Runcan Dobertson Arrested: Anyone know why please?

Runc Dob The mystery of why this took place remains!

Q07Police had photographs of Runcan Dobertson along with Juan Inchcock.

Looking like they were doing a deal like fencing?

Is Inchcock to be arrested too?

Or, was Runcan arrested over the pack of wild savage dogs he owns?

Retire01And why does he feel the need to have these dangerous terriers in his home?

How can he afford such luxuries as a Miele H6 100 BM microwave oven and top of the range Brother MFCJ-4620DW A4 smart inkjet multifunction printer with A3 bypass tray?

He just retired from MI5 early too?

Suspicious that… was he about to get caught up to no good perhaps, was it he who left the briefcase with Seren1secret Government papers in it on the bus in 1971?

And, how can he be responsible for such a gorgeous jaw-droppingly beautiful grand-daughter like Seren?

All these questions need answering.

In particular, the reason for his arrest in the first place.

Please send any evidence or knowledge you have to Ratty, so he can get it on his website ASAP in support of Runcan and have a good laugh.

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    • Oh, I see Runcan. I believe you mate. But what about the others out there who are said to be in the know? Ratty, Sticky and Noseycow etc? Wonder what they think? Hehe!

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