Inchies Thoughts of the day


What had I been dreaming about last night?

Oh, this constipation is giving putting me in a plight,

Was Adolph Hitler really a Wagnerite?

Is living in peace not a human right?

Tomorrow to the dentist, of course, I have no fright,

Vote for the Police commissioner, I might?

For who to vote for, I’ve no foresight,

Will the Dyson I’ve ordered be delivered late at night?

Why is Little Inchy bleeding again and tight?

The flat needs cleaning, it’s a bit of a messy sight,

Looked in the mirror, saw a face wrinkled and so white,

Seems that I have aged quickly overnight?

My complexion’s gone spotty and well it might,

Skin cancer blotches increase, face like a stalagmite,

What’ll I have for nosh today, a tasty bite?

Roast vegetables and sausage, a touch of Marmite?

Friday for Cancer treatment with a Doctor Malikite,

Why am I uneducated and not erudite?

To be a good person, I always try to fight,

I wonder if Law & Order UK is on telly tonight?

I’m off to bed now, Goodnight!


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