Inchcock Today – Wednesday 25th October 2017:

No-bother for me!

Wednesday 25th October 2017

Hungarian: 2017. Október 25., zerda

0135hrs: Once again I woke as if I was another person, not actually here, but watching myself from above or through a camera lens? And, like the last few mornings, things fell into place slowly as the grey-cells reformed themselves into a semi-coherent workforce again. Memories of a dream filtered through. I was committing urbicide, stood at a model town layout with buttons that when pressed, blew-up that area of it? No idea which town it was. Someone was with me, damned if I know who, a bloke, tall, spoke proper coherent eloquent English and had a tweed jacket on with brown leather elbow pads. He would not let me detonate the explosives at the latrine building? I was amazed that I could recall so much, and in minute detail, and yet felt far more took place that remains a mystery to me?

I dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner without any Whoopsiedangleplops or Accifauxpas and made my way, without stubbing the hallux, or any other toe actually. The Porcelain Throne Session was a good one, but signs of things slackening were present, I think Trotsky Terence might be lurking charging his loosening batteries ready to attack later. Tsk! I’ll take an Anti-Diahorrea capsule with the medications I think. Or should I? I seem to procrastinate, hesitate and waver without any effort, you know. Sad innit?

I carried out the required, ‘but no one is bothered really’ Health Checks then.

Blimus! Sys and Dia are still a bit high. Not sure if I should see someone about this. I could ring the 111 number and ask them? There you go, see? I’m vacillating again!

I updated the Excel record page.

0515hrs: Then bravely rang the 111 NHS Helpline. After confirming my Telephone Number, Date of Birth, Address, ailments, NHS number and that it was not an emergency, the lady asked me what I was calling about. Took me a second or two to remember. Hehe! I explained that I did not want to go to the effort of going to see the Doctor and bothering her if the readings from the BP machine were okay for me and in range of acceptability.

0525hrs: After few more questions she told me to reconfirm my telephone number and not to use the phone until I get a call back from a qualified advisor.

I guess I partly don’t want to bother the doctor, but just want assurance?

I made sure the readings and dates were all correct.

Went to make another mug of tea and took this photographicalisation from the kitchen window.

I’m still uncertain why the pictures are coming out as if the light is different to reality. I think.

Checked the Emails and did some WordPress Reading.

Tried Facebook, knowing that it is going to go down to a crawl speed-wise or freeze on me.

Did some TFZer Graphics. Using photographs as a background for each one, from those I took at the Papplewick Pumping Station 1040’s do last Saturday.

In the last one, I think I got in 14 TFZers and a few pets.

0715hrs: No call from the helpline yet. I was hoping to get out today, but dare not until they do call with the advice for me. I can’t do the ablutions either, too early with making the noise from the shower, and I can’t hear the phone in there either. Tsk!

Back on Facebooking, got the graphics posted on the TFZ site.

Had a stand-up wash and shave with the door open. (Yes, it was a bit nippy in there, Hehe!) So I could hear if the NHS Helpline rang back.

Getting on now, 1105hrs, so too late to get out shopping now. Well, if they ring soon I might get out, but there will be no buses back then.

Got another TFZer graphic done. Sandie in her hippy gear and Nash. An Austin made a compact car, the Austin Metropolitan.

1355hrs now, still awaiting the call-back from the NHS Helpline from 0515hrs call I made to them.

Another day stuck indoors lost. And the weariness is coming on strong.

Got the oven on to heat it up.

1410hrs, got the meal cooking, that it needed much preparation.

The chestnuts were too much for the teeth to bear masticating, but the rest chewed and went down pretty easily.

I felt so weary now. I washed the pots and got the TV on without sound or headphones on, just in case the NHS Helpline rang back. Which, of course, either they did not, or somehow I missed the call?

I woke and thought it was morning. I found out this was at 2200hrs! Foolishly did the Health Checks, but did stop myself in time from taking the morning medications.

Made a brew and updated this diary.

O. I did feel a right fool!

To make myself feel worse about my calling the NHS Helpline, the Sys and Dia had gone down a bit now. The pulse had gone up some though.

Did a graphic to use later as a diary top and tried to get to sleep again.

But, no chance.

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 18th October 2017

Wednesday 18th October 2017

Shona: Chitatu 18 October 2017

0120hrs: Woke with a jump, start and rude awakening. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and onto the computer to do up a graphic and added it to yesterday’s diary.

Things in the ailments department were so good this morning. I had no bother with the new wrist pains, Hernia Harry, Duodenal Donald, Arthur Itis, Haemorrhoid Harold, Hippy Hilda, Dizzy Dennis and Reflux Valve Roger were all kind to me. Only Anne Gyna and Toothache Timothy were giving me a bit of hassle, pain-wise.

Off to the Porcelain Throne, a decent session this time, and minimal bleeding from Harold, even the rear-end stinging was far less than of recent.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Things looked okay, apart from the weight I’m afraid.

That seems determined to go up daily lately, Tsk!

The pulse has gone down this week up to now. If that is good or bad, I’m not sure, okay I think? I’ll check on the web later.

After I’d taken the medications, I realised how early it was in the day. Humph!

I got the Tuesday dairy done and posted, then went onto WordPress Reading and Email checking.

Oh, just noticed the reminder note on the TV screen.

Morrison delivery this morning, 0730>0830hrs. Also, the pink note that Obergruppenfurheress Warden Deana had kindly supplied me with, to prompt me about the man (Ryan) from the Nottingham City Homes calling next Tuesday afternoon to talk to me about getting a fire-alarm Strobe fitted in the flat. Bless her cotton socks!

I halved some of the bitter-tasting Lidl tomatoes and put them in a dish to marinade in Balsamic Vinegar, in the hope that this will make them eatable by the time I get around to serving them with the smoked fish later on.

Got around to updating this post to here.

I opened the kitchen window to take this photograph.

There was a lot of traffic about considering that it is only 0535hrs.

No signs of any rain, the winds were not too high yet.

But it was very cold out there…

That’s that then, I’ve got the tune in my head now. I’ll be humming and singing it for the day, at least!

I put away all of the paperwork that had gathered and accrued again. All looking neat now in my folders.

Did you notice that my savings account balance at the bank has now gone up to £2.89? Tsk!

Did some more work on preparing top graphics for the coming day’s diaries.

Caught up with Emails again.

Well, I was going to, but the intercom rang out as the Morrison delivery man arrived.

He dolloped the six bags inside the door, collected the used carrier bags and was off like a shot. Well, the lad was running to a tight schedule and only just made it to me on time. Wished him good luck and got on with sorting the groceries out.

Put the cupboard stuff on the counter, the frige and freezer stuff on the window ledge and set about getting them all away.

There was not so much stuff delivered today.

But they till filled the fridge and as for the freezer, I’d definitley overdone it again.

Ended up having to take some stuff out of their boxes and put them inside loose to get them to fit into the drawers. Tsk!

The fresh smoked haddock was smaller, less weight (Unlike me, hehehe!) than last weeks, but still cost the same.

The frozen fish was on offer, this I assume iswhy I bought it when I didn’t really need it, if you see what I mean, like?

Back to the Emails and responded to some comments on WordPress.

Made a mug of tea and updated this diary. The tea went cold and I went to make another one – I was so glad I did, I’d made a Whoopsiedangleplop and left the fridge door open.

I bent down to check on the food in the drawers and…

I had a Dennis Dizzy just as I went down, toppled over and banged Hilda Hippy against the radiator! This has done me no good or favours.

Heck of job getting back up again.

To make things worse, when I got back to the computer, the Virgin Internet Connection was sticking! Turned every thing off and rebooted.

I was now in such pain, Odd Knob upstairs started banging and drilling away again.

Got the meal ready, it looked super but in fact, it was not good at all.

I’d cooked the chips too hard for me to eat without agony from the teeth.

The tomatoes were so bad that after trying the first one I didn’t eat any more of them. The fish tasteless, only the fish sauce encouraged me to eat it.

The garden peas were nice, though.

Health Checks medications taken.

The head spinning a bit still, and Hippy Hilda was active in her stabbing at me. Hehe!

A sad figure, I washed up and got down to watch some TV. Nowt on, so I watched a DVD I’d been meaning to get to viewing for ages now.

Most dissapointed, it was not like I remembered it to be. And, I did not fall asleep once watching it!

Put the TV on and even stayed awake watching the rubbish. The teeth and Hilda Hips were niggling at me for hours and hours.

I gave up any thoughts of even napping. Got up at 0145hrs, took an extra painkiller and did the laundry.

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 9th August 2017: Lots of things achieved today. He say’s with head swagging! Hehe!

Wednesday 9th August 2017

Basque: Asteazkena, Abuztuak 9, 2017

0120hrs: Up and to the Porcelain Throne. No bleeding, but signs of Trotsky Terence returning. Huh! IT was still raining out side. Back into the £300 second-hand recliner and tried to recall the dreams, but all I could tell was that they were not nice again, no details.

0312hrs: Awake and in need once again of the Throne. Yes, Trotsky is coming back for sure. On the bright side, still no bleeding from Duodenal Donald or Haemorrhoid Harold.

Went to make a brew and take the medications and realised I’d not taken any of last nights medications. I took just one-and-a-half Warfarin with the morning dosages. Did the Health tests.

Nipped out on the balcony while the rain had relented a bit, and took this photographicalisation. A free unused car parking space was spotted down below.

Came back in, on the computer and made the graphic for the top of this page.

Back to finish making another mug of tea to replace the first one that went cold, and pondered a while on what needed doing today. INR DVTblood test at the City Hospital, call in the Clinic while there to see the rearranged op again. Call in the hearing centre in town, to get replacement tools for those I can no longer find or have lost so I can clean them properly. Then the train of thoughts went wonky again – how do I sort out the rota? Must go to the INR test first, then the clinic, then into town hearing centre – must take the brolly and walking stick with me in case Dizzy Dennis returns… Ah, but I have to visit the bank as well… Confusion followed by the oddest uncontrollable attitude for me. I just thought, “Sod it, it’ll sort itself out?” Is the old brain getting tired as well as the body?

Then, started this diary off up to here. Then got on finishing off yesterdays, and got it posted.

WordPress reading and Emails checked.

Worked out my hobbling route to the hospital, and to the bus stop to catch one into town, unless I time it wrong?

I just hope the rain is not too bad, but it looks set in at the moment. Tsk!

0550hrs: Might get some under-the-brolly photographs in today?

Went onto Facebooking for a while. Then started a TFZer graphic. Got it done.

Ablutions tended to, I changed into the togs and made sure the brolly and cap were in the bag.

Set off down the elevator and over and up the gravel hill footpath to the top and left down through to Mansfield Road.

As I wandered along, the rain stopped.

Not many people or dogs about, I can only see one of each in the whole place?

To the top of the hill and down Edwards Lane. Noticed some cars had been graffitied, took a photo of them, and when I got back much later to the flat to transfer all the pictures to the computer, this one was not on the SHD card?

To the bottom of the road and left going over the Pelican lights across the dual carriageway ring road.

As I limped along, whistling to myself and perusing the scenery over the tennis courts, what did I see?

Some Nottingham Street Art just outside of the outer netting to the courts.

Perhaps it had been thrown over the fencing along the road? Fly tipping they call it.

I was so intent on looking at this rubbish I tripped on some weeds and very nearly went over. Luckily being so close to the iron bars, I managed to stop myself going over by grabbing at them and holding on! Not any bother at all. No wounds or bumps.

Seconds later, this Nottingham Pavement Cyclist (Git!) nearly had me over then. Tsk!

I think I must have heard him coming from behind me. Proof for sure, that the new hearing aids are a lot better than the old ones, without a doubt! Unless I imagined hearing him approaching?

In the next few hundred yards or so, I got two shots of Nottingham Nurture, and both animals posed and gave me time to take the photographicalisations of them.

Although, the second one did not have much choice. Hehe!

No dizzies at all yet, doing well.

The French Bouille courts were well flooded, and the free-to-use (Although, I have never seen anyone using them) keep-fit equipment machines were going a bit rusty in places.

I turned right at the traffic island and up Hucknall Road, and called in the GUM Clinic.

The usual antisocial snotty Obergruppenfurher was working on the reception, and I asked if I could wait to speak with Dr Wieczorkowski – adding hastily and raising my voice a tad; He told me I could call any Wednesday morning and ask to see him in his Email!” A sneer, of an obviously well rehearsed and considerable superiority and in depth hatred, was visually shot back at me. The lips curled in well-practised and prize-worthy imitation of contempt. With a backwards flip of his head,  off the disappeared, mumbling something I failed to apprehend.

Returning a few minutes later, and through gritted teeth and with an almost growling voice, as he pointed to the waiting room, verbally spat out; “In there and wait, it may be over an hour!” An odd, unexpected painful smile crept over his lips, and the faintest sound of a chuckle was audible?

I really have learnt how to annoy him back now. I put on my sweetest smile, put my head to one side and whispered; “Well, thank you so much!”

I sat down with the other waiting patients and got the crossword book out before I could take a look at a clue, a nurse came in and called my name and beckoned me to go with her to see the Doctor.

An embarrassing examination under the giant magnifying glass, with a huddle of student presentations. Then after he had spoken to and advised them after listening to their answers to his questions, they departed, and the questioning started.

My record was consulted. I will get a date for the op within a week and will be doing it at the QMC instead of the City Hospital. This is because my problem is so rare (The type of fungal infection he said) that they want to take this opportunity for the students to learn from the treatment. (Grafting from wherever, the knee maybe as I recall from earlier meetings with another medico, he did not say and onto Little Inchies lesion.)

Well, that went well and speedily. The Obergruppenfurher receptionist was not in sight when I departed, just as well perhaps.

Out and up into the hospital grounds and right, to the Blood taking hall. A few patients waiting today, about 50, but some of these would be waiting for the ladies only section. I got a ticket and sat down and got on with the crossword book again. They were nipping through us quickly today. I was in and be done within half an hour. Had time for a laugh with the nurse who did me, too.

Thanked her and gave her a bag of nibbles to share with the other girls, and out to see if I would be lucky again and catch a 40 bus just nearby to the clinic.

I turned the corner and just had time to photograph it as I missed it and pulled away. Tsk!

As I walked down towards Hucknall Road to catch another bus, I kept hearing a right loud double clanging noise?

Turned out, it was sunken and sinking further with every car, ambulance and bus that went over it, manhole cover in middle the road.

Even the bus came within seconds of my arriving at the stop? Worrying innit, all this good luck?

Dropped off in the town near the Victoria Mall and walked into town and down to the Nottingham Slab Square.

And took a picture of the beach and fountains. The rain had kept off, and a few people had ventured onto the beach.

But there were very few folk about, what with the storm warnings and all that, I wasn’t surprised. Some with their kids had climbed over into the fountains area and were apparently quite happy to get soaked. Hehe!

I could hear a lot of sirens and klaxons from somewhere nearby but had no idea what was taking place.

I hobbled to the hearing aid place and explained my stupidity and misfortune in breaking the plastic thingy that removes and replaces the wax protector on the new hearing aids. The young man patiently listened to my sob story, and asked me to take a seat on one of the green chairs and someone would come to see me, but it might be while before they are free to do so. I expressed my gratitude and told him, no problem. Then took a green seat and got the crossword book out, again before I could start on it (Like t the clinic earlier) Another young agent was calling my name within seconds of my having sat down. Brilliant Service or what?

Into the room explained things and he had cleaned the hearing aid and given me another thingamajig to take home with me within ten minutes. Thanked him and poddled out of the store, only to have to dodge another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist.


Took this picture of some brave fools up on the high swing ride, as the weather started to get a bit more threatening?

Had a walk around for a while, because the L9 bus was not due for 45 minutes, but I enjoyed the hobble around, and the rain still kept off!

A final display of Nottingham Street Art was outside the book shop on Lister Gate.

I went in and bought a pack of five pencils and sharpener and eraser, for only £1.79. Also, a TV paper for next week. So I can work out which programmes to fall asleep watching. Haha!

Got on the bus at the same time as Horace and his Carer.

I feel pain for Horace. His handler always sits away from him on the bus, and I’ve yet to hear the man talk to Horace. The carer is in the seat in front of where I took a photograph from. Of course, it is not my place to criticise anyone, and do not! For I don’t know the illness, handicap or nature of things that poor old Horace suffer from. So I have no idea of what that carer has to go through while caring. I often meet Horace on my bus trips and have started saying cheerio to him. No recognition from him of course, and he can apparently only grunt. He loves doing this while pointing at things. Life can be so unfair to some folk.

Up to now, the ailments have been so kind to me as well, today. I feel almost guilty.

Back at the flats, I visited the Throne and put the new tool for the hearing aid in the box they came in, to try not to lose or break this one.

I shelled some garden peas and got them into the saucepan on the simmer. Out the onion bhajis and bubble and squeak cakes into the tray ready to go into the oven later.

Got this diary updated. Boy, am I making some grammar errors. Don’t know what’s the matter with me. I’m  aware I do make silly mistakes generally. It took ages and lots and lots of correcting. Humph!

Nosh served up. An unfunny few moments followed. I got it all on the plate and had to go for a wee-wee again.

About to carry it on the tray to the £300 second-hand recliner to consume it, and the phone rang. Tsk! It was the surgery with the DVT blood test results. New dosages, as the INR level had dropped to 2.1 – this is not good news at all. It might mean the cancelling of the Little Inchies graft op yet again. A most off-putting possibility! They made the next appointment for Wednesday 16th, and I remembered this was the Tenants meal-out day and mentioned it. Rearranged for… wait for it… 0750hrs on Tuesday 15th. 0750hrs! Great! I queried the time, and the lady thought I was intimating that this was too early and said; “Well, you always ask for an early time for your appointments!” (Not that I get them usually!) I told her no problem at all and thanked her kindly.

Then a call to the Porcelain Throne arrived. This was a messy one and required some cleaning up and medicationalisationing afterwards. So by the time I’d got around to digesting the meal, it was well cold! Grumph!

I thought about putting it in the oven to warm it up again but decided this would not be a good idea. So I ate it as it was. Actually, it was not too bad at all. If the phone call and Porcelain Throne had not interrupted the proceedings, it would have been super-tasty I think.

The walking must have taken more out of me than I thought because when I got the TV on to watch Boon DVD episodes, I drifted off and woke at 0130hrs, many hours later.

I recall musing over a dream I’d been having and must have scribbled this note, I found later.

Monte Casino defender from Italy?

Soon drifted back to sleep.

Sprang awake with a start, at 0250hrs.

Inchcock Today – Monday 24th July 2017: Bleeding merrily away again, today. Hehe!

Monday 24th July 2017

Azerbaijani: Bazar ertəsi 24 İyul 2017

0005hrs (Approx): Stirred in the £300 second-hand recliner and out and off for a Porcelain Throne session. TV still on, evening medications on the arm of the other chair untaken – so I took them. (Tsk!) Not a good passing, Little Inchy sore and his lesion bleeding, messy evacuation and Haemmorhoid Harold stinging and leaking as well.

But and however, these were overridden in the worry-stakes and the relief of knowing that the befuddled brain seemed to be clearing well, my thoughts were easier to understand, and this cheered me up no end. And, I had a clarity that was not available in the brain yesterday at all. Of course, the bleeding from Little Inchies lesion was a disappointment and annoying timing, and this means I have to contact the doctor and clinic – undoubtedly the mini-op will get cancelled after waiting so long to get it too! But never mind, the activity of the brain was unblocking. Be thankful for small mercies I say.

I was genuinely concerned that I might have been becoming unbalanced, certifiable or psychoneurotic yesterday. ( Psychoneurotic? – Now that’s a word I’ve never used before. Shows that the brain is working better again? I’ll look it up to see if it fits… ) Thesaurus consulted – Spot-on, I’d misspelt it in the first place, but it is the exact word to explain how I felt for the whole of yesterday. Thankfully, as  I say, I woke up feeling so glad to be free of these mentally debilitating symptoms. And a little concerned as to how and why they came on so suddenly in the first place?

Cleaned up, took the belated night-time tablets and climbed back onto the recliner, started to self-ponder about things, and drifted off into the land of nod.

0315hrs: Sprang into life again with a jump, partly thinking something had woken me, like noise, and wanted a Porcelain visit again. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Throne, stubbing my toe as I did so. But, this did not bother me. Why? At the time I was getting up, I somehow feared that I’d dreamt about the brain clearing and it had not really done so? Stubbing the toe was almost a pleasure, for it allowed the brain to function and learn things really had cleared-up a lot. Did that make sense?

Put some cream on the oven burns acquired from last night’s removal of the oven dish, thanks to the gloves new holes.

Another bloodied and painful session, especially concerning, was Little Inchies lesion leaking still. Had another sanitationalising and medicationalisationing session, and off to the kitchen to put the kettle on.

Had a look around for any signs of what I thought was a noise waking me, but could see nothing suspicious.

The view from the window was fantastic this morning.

I tried different setting and took six different photographicalisations of the same area, to try and get a good one.

But this is the best I could manage.

Did the Health Checks and took the morning medications.

Sys, Dia, Pulse, Temperature (35.6f) were all looking good to me.

Tried to take a photograph of the results, and get a reflection of my thumbs-up on it. It looked like I have a square head in the outcoming blurry picture.


The weight was of concern, though, up again at 14.85 now. Humph!

Updated and finished the week’s record on Excel.

As I pondered on getting another mug of tea, it dawned on me… the absence of interest from Anne Gyna, Hernia Harry, Shaking Shaun, Roger Reflux and Christopher Cramps? Dizzy Dennis, Haemorrhoid Harold and Duodenal Donald were the only ones of the regular ailment showing any aggression.

Did a graphic (Top picture) about Mike Steeden’s, The Shop That Sells Kisses poetry book. Must remember to send him a graphic of it, he might like to use it.

Made the brew, and set about starting this diary off, up to here. Then updated yesterday’s and got it posted off.

Checked Emails and replied on WordPress reader.

Got around to making a brew, and took these two photographs. One in auto mode the other in through-glass mode, within seconds of each other?

What a difference?

Onto Facebook then.

Off to do the ablutions, medicationalisationing and antisepticalisationing. Back in a while… I hope.

The problem with Inchies lesion is that I now have a new one, in a very tender-area. After the shave and shower, I did my best with the Daktacort cream, but fear this will not be effective.

Feeling refreshed and smelling aromatic now. Took the bin bags to the chute and down to the foyer. Met Doris on the way and we walked to the bus stop together in the drizzle.

Joined the eight or so other tenants in the line. The chosen topic chosen among them, was; ‘Why do we still not have any seating or cover from the rain?’

The bus soon filled up when it arrived, the majority of the residents were going down into Sherwood, where they alighted to do their Doctors Visits and shopping.

This left only a few on the bus, Barry and his better-half sat in front of me. We had a natter about nothing in particular.

When we arrived in Arnold, Barry and his wife got off the bus at the same place as I did, at the Sainsbury’s Store.

By gum, they didn’t half get a move on into the shop, left me standing. Hehe!

I decided because of the rain and high winds, I would not visit the Park to feed the ducks. I’d get the shopping done and get back to the flat and the warmth. So I rushed it a little and got the shopping quickly. The Quorn meals were still on offer, so I got two Cottage Pies and a Beef & Stew with Dumplings. Wholemeal flatbreads, grated cheese and Marmite crispbread nibbles.

At the checkout, I found I was behind Barry and his better-half. Paid up and to the bus stop, where Barry and his other-half were sat waiting for the bus.

In Sherwood, those tenants who dropped off there earlier, all got on the bus. Roy did too, but his photograph didn’t come out correctly.

We were soon arriving back at the flats, limping to the other end of the road in the rain and wind.

Up to the apartment, bag down and into the wet room to tend to what I could sense was going to be Clothes Cleaning Causing, bleeding Little Inch. I was right, what a mess! Took the midday medications. Had a Throne Session, only to find that Haemorrhoid Harold had been suffering and losing blood too. More mess to clean-up. Tsk!
Despite all this, I was still content and pleased that yesterdays confusion and dizzies were not bothering me today.
There’s no doubt, I’ve happily lost the atrabiliousness I had yesterday.

Got the nosh away. Marinated some baked beans in honey, bbq seasoning and tomato sauce, mustard – afraid I can’t find the sultanas to go in. Huh! Having Frikadellens with these. Chicken & Turkey ones for a change.

Had a quick go on Facebook while they cooked.

Checked the fodder in the oven. I might have to take out the Frikadellens and put them both in with the beans to keep warm, cause they will burn if I leave them in with the fries, that doesn’t seem to want to cook today?

A quick look at the TV magazine. Lots of programmes to watch tonight that I fancied.

Nosh sorted and served up.

Seasoned the mixed beans, Frikadellens and oven chips. Wholemeal flatbread and a banana.

It was horrible! Eurgh! 4/10 rating!

Made a complete hash of the seasoning for the beans, having Chicken and Turkey Frikadellens was a bad choice, no flavour at all. The banana was dry and much sweeter than expected. The chips and flatbread were okay, though. Huh!

Did the evening Health Checks, took the medications.

Had to clean and medicate certain areas of the anatomy again. Been losing a fair bit of blood, (From Little Inchy and Haemorrhoid Harold) more than usual today. Going to see the nurse on Wednesday, I’ll tell her and book an appointment with the Doctor to have a look at them both. Embarrassing, but it has to be done.

I stayed awake for nearly a whole hour episode of Law & Order before the usual nodding-off started. Missd the end of course. Phwert!


Inchcock Today – Monday 26th June 2017

Monday 26th June 2017

Sinhalese: 2017 ජූනි 26 වන සඳුදා

0500hrs: Woke full of memories of what I believe were bizarre dreams. By the time I’d fought my way out of the £300 second-hand recliner and into the Porcelain Throne room, every bit of memory had gone, and no scribbled notes on the pad. Tsk!

At least the Throne session was not too bad, splattered just a bit and minimal bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold.

Duodenal Donald, Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis were all having a go at me. The Whoopsiedangleplop last night is the reason, I assumed.

Took the medications, realising I’d missed last nights again. Took just one Warfarin extra.

Health checks were done, a bit of a dodgy start on this weeks health checks.

Some odd numbers recorded?

Had a wee-wee.

The computer on and finalised yesterday’s diary. Took me while the fingers were stiffening a bit.

Podded some fresh garden peas and got them in the saucepan ready for later.

Started this one off, then did some WordPress reading and comment replies.

Checked the Google Calendar for a date when free to order some nosh from Morrisons. Did the order.

Facebook activities followed.

Had a wee-wee.

Carried out the ablutions and got me all smelling nice, medicated and dressed.

Took the four bags waste, 3 regular 1 recycling to the chute on my way out. Pressed the button for the lift, it was on the 14th floor – it bypassed my 12th floor to the 3rd floor then to the ground floor. It came up to the 6th floor, the 15th floor and finally down to the 12th floor. Good job I didn’t have a bus that needing catching. Hehe!

Anne Gyna was bit bothersome.

Got down to the ground floor, and I realised I’d left the camera and mobile in the flat. Tsk! .So, back up in the elevator again, pressed the button while the lift was on the 7th floor, it went up to the 9th and then the 13th floor, down to the 5th floor stopped at the fifth floor, the 4th floor and the 3rd floor, finally getting down to the ground floor. (I made a note of this activity to remember to record later) Fully expecting folk to want to get out of the lift I stood back as the doors opened – it was empty?

Was this due to there only being the one elevator working?

Anyway, up to the twelfth and nipped in quick as I could manage and collected the phone and camera, back to the lift.It was now on the 14th floor now, I pressed the

It was on the 14th floor now, I pressed the call button, and it came straight to me, with four tenants in it. We had a laugh and finally, I got outside.

Called in the social hut to see either Deana or Julie for a word and give them some nibbles – there was only an NCH woman who told me neither of them is in today or tomorrow. I replied; “Oh fair enough, I won’t collapse for a couple of days then” with a cheeky grin all over my face. She did not see the funny side of my comment and offered me a look that silently said to me through the flaming ether; “Who the hell are you to be sarcastic about the staff!”

I put the nibbles in the fridge and beat a hasty retreat!

Wobbled along to the end of the road and down Winchester Street hill.

As I turned the corner, I saw the blackberries coming along nicely now.

I wonder how long it will be until we are over-ridden with folk from all over the County after their freebie fruit? Hehe!

Had to stop for few minutes, to cope with Anne Gyna’s severity. By luck, I was near a small Derby stone brick wall and made use of it.

Further down the hill and I took a photograph of Woodthorpe Court flats.

Continued down the hill to the traffic light junction at the end.

Spotted that yet another shop had closed down in Sherwood.

The what was the bedding store that had ceased trading!

Very sad and worrying all these closures all over the place.

What does the future hold with Brexit going on, it can’t be good, can it?

On the junction, I pondered which way to limp…

Left, straight on or right? I went right up to the hill top.

The greengrocery shop had some so called fresh peas on sale and display, with shrivelled pods and even a maggot or two in the box. I shuddered and moved on up the hill.

Called in the Nottingham Hospice shop for a nosey around to see if they had anything that interested me. Nope!

Up to the top of the hill and met Bill from the 14th floor, we had a chat. He is going into hospital later today to have his very sore leg looked at again. He is now on liquid Morphine. Wished him all the best and asked him to let me know how it goes. Poor Bill.

Over the brow of the hill and down towards the park gates.

Not many folks about this morning and the forecast rains have not arrived yet. (They never did)

Give it time I suppose.

As I hobbled through the Woodthorpe Grange Park entrance, it looked extremely sparse of users, kids, prams, dogs and pavement cyclists were all notable by to their absence?

Had war been declared and nobody told me? Hehehe!

Then I saw two wood pigeons on the grass to the left of the path.

I tried to get a decent shot of them from a distance.

Had a bit of luck on the sixth attempt (Last photograph), they both stopped pecking at the grass and looked up at me at the same time!

To the top of the footpath and turned right, still not many people around.

I decided to have a walk through and down my favourite little Copse, and out the bottom of it and wander through the wild field back to the flats.

Not a soul anywhere to be seen in there or the field below.

The atmosphere as I walked down the worn pathway, stumbling here and there of the tree roots as they come more and more out of the ground, was lovely.

The smells, the peace… and then I noted further into the Copse, some Git had spilt white paint over the plants. Sad making!

I took this photograph of the Winwood flats when I came out into the open and the field the smells changed in the air, and the wildflowers scent abounded.

Super pleasant!

Hobbling through the knee high growths, trying not to tread on the flowers, I did a Whoopsiedangleplop and tripped over into some bushes!

Fancy that…me of all people! Hahaha!

No injuries at all, although I did take a fair bit of time getting up again, nothing to hang onto you see. These blue flowers almost talked to me. Don’t laugh!

Got out of the field and down the gravel path to the flats

Some workmen were ripping up the decorative concrete at the end of out apartments.

Got up and into the flat without any incident and had a wee-wee.

I’d left the flipping heater and radio on. How did I not notice this before? The batteries in the radio had died. Huh!

Got the meal on the cook and began updating this post.

Anne Gyna still giving me some bother.

Had a wee-wee. Checked the fodder, didn’t seem to be cooking very quickly? Mini potato waffles and added a beef pastie and some sausages to them in the oven.

Had a wee-wee.

Back to doing this diary.

Got the fodder served up, a big meal this one, yet I ate it all up. I am a good boy. Hehe)

I’m afraid that might not have been such a good idea because afterwards Duodenal Donald and Reflux Roger both gave me some bother. Tsk!

Had a wee-wee.

Washed up and settled in the £300 second-hand recliner to watch some Heartbeat DVD episodes. A lot of rewinding in between nodding off sessions.

Eventually, I nodded off for an hour or so of dream filled sleep – but could I remember any of them? No! Why, oh why does this happen? There are times when with the use of any notes I might have scribbled along with what memories of the said dreams still lingered, that I can remember so much detail of them – but not very often lately. Annoying this!

I changed to the TV mode to watch a film. First set of commercials and off I drifted.

Inchcock Today – Thur 15th 2017: Hospital again for INR test and injections. Well, it gives me someone to talk to!

Thursday 15th June 2017

Xhosa (Bantu ethnic group of Southern Africa mainly found in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, and in the last two centuries throughout the southern and central-southern parts):

NgoLwesine 15 Juni 2017

0430hrs: Up and out of the £300 second-hand recliner in minutes, on the way to the Porcelain Throne. Bloody and a slightly painful session. Duodenal Donald flowed freely, Anne Gyna was giving me warning signs and the tummy was twinging in places it had never twinged before. Dizzy Dennis put in an appearance too! Tsk! Worra start!

The view from the kitchen reminded me of the horrible fire in London for some reason or other?

Got the paperwork for the QMC visit later, must not miss the 0930hrs bus into town. I want to drop off some nibbles and raffle prizes at the Winwood Community Shed for the Tenants Social Hour, as once again, medicationalistical appointments prevent me from attending! Humph!

Off for a wee-wee. Then I got the Health Checks done and took the medications. Looked okay to me: Sys 163, Dia 69, Pulse 80, Temp’ 34.9 and Weight 14.7

Another wee-wee.

Computer activated, and diaries worked on. Oh, dear! Email from the surgery, telling me they have made an appointment for today at 0830hrs for an INR test, a new prescription is ready to collect from the chemists, and I have to make an appointment today to see my doctor and a ‘Specialist’. Mmm?

So, a change of plans needed, what do I do about the QMC? I’ll ask at the surgery.

Had to close everything down to get ready and off to the surgery in time – Tsk! A rushed ablutioning session and dressed up all nice and fresh. Forgot all about the tummy pains as I hurried around in a panic getting things sorted; Swapped the nibbles for the nurse’s nibbles. Changed the paperwork and set off to the lift, where I had to return to check the flat to see if I’d left anything turned on or off that shouldn’t be. Tut!

Met Frank and his much better half (14th-floor tenants) outside, as she was being lifted for a day out by here daughter. Wish her all the best, and after she’s gone, I ask… Roy, 4Thur04that’s his name, not Frank (Grump, what a clot I am), if he would tell the others about my not getting to the Social Hour again and why! With a cheeky smile, he said he’d think about it. Hehe!

Along Chestnut Walk and to the glass recycling bin dropped of some jars.

Gorgeous weather, not too warm and no winds or signs of rain.

4Thur05Turned right at the end of the Walk and down onto Winchester Street Hill.

The greenery was heartwarming as I saw the new growths battling though.

Down to the end and onto Mansfield Road and up and over the hill, down into Carrington and the first call of the day, at the Sherringham Surgery and the nurse Carena… I think that is 4Thur06her name. (Not that it matters cause she is sweet, kind, cuddly and beautiful) for the INR blood test.

The weather continued to be fine and almost cheer making with the lack of wind.

Just over the hill, a much dreaded and feared Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came passed me and was within inches of hitting me!

By the time I got the camera out, he had disappeared from view altogether? He was moving at a high rate of knots, bless his cotton socks.

Got to the Sherringham Surgery in plenty of time, booked in and took a seat, 20 minutes before the appointment time – and was called in by the nurse (Come to think of it now as I type this, I think her name is Nicole) in about three minutes. It has its advantages being on the At Risk Register and on Red Watch, or is that Red Alert? Whatever, I’ve certainly being seen as a priority these last few days. That red bar across my page on their computer screen is working wonders. Haha!

4Thur11She soon took the blood, again it took ages for the vein to stop bleeding, but that was good, it gave me time to have an ogle and gossip with the nurse!

She made a good job of covering it afterwards. Gave her some nibbles, thanked her for the help and dropped some nibbles off for the reception staff as I limped out of the surgery. (The feet were really singing now, after all the hobbling in the last three day, to and from hospital DVT and Anticoagulation and the surgery)

I limped down into Carrington and the Chemist to collect the mystery prescription that I knew nowt about. It turned out to be some new Warfarin tablets, so that was good.

Out and meandered up and into the Lidl store. Where I invested in some nibble bars to hand out in thanks, a large baking potato, mini Weiner sausages, tomatoes and a bar of almond nut brittle as a treat for myself. Even bravely used the self-serve counter again.

Out and to the bus stop, thinking how much I appreciated the free bus pass as I waited for the arrival of one to take me back into Sherwood, as the tootsies were worse than ever now… Whoopsiedangleplop time again! It dawned on me that it was far too early for me to utilise the pass! So I set off on a limp back along Mansfield Road with its hill, into Sherwood. Humph!

4Thur08By the time I got to the Methodist Church about half way to Sherwood, I was in great pain, and yet high spirits?

Unaccountably content, I was. Good thoughts were permeating through my mind.

I pressed on eventually arriving in Sherwood proper and the shops.

4Thur09I called into the Children’s Charity Shop for a peruse around, but nothing purchased.

Out and on my way to visit Wilko and then the Nottingham Hospice Shop and the phone burst into life.

It was the District Nurse wanting to know why I was not in the flat. Oh dearie me!

I tried to apologise and explain the problems I’m having with me receiving instruction for the Queens Medical DVT, the Anticoagulation there, the surgery and the District nurses. Which didn’t all agree or marry with each other… A long silence, a noisy Tut, and she told me “I’ll have to call on some else who is in and return to you if I get the time later” The phone went dead. I think I’m in trouble with her now. And she is about to give me injections in the stomach too! Huh!

My previous unexpected short-lived air of confidence, nay, almost contentment and hope dissolved into the ether, to be supplanted with anxiety, worry and apprehension with a twinge of trepidation. Yes, I was depressed again now. Grumph!

Morosely I called into the Wilko store but bought nothing. Then up the hill to the Nottingham Hospice Shop and got a little mug.

To the bus stop and checked the bus times, the next one not being for 40 minutes, I carried on up over the hill and down the  Woodthorpe Grange Park gates and up the footpath hill.

En route I found some pleasure and almost enjoyed it when I took these photographs while standing under the Chestnut Trees near the walkway.


To the top of the hill and down to the entrance to the flats.

Got in just in time for an accident-free wee-wee! Haha!

Put the bits bought away, and tablets into the drawer then got podding some garden peas to cook later, and the District Nurse (A different one again) arrived. I actually should have died on the spot, with her obviously well-honed and perfected look of… what’s the word, er… erm…  detestation, or maybe odium would best describe it, should have melted me on the spot. It deserved it, especially as she adopted a smile at the same time. I couldn’t help but think she could replace Teresa May without any problem. She was not happy but did seem to cheer up a bit as a semi-curl came on her lips as dug the hypodermic into my well endowed flobby belly. Hahaha! I’m exaggerating for fun of course. Am I? Hehe!

I thanked her, Dare I not, do so?

She said someone would come in the morning around 1000hrs as she did not know if I was to have any more Enoxaparin injections or not but would find out. Oh dear! I was not brave enough to ask her if anyone was going to call tonight to ‘Do-me’.

05Thu12The day suddenly went a bit dark?

I wondered if this was an omen of some sort? 

I got onto the computer and updated this diary to here.

Had a wee-wee.

Another long day then, without much sleep. And, no watching the TV for fear of not hearing the District Nurse if she does arrive, and will it be 2200hrs again. Oh dearie me.

05Thu12aMade another cuppa in the new mug. Had a wee-wee.

Rang Sister Janet to see how she is.

She had problems of her own but lovingly seemed more interested in mine.

Checked the Emails, and had got some in support from the TFZer gals. Nice that!

Then tried to catch-up with the WordPress reading.

There is a lot of it to catch up on after having to rush out this morning.

Had a wee-wee.

Had a call from the QMC Anticoagulation Floor D. The lady was hard to hear, but I’m sure that we agreed that the Enoxaparin Injections must continue, although the INR level had risen a bit. I have to go into the QMC for tests in the morning. Busy lad ain’t I! Hehe!

I will send an Email now to the surgery, so they know.

Had a wee-wee.

Put the news on and listened through the headphone. So many people still missing from the horrendous fire in London. Feeling a bit down again now. The flats are still burning!!! The officials are assuring us that the residents will be rehoused locally if that is what they want.

Sent the Email to the surgery.

Did some Facebook catch up, at last?

05Thu12cGot the meal prepared and took the medications, did the Health Checks.

Sudden flatulence, danger recognised, got to the Porcelain Throne; only just in time.

Haemorrhoid Harold was bleeding badly. Cleaned me and every else up, and returned to the dying room… Sorry, living room. (Understandable mistake how I’m feeling. Hehehe!) Luckily there was nothing on the plate to get cold, an hour later, when I got around to eating it, any appetite I had left, had vanished. I threw most it away.

Missed a call on the phone, fumbled with it and got to a message that had been left. T’was a nurse asking me to confirm whether or not I’d had an Enoxaparin injection this afternoon and rang her back on a number. I rang back, but got a message about Not being available on this figure?

Duodenal Donald kept my attentions for a while. Then the phone rang again. The nurse with a few questions for me. Said she would arrive at 2000hrs to stick me with the hypo. I thanked her and had a sit-down, as it had been a horrendously long day, no sleep and full of ups and downs.

5Fri032020hrs: The District Nurse, who had been before (The extra cuddly one with the twinkle in her eyes and firm appealing rear end) arrived. Set about looking at the record of injections, she made a call to someone. Then explained she has to go nd return later at 2200hrs because it is too early and dangerous to give one yet. I had a feeling that somehow this was my fault because I got confused with the timing?

Feeling very drained now, I put the TV on with subtitles and watched the news until the nurse returned at 2220hrs to give me the treatment.

Thanked and confirmed that no treatment was needed for the morning and they will know the results from the DVT clinic at the QMC and whether I’ll need them to carry on with the Enoxaparin injections tomorrow night. We’ll see.

A long frustrating wearing day and I ain’t well. Humph! Hehe!

Inchcock Today – Wed 14th June 2017: Grenfell Flats Disaster haunts me

Grenfell disaster. So sad making

Wednesday 14th June 2017

Nepali: बुधवार 14 जुन 2017

0400hrs: Stirred from a dream filled night (Of which I can remember nowt!) throughout which I was ever waking up and trotting off for a wee-wee. I think I suffered this the last time I had to have the Enoxaparin injections?

Gave up trying to get back to sleep, and decided to get the washing done in the laundry room before the District Nurse arrived. No idea when she will come. Had a wee-wee.

Took the washing down and got it in the machine and came back up to the apartment.

Took the medications and made a brew and it was time to go down to move the clothes into the dryer. Got a phone call from Sister Jane. She told me to put the TV on to see the horrible fire in the flats in London and asked how I was feeling this morning. Nice of her. Had a wee-wee.

Down to the laundry room and got the dryer working, then back up again and got the TV on. Terrible news, and from what I listened to from the tenants who had escaped the conflagration, they had been told the same as us here about what to do in the event of a fire, those that did follow the advice must surely have perished. No fire alarms sounded they say?

3Wed02The computer on and did some Facebooking and WordPress reading.

Had a wee-wee and down to collect the washing.

Cleaned the filters, washer and dryer and back up again to the flat.

Worked on updating the diaries while watching the news of the disaster on the gogglebox. Couldn’t use the headphones or I would not hear if the nurse arrived and buzzed the intercom line.

Very depressed with the news. It had filtered through of how brave the emergency services were.

The nurse arrived, a cuddly little thing, asked many questions and injected the tummy. She was here about an hour or so. Said someone would call again tonight around 1700hrs, Bless her.

Had a go at doing some graphics to take my mind off of the poor souls that were living in the flats fire.




3Wed06The Morrison delivery arrived, and when I moved to go to the door, some severe pains from the innards appeared.

At least I know I have someone to tell the tale too, or will have when the District Nurse comes tonight.

Put the fodder away and cleared the waste bags out to the chute.

Not so good at all, now, even Dizzy Dennis paid me a visit. Humph!

Signed off on Facebook, no way I can concentrate on that or graphicationalising how I feel now. Befuddled, Hehe!

Got the pod peas simmering in the pan. Not having anything else heated today, I might leave the meal when the peas are done until after the medicationalistical (Hehe) visitation later.

Updated this to here, and got the ablutioning tended to.

3Wed04Got the early meal sorted. Not that is was difficult with no hot fodder involved.

Took the medications and gobbled the food down.

Off for a wee-wee.

Settled to watch the TV with subtitles on, so as not to block the hearing with the headphones in case I don’t hear the District Nurse arrive. I could not read the subtitles though, they were too small, so I put the news channel on about the fire in London.

Fell asleep, woke to need a wee-wee, tended to this, made a mug of tea and as I was doing so, felt sure I could hear noises, but where from? It took me a while to realise it was coming in through the open window, I went out on the balcony and found it was some 3Wed03residents from a flat a floor above mine. Got the hearing aids in and realised they were slightly intoxicated, bless them.

They were out in the warmish sun, legs over the balcony railings, a selection of drinks to hand and shouting in ‘Gibberish’, I think it was.


Got down in the second-hand £300 recliner, and despite the twinges, stabs and unrelenting pains now suffering, I fell asleep again. It was well past my bedtime now, and still, the nurse had not arrived. The nurse earlier said they would be here at 1700hrs, but it is now 1900hrs. Had I missed her when I fell asleep?


Up for another wee-wee and noticed how beautiful the evening clouds looked with the addition of the aircraft exhausts. The almost ghost-like bit, centre left confused me? Haha!

Popped out on the balcony to take this shot, so the unique mystery addition was not reflections from any glass?

Fell asleep again, and just after 2100hrs the intercom burst into life, the nurse had arrived. Cuddly little thing she was. Soon had me sorted with the injections and I bid her farewell and got my head down. But the brain and new pains from the stomach ensured I did not nod-off for hours.

4Thur03Hey-ho, so much better off than the poor souls affected by the Grenfell Tower disaster!

This is the latest photograph of the complex. 12 dead, still unable to search for bodies 24 hours after the fire started. Dozens  injured, many critical.

So, I do not have the right, intention or inclination to moan about things.

My heart goes out to them.


Inchcock – Monday 12th June 2017: Hospital DVT test, Doctors INR Blood Test, Warfarin Panic… Now I have to do it all again… Tsk! You’ve got to laugh!


Monday 12th June 2017

 מאנטאג יוני 12, 2 Yiddish

0415hrs: I woke up in a confused state, a cracking headache. Rubbish, crumbs, wrappers, pen & pad, mobile phone, remote controls, the empty biscuit box, a woolly hat, TV magazine, the Clarkson On Cars book and last night untaken evening medication pot around the floor (Humph!), the £300 second-hand recliner and me! Felt confused, tired and listless. The eyelids felt so heavy as well.

The notepad I keep handy to forget to take notes of any dreams on had some scribble on it, but it might have been hieroglyphics because I could decipher nothing of it. Tsk!

Pondered on what the day boded. Must remember the INR blood test at 1007hrs (What an odd time to give me?). I’d like to get a good walk into town done, take some photographs perhaps.

Off to the Porcelain Throne, only the slightest amount of bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold, feeling light-headed? Dizzy Dennis and Roger Reflux both started off at the same time. At least Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis were being gentle with me.

Made a brew and it tasted horrible – now I know something is wrong with me. Haha!

Did the Health Checks. Then printed off last weeks to take to the nurse later.


Took the morning medications and back in the wetroom for a wee-wee again.

Computer started and finished off and posted the Sunday diary and started this one off.

Put the nibbles in the bag for the nurses and the Anticoagulation Record Card too.

Checked the Emails and did some WordPressing for a few hours.

Got the ablutions done. An extra long session this morning. Cleaning the teggies and caused a bit of bleeding, but pleased with how quickly it stopped considering.

Got three bin bags filled and tied, one of recyclable stuff and took them to the refuse chute. Put four jars and one bottle in the bag to drop off at the recycling bin on Chestnut Walk.

Back to the flat and checked I had everything needed in the bag. Corroborated that the lights, heaters, cooker, taps and windows were okay and that I had the bus-pass, camera and mobile phone. Set off to the surgery.

Not a soul in sight on the way down to and in the foyer. Some workmen were hard at it outside as I walked straight passed the recycling bins (Tsk!) to the end of Chestnut Walk.

Spotted these beautiful bush flowers on the side of the road. This, cheered me up a lot, with the getting out for a hobble as well.


1Mon11Down Winchester Street Hill in the sunshine and got the camera out of the bag and into my pocket so I could take photographs of the abandoned retail units from Winchester Street to the library.

Not a long distance as you can see from the map here!

So sad, all those folks gone bankrupt, broke or forced to sell-up.

Here are the actual photographicalisations that I took of the rather sad looking so-called retail shopping area of Sherwood, over a five-minute hobble along Mansfield Road.


Oh, dear, I’ve made a Whoopsiedangleplop here, sorry. The bottom left one I took from the bus on the way back from Arnold. Fancy me, making a mistake… Ahem!

Pressed on up the hill and down to the surgery in Carrington. Arriving with 30 minutes to spare the lady told me as I logged in with the receptionist. Sat down, about to get the crossword book out and got called in to see the nurse! No messing about this morning!

She got the blood taken straight away and reminded me about the DVT appointment I had for two hours later. Kind of her, that was. Chinwagged while she did me. Gave her some nibbles, thanked her and departed and limped down to the chemists to ask for advice on my medications, feeling rather proud of remembering to do this. He was not in. Humph!

So, out, down the road and waited for City Hospital bus. I said earlier, no messing about today, didn’t I? Well, it proved this point again when I arrived at the DVT department. As I was there an hour earlier than the appointment time, and they had me in the treatment room within five minutes of my signing in!

Not the foggiest idea what they did. As the Nurse who spoke to me, had an accent and quiet voice and I could not read her lips. Two people came into the cubicle, one smiled and stuck a needle in my throat and arm. That was it I was gone in seconds into a semi-sleepy state. No hassle no pain, just felt them bringing me round later and putting me on a trolly for a few minute and giving me a cup of tea. All done! The chest and throat area was only a bit sore, and that cleared up with ten minutes.

The doctor arrived and told me the test looked visually alright to him, things were no different or worse than last time, and they would contact me after the analysis was complete. I felt great and asked a nurse if I could go now. “If you’re sure you feel up to it, why not Mr Chambers” In a lovely rich Irish accent. So off I wented! Hehe!

Out and up the hill, across the road to the bus stop, the bus arrived in seconds, and within half-an-hour, I was catching a 58 bus in town and on my way to Arnold.

I’ve said it before, but; ‘No Messing About Today!’

Dropped off near the Asda store and popped in get some Irish Batch bread, and came out with the aforesaid loaf… plus: New potatoes, fresh pod peas, mini pickle pork pies, flatbread, Walkers Marmite crisps (three packs of six little packets for £3 – Tsk!), Raffle prizes for the tenants hour, lemon and orange yoghourts, Irish potato farls, butter and £17 quid lighter! Plonker! Then hobbled, (the feet were bad now) in to visit the clothing department to see if they had any of the loose fitting undies in stock. Could not find any and asked an assistant, who informed me they no longer sell them. Marvellous, I thought!

1Mon06On my way out, I noticed they had ladies bras on sale for two whole aisles!

Even a choice of over fifty different types of, what they labelled ‘T-Shirt Bras” with about 100 of them on the shelves!

Not fair that!

Sexism it is! Hehehe!

Had a hobble over the road to the Fulton Food Store to see if they had any of those lemon curd cones in again. But no. I did get some citrus lollies, though.


Paid the Oberfruppenfurher on the till and out and made my way to the bus stop on High Street behind the no long longer stocking men’s undies – but selling hundred of ladies bras and panties – Asda (Walmart) Hyperstore. Hahaha!

At the bus stop, I spotted this amazing little wildflower forcing its way through the tarmac somehow into life? How do they do this?

Got the bus back eventually, taking the photo mentioned earlier en route.

1Mon08As we went through Sherwood on Mansfield Road, I took a picture of possibly the best smelling of all the shops.

Back at the flats and had a wee-wee. Put the kettle on and took the midday medications and did the Health Checks.

All right methinks.

1Mon10Put the purchases on the counter and then stored them away.

After pondering on what to have for fodder later, it will have to be a late one, because I had to sort out the pictures from the camera and update this diary first.

I decided on the last two small portions minced lamb stew with some of the Irish batch bread! Podded a few peas and got them on the boil, well, simmering.

Tried to catch up with the Facebooking while the lamb hotpot cooked. Didn’t get much done, Huh!

1Mon12The din-din time now.


Washed the pots.

Feeling a bit drained now, so settled down to watch some Law & Order on the Gogglebox, feet up.


Really into the TV and the landline chirped into life.

Stubbed my toe getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner as quickly as I could to get to the phone.

It was the DVT Centre from the 4th floor at the QMC.


It appears that my Warfarin INR blood level is now below 1.4 – What? So that is Monday 6.1 Wednesday 4.2 Friday 4.1 and now Monday 1.4?

I have to go into the QMC Hospital in the morning for Two Enoxaparin injections and another blood test, and have to arrange for another DVT Test as today’s earlier checks would be unreliable due the INR level being so high. (Apparently, the district nurse visits to homes to give injections has been cut back as part of the cost saving exercises).

I have to take 4 Warfarin tonight. So, at least there is far less chance of me bleeding to death, but a real possibility of a blood clot or Heart Attack. I can’t win can I? Hehe!

So I took the evening medications making sure I had the four tablets. Did the Health Checks.


Got the Computer on to update this and put things into the calendar. Printed a reminder and left it on the TV screen for the morning.

Got my head down ag1Mon18ain, and watched some TV proggies, without any nodding off for ages?

No dizzies tonight.

Up to visit the Porcelain Throne, all good. Even Haemorrhoid Harold wasn’t bleeding at all, in the slightest, whatsoever.

The first time for weeks!

Long time getting off again.

TTFN each.

Monday 26th December 2016 – Whoopsiedangleplop


The Reason for this marathon hobble?

A Whoopsiedangleplop!

I awoke in a rather confused state of mind – befuddled.

I called to see Olive, her son Malcolm was there and we were gossiping about something or other and it seems I drifted off into my own little world and started making no sense of what I was saying?

Malcolm took me back to the flat and had to tell me that the paramedic was on the way.

Found these notes I’d done:

1230hrs: Visiting Olive and I a lost consciousness while talking.
1245hrs: Olive rang ambulance paramedic.
1320hrs: Paramedic arrived. Tests.
1600hrs: The ambulance arrived. More tests and they took me away.
1700hrs: Arrived for more tests from different doctors and departments.
I felt a bit sorry for some of the patients in the big holding area, there must have been dozens of trolley-bound patients waiting, they all had a relative or friends with them and the resulting mayhem with patients being moved along and ever squashed further in an effort to create more room as other arrived all the  time.
2015hrs: Seen by Cardiac – After tests, I was told that I was being admitted.
2055hrs: Got ready to go to the ward.
2200hrs: Still on trolley waiting. But felt so much better and more alive.
2225hrs: Different doctor arrived with INR blood test results. Very high, 4.7. Then another blood pressure test and that was far too low after the previous one was found to be far too high. Another doctor arrived and told me to stop taking the Ramipril and Warfarin for two days, and they would let the Doctor Vindla (My GP) know of the situation.
2205hrs: I was placed in a long remote corridor along with several other patients waiting for a bed to come free. None did. The queue grew.
2255hrs: Told I was being released (No beds). Must make an appointment to see my own doctor.
Officially released.
No buses and no taxis, not that I saw any on the walk home anyway, and I had no money with me either.
Took about an hour and 45 minutes to walk home.
Strangely I enjoyed the hobble, apart from the pain from the calves. I nip in the air, and several gangs of youths kept my attention and forced a rapid rate of walking was attained and kept throughout the hobble home.
Got in and pain gelled the legs, took a codeine and ate a thick slice of shoulder ham.
Sat and fell into a deep much-needed sleep.
Slept for over nine hours.
Rang Olive to thank her for the help from Malcolm and herself yesterday. Arranged for me to visit her at 1400hrs today. When I intend to cuddle and thank her for caring for me.
2tue01Set about doing this post.
The calves were still aching relentlessly, but all the other ailments, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Haemorrhoid Harold, Harry Hernia,  Roger Reflux Valve, Duodenal Daniel, Inchies Lesion, Donald Dizzy and bruised head were of no concern at this moment.
I was just glad to be here in acceptable health and Compos Mentis.
TTFN all.

Inchcock Today Fri 6 May : Busy busy day! Whoopsiedangleplop! So tired!

Friday 6 May 2016

P1070136Up at 0455hrs, spent a couple of hours graphicalisationing for a particular TFZ gal (Can’t reveal anything yet?)

Then onto sorting out the Dyson and got all confused. A quick call to Brother-in-Law and he got me sorted out.

Got the paperwork sorted for when Steve Age UK arrives, then made a cuppa and took the medications. Was I sure there is another one I’ve forgotten about?

Made sure the appointment things for the Opticians, GUM Clinic and the hospital were in the bag/pockets and put the other bag with the jammies etc, near the door so I wouldn’t forget them.

Had my bath, and did my ablutions, Haem Aroid bleeding but not Little Inchy.

Steve arrived and set to phoning the Council about the Council Tax, British Gas (Gas & Electricity) and Severn Trent Water for the old house to be cancelled. I’ve got to go to visit the bank to cancel the Council Tax payments. The Electricity and Gas, Steve has to ring back next time he calls and I still couldn’t remember the other one needing to be done?

I tried out the new Dyson (Only with the carpet attachment) while he was here, it is superb! The collection box is only small, but it is so easy to empty.

Steve had another client to go and see, said he would call sometime next week to arrange a day for him to try and sort things out again.

I rang Pete to thank him for his guidance but Janet answered the phone, had a gossip and during this I remembered the other thing that needed cancelling – the house insurance!

Got the laptop on again to start this off, as I don’t imagine I’ll be in an excellent state when I get back so late from being prodded about and having lumps cut out of me. Hehe!

I’ll take the camera with me too.

P1070137Got everything ready, and set off in the hope of catching the 1239hrs L9 bus into town.

Got to the bus stop at 1230hrs and not a soul around.

Waited around in hope for the bus to arrive, without any luck.

Gave up at 1255hrs and walked up and through Woodthorpe Grange Park to the bus stop in Sherwood. Of course, this meant because the bus to the GUM clinic didn’t arrive, muggins here forgot all about it! 0101af

P1070139 P1070138

A couple of Swines on the footpath!

Got into town and meandered down through the Slab Square where the Nottingham Shoplifters had gathered to take in the sun.


Went to the bank, where I had a long wait to talk with an advisor about getting the old house’s Community Tax payments cancelled. But when the lady was free, she was charming and helpful, bless her. We even managed a little natter together, had her smiling anyway.

Out and up to Boots the Opticians, where I collected the new spectacles and had another laugh and a good chinwag.

P1070141Being a little early to go to the hospital (Having forgotten about the Clinic helped – Humph!), I had a walk around and down Hounds Gate. Surprisingly few folk about here too!

Surprisingly few folk about here too!

The sun was out and it was warm. So I removed my jumper and put it in my bag.

Called into the pound Shop and had a wander around inside. I bought a soup ladle and a pack of four mini pork pies to eat at the Treatment Centre. I didn’t eat the soup like, just the pork pies, see? Hehe!

When I walked to the tram stop on South Parade, there were far too many Pavement cyclists around to dare photographicalise any of them for fear of betting beat up by em!

Caught the right tram (Yes. it occasionally happens, ha!) to the Queens Medical Centre and walked down the five flights of stairs to the ground floor beneath and hobbled over to the Treatment Centre. Handed in my appointment letter and the lady gave me a bleeper to let me know when it is my turn, and I sat down and read me Holocaust book. Consuming all the pork pies as I did so. Still, that’ll mean no messing about getting fodder when I do get back if I get back to the flat later.

I was feeling so tired at this stage, I managed to nod off twice! Still, the bleeper vibrated so it let me know when to go in. Mind you, it was an hour and a half wait, but in pleasant surroundings and cute nurses passing by.

No messing with these people, very efficient and to the point. The nurse checked my details, took back the bleeper and led me to a chair in the corridor inside. Within minutes a Doctor, the one who saw me a year ago and actually remembered soon had me examined and told me he did not want to disturb the growth yet and booked me in for another appointment in two weeks so he can have a look again to see how it is progressing. He smiled, nay, laughed, when I told him I’d struggled to carry the bag with my towels, clothes, shaving tackle, slippers, etc. to get there too in case I was kept in.

P1070142Back to the Tram stop and soon caught a tram back into town – but what a ride!When the tram pulled up, I wasn’t sure who were the biggest danger to me,

When the tram arrived, I wasn’t sure who were the biggest threat to me, those rushing to get off the tram, or those elbow charging to get on the tram! I managed to get a seat, but a 22 stone bloke sat next to me and I had no room to manoeuvre to get the camera out! Well, it was the rush hour by then.

Dropped off in Slab Square and made my way painfully up Queen Street and waited for the 40 bus. No use me waiting for an L9 to the flats they had stopped running hours ago. Tsk!

Another uncomfortable and pain filled journey again, the bus was so packed the driver had to refuse some folks wanting to get on.

P1070143I got off on Winchester Street, risked life and limb to cross over the road and made my way limpingly towards the flats.

I’ve no idea what these plants were that bravely forced their way through the concrete and up the railings, but to me, they were beautiful.

Anyone know their name. Please?

Just managed to get in the flat in time to avoid a leakage!

So glad, with it being so late (For me like!), that I didn’t have to mess about making anything to eat. Made a cuppa and took the medications, a bit late, though.

Tired as I felt, it took a while to get to sleep. Heigh-ho!