!

No movement from rear end yet.

I put the TV on and kept nodding off so often, decided to get my head down properly. Made no difference, I kept dreaming, waking, dreaming waking…


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