Inchcock Today Fri 6 May : Busy busy day! Whoopsiedangleplop! So tired!

Friday 6 May 2016

P1070136Up at 0455hrs, spent a couple of hours graphicalisationing for a particular TFZ gal (Can’t reveal anything yet?)

Then onto sorting out the Dyson and got all confused. A quick call to Brother-in-Law and he got me sorted out.

Got the paperwork sorted for when Steve Age UK arrives, then made a cuppa and took the medications. Was I sure there is another one I’ve forgotten about?

Made sure the appointment things for the Opticians, GUM Clinic and the hospital were in the bag/pockets and put the other bag with the jammies etc, near the door so I wouldn’t forget them.

Had my bath, and did my ablutions, Haem Aroid bleeding but not Little Inchy.

Steve arrived and set to phoning the Council about the Council Tax, British Gas (Gas & Electricity) and Severn Trent Water for the old house to be cancelled. I’ve got to go to visit the bank to cancel the Council Tax payments. The Electricity and Gas, Steve has to ring back next time he calls and I still couldn’t remember the other one needing to be done?

I tried out the new Dyson (Only with the carpet attachment) while he was here, it is superb! The collection box is only small, but it is so easy to empty.

Steve had another client to go and see, said he would call sometime next week to arrange a day for him to try and sort things out again.

I rang Pete to thank him for his guidance but Janet answered the phone, had a gossip and during this I remembered the other thing that needed cancelling – the house insurance!

Got the laptop on again to start this off, as I don’t imagine I’ll be in an excellent state when I get back so late from being prodded about and having lumps cut out of me. Hehe!

I’ll take the camera with me too.

P1070137Got everything ready, and set off in the hope of catching the 1239hrs L9 bus into town.

Got to the bus stop at 1230hrs and not a soul around.

Waited around in hope for the bus to arrive, without any luck.

Gave up at 1255hrs and walked up and through Woodthorpe Grange Park to the bus stop in Sherwood. Of course, this meant because the bus to the GUM clinic didn’t arrive, muggins here forgot all about it! 0101af

P1070139 P1070138

A couple of Swines on the footpath!

Got into town and meandered down through the Slab Square where the Nottingham Shoplifters had gathered to take in the sun.


Went to the bank, where I had a long wait to talk with an advisor about getting the old house’s Community Tax payments cancelled. But when the lady was free, she was charming and helpful, bless her. We even managed a little natter together, had her smiling anyway.

Out and up to Boots the Opticians, where I collected the new spectacles and had another laugh and a good chinwag.

P1070141Being a little early to go to the hospital (Having forgotten about the Clinic helped – Humph!), I had a walk around and down Hounds Gate. Surprisingly few folk about here too!

Surprisingly few folk about here too!

The sun was out and it was warm. So I removed my jumper and put it in my bag.

Called into the pound Shop and had a wander around inside. I bought a soup ladle and a pack of four mini pork pies to eat at the Treatment Centre. I didn’t eat the soup like, just the pork pies, see? Hehe!

When I walked to the tram stop on South Parade, there were far too many Pavement cyclists around to dare photographicalise any of them for fear of betting beat up by em!

Caught the right tram (Yes. it occasionally happens, ha!) to the Queens Medical Centre and walked down the five flights of stairs to the ground floor beneath and hobbled over to the Treatment Centre. Handed in my appointment letter and the lady gave me a bleeper to let me know when it is my turn, and I sat down and read me Holocaust book. Consuming all the pork pies as I did so. Still, that’ll mean no messing about getting fodder when I do get back if I get back to the flat later.

I was feeling so tired at this stage, I managed to nod off twice! Still, the bleeper vibrated so it let me know when to go in. Mind you, it was an hour and a half wait, but in pleasant surroundings and cute nurses passing by.

No messing with these people, very efficient and to the point. The nurse checked my details, took back the bleeper and led me to a chair in the corridor inside. Within minutes a Doctor, the one who saw me a year ago and actually remembered soon had me examined and told me he did not want to disturb the growth yet and booked me in for another appointment in two weeks so he can have a look again to see how it is progressing. He smiled, nay, laughed, when I told him I’d struggled to carry the bag with my towels, clothes, shaving tackle, slippers, etc. to get there too in case I was kept in.

P1070142Back to the Tram stop and soon caught a tram back into town – but what a ride!When the tram pulled up, I wasn’t sure who were the biggest danger to me,

When the tram arrived, I wasn’t sure who were the biggest threat to me, those rushing to get off the tram, or those elbow charging to get on the tram! I managed to get a seat, but a 22 stone bloke sat next to me and I had no room to manoeuvre to get the camera out! Well, it was the rush hour by then.

Dropped off in Slab Square and made my way painfully up Queen Street and waited for the 40 bus. No use me waiting for an L9 to the flats they had stopped running hours ago. Tsk!

Another uncomfortable and pain filled journey again, the bus was so packed the driver had to refuse some folks wanting to get on.

P1070143I got off on Winchester Street, risked life and limb to cross over the road and made my way limpingly towards the flats.

I’ve no idea what these plants were that bravely forced their way through the concrete and up the railings, but to me, they were beautiful.

Anyone know their name. Please?

Just managed to get in the flat in time to avoid a leakage!

So glad, with it being so late (For me like!), that I didn’t have to mess about making anything to eat. Made a cuppa and took the medications, a bit late, though.

Tired as I felt, it took a while to get to sleep. Heigh-ho!

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