Inchcock Today Wed 4 May 2016: Anther day in waiting for the Dyson delivery… Whoops, it’s come!

Wednesday 4 May 2016


0455hrs: Coughed, tried to remember the dream I’d been having, released a near deadly emission of the wind from the rear end and forced myself up and to the bathroom porcelain. At last, I thought, movement and relief, but no. T’was all wind and noise again.

Little Inchy was bleeding a bit, but the Haem Aroids were not.

Washed the Crock-pot up from last night’s horrible meal. Heck of a job, so I left it soaking in wash-up liquid and bleach.

Made a brew and took the medications, along with an extra Entrolax to encourage things that were bubbling and groaning away inside, to escape.

Worked at the ‘Thoughts of the day’ post and got it posted off. Then did some more work on the graphics for later use, during which: A call to the porcelain was lucky!At last, relief! A bit of blood mind, but that was to be expected.

At last, relief! A bit of blood mind, but that was to be expected.

I rang Sister Jane, she rang back and we had a mini-chinwag. Pete asked me to have a look at an estate agent in Arnold to see if I could ascertain any details about a certain property for sale on Blake Road.

Spent hours on the laptop, graphicationalisationing. Many not turning out right and frustrating and annoying me.

Aha! The Dyson is delivered when I was just getting into the bath. This meant I could get out and about today. So I put the box in the bedroom, had the bath and ablutions and I set off to get some fodder and photo’s printed at Asda (Walmart) in Arnold.

A lovely natter with some tenants at the bus stop. I walked up and down High Street to try and find the Estate Agents Pete mentioned. There were three on the long road, but none of the name mentioned. I rang Pete and found out I was looking on Front Street instead of on High Street. Tsk! So I walked the length of High Street and found it. No property at West Bridgford on display.

Walked back and into Asda, and got the photos ordered and paid for, then did the shopping. A lot of shopping, too much shopping, two bags again!

After which, I remembered to collect the prints.

P1070127I hobbled to a different bus stop to catch L9 bus back to the flats. What I noticed across the road was a bedding shop advertising it sold high chairs etc. Took a photograph of it while I waited for the bus, but two people walked in front of it as I took it.

Had to fight off the urge to fall asleep again, but managed not to miss the flats bus stop this time.

Limped up to the flat, and felt the fatigue hitting me as I did.

P1070128WC’d then put away the fodder I’d bought.

I was not up to doing much then. Felt well drained and had a dizzy as I started to make some ham sandwiches Ritz biscuits for me nosh.

Didn’t feel up to doing any cooking with the sudden fatigue.

Took the medications and had a session of ‘Rumpole of the Bailey’ DVD watching. Few calls to the porcelain and no concentration at all, the mind was doing its own thing and throwing all sorts of conceived problems at me?

Convinced I was going doolally I had some querulous thoughts on my abilities and capacity to cope with life. I was fretting again! Humph!

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