Inchcock Today Thur 5 May 16: Voting, Dentist then mainly pain! Hehe!


Thursday 5th May 2016


0345hrs: Woke, glad that I did too! The dream I was having was repulsive! Full of violence, hate and destruction by mobs of citizens on the streets?.

As I sat there pondering on life, I felt the warm and wet feeling from the lower regions. No need to check, I hobbled to the bathroom to tend to Little Inch’s lesion. As I did, a feeling of something not nice about to happen came over me? An odd sensation that, my high EQ I expect.

Made a brew and took the medications and deliberated on what the day would, might or could hold for me. This morning I’ve to vote in the Nottinghamshire Police & Commissioner election. I must say I like it that they have made the poll station in our Winwood Community Shed because getting out to anywhere is hard with so few buses available. The downside to this is we can’t have our Social Hour this week as it falls on the same day as the elections.

I’ll vote for someone not already involved in the nefarious political system I think. Those political animals whose apanthropinization and intent on self-preservation and ingordigious nature, will not be getting my vote. Mind you, when it comes to proper elections, all the candidates would be off limits to me! Hehe! So then, I must pick the least harmful to the proletariat, and or least corrupt of the fainéant ones on offer! 

Then, the dentist at 1300hrs for the delayed canal work. Not too keen on that, but it has to be done I suppose.

Runc DobGot on with the post about my mate Duncan Robertson, I’ve called it “Runcan Dobertson is arrested – Why?”

I just hope Dunc likes it.Just a bit of fun like.

Just a bit of fun like.

It took me ages to get the graphics right, but I enjoy doing them so.

Did y ablutions and went to the Winwood Social Shed to cast my votes for the Commissioner candidates. I noted, we had a first and second choice – does this mean it is a Proportional Vote?

P1070129On my walk to the hut, I took this photograph of some daisies forcing their way through the grass.


Cast my vote, or rather votes to ensure someone will get the £6500 a year salary plus some nice expenses of course.

P1070131Set off on my walk, up through the Woodthorpe Grange Park on my way to the Dentists.

The skyline was gorgeous and I noticed a plane.

Possibly just set off from East Midlands Airport, taking holidaymakers off to some far distant land of sun and sangria?

I wasn’t jealous in the least! 01W01

P1070130Lovely and warm air today. I felt quite high in spirits. Then a lousy Nottingham Footpath Cyclist careered up the hill at speed.

Despite there being a lot of pedestrians and pushchairs and prams on the pathway.


Turned up the hill and down into Sherwood and called at the Co-op to get some cheesy cobs, a TV paper and a pack of Jersey new potatoes.

When I came out to muddle my way down to the Dentists, anther swine of a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist belted by, weaving in between the people legally on the sidewalk.

P1070132 P1070133

The first photo I took, he’d gone behind a lady, but I got the ‘Git’ later using the zoom.

I stood and appreciated the weather for a while, then because the L9 bus back up to the flats had just gone and another not due for an hour, I limped back to the park and up through it then down to the flats. The back and right arm giving me some hassle, but I so enjoyed watching the dogs happily playing in the park.

The painkiller jabs from the dentist started to wear off. The canal work didn’t bother me at all.  01W01

I got in the foyer door and noticed a washing machine was free – so I shot up (Well, hobbled) to the apartment and collected the laundry and back down and got it started washing away. I took my crossword book with me to do while the cleaning was done.

P1070134But a couple of lady tenants came and we had a jolly good chinwag!

Deans and Obergruppenfurher Julie came in to test the fire alarm.

The washing seemed to be done quickly, so I got it into the dryer and nipped back up to sort things a bit.

Started to update this page, then put P1070135the fodder bits away.

I have to say when I got the Jersey new potatoes in the saucepan to simmer slowly, they looked in a right crap condition!

Some split skins, some wrinkled and some in halves!


Went down to etch the clothes from the Laundry Room and pulled me back as I opened the fire door. Huh, what next!

Bending down taking the laundry out was painful. Had a laugh with a chap who came in to do his drying, and he must have spotted me wincing as I bent and he told me he’d bend down to clean the filter for me. Nice of him that!

I got back and put the togs in the airing cupboard, made a cuppa and got on with this again.

Opened Facebook and it allowed me to comment and make posts again – At last!

So, horrible new potatoes and cheesy ham cobs tonight. Eurgh!

Pondered on how I’ll get everything done tomorrow.

  • Steve is coming 0930hrs to sort cancellation of the old houses payments, utilities, etc.
  • Get myself and things ready for the medical visits.
  • GUM Clinic.
  • Opticians.
  • Treatment Centre (Must remember to take me jammies etc. with me).

Took medications and soon fell asleep for once.

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