Diary: Off to the EENT Hospital Again

Monday, July 18th 2022


04:00hrs: Woke with the brain ticking over. (I’m not saying it was functioning, more like a chugging noise the engine makes when it won’t start)

Made brew of Thompson’s Punjana, and went on WordPress, comments, then the WP Reader. Turned off the computer, and I started clearing things to get ready for the ambulance lift. Emptied, washed and disinfected the rather well-used NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee-Bucket).

SYS 148, DIA 72, Pulse 82. Not too good, but it’s been worse, I suppose. I had a bit of good luck here. I dropped the flipping Sphygmomanometer as I was taking out the tubing… and it fell in the waste bucket that had last night s PPs a,d used tissues from the bleed in it; thus, there was no damage; to it, and it still worked perfectly well!

Richard arrived, not at the promised 06:00hrs, but at 0:730hrs. Not that it mattered, cause the lift had not arrived yet. Richard seemed oblivious to his failings, bless him. As I said, it mattered not after all. Another bit of luck there, the lift being later: Great! Again! Richard sorted the medications, gave him some extra nibbles and plonk cause I thought he was going to come early, and told him of the Diabetes mix-up. Hehehe!

A little loser this time… yet more luck? I resisted going into Smug-Mode for the third time. Did the ablutions while I was in the wet room ablutions. I still found myself going into yet another, all the same… Why? I’ll tell yers; Not a single cut or bleed doing the teeth and shaving! No toe stubbing, Dizzy Dennis’s, involuntary right-leg Idiopathic Schuhplattler drop-something and flail-about dancing either. Not to mention no falls, banging of any limbs, or walking into anything!

I settled in the swivel chair with the magnifying glass and the crossword book.
I’d positioned myself in the hallway from the front room door, as I did last Friday, and awaited the arrival of the lift there. So I could hear it, in case the intercom buzzers. I can’t hear it from the front room.

As I sat there waiting, I felt and saw the ankles and legs beginning to visibly swell up, and the ankle ulcers glow and sting when the trousers, or anything, touched or brushed against them.

The telephone rang, which I thought I’d miss, as I was sat, my back facing the room, and had to manoeuvre my way to get into the landline in time, but I managed it. The lift driver said they would be here in 15 minutes. (Which would be 09:00hrs, and I would be late for the appointment, Ah, well!) I went down and sat in the flats lobby with the crossword book but couldn’t see to do any, and the reading glasses were back up in the flat.

They arrived, and I got into the ambulance. We picked another patient up en route, and he went in with me to the reception. I was told to sit there, with a  stern pointing finger, until I was called for. So, I did!

A lady beckoned me (this happened before in August 1962, Margaret her name, I think… I digress, sorry!). A gentleman came along and summoned me to another waiting area, where I was told to wait to be called. So, I did. More questions and eye tests, a little different this time, back to the holed discs and tested both eyes. Ten minutes later, she said, I will now go to see the ophthalmologist in charge for a final test and decision on whether it can be done or not due to the misshapen cornea I have. 

Out and through to another waiting area. Minutes later, a chap summoned me into a room, where the lady in charge was sitting, and it was obvious she was in charge! No messing or humour was apparent, needed or accepted from her. She spent some time on the chin machine again and asked more questions. Then, I was commanded to go to the young man’s device for some clour flashing exercises. It was not easy for me having to sit still, with Shoulder Shuddering Shirley giving some, and he had to keep holding the eyelids open from the other side of the machine. Cause for some reason, I could not open my eyes wide enough?
Minutes later, more Good News & Luck – The lady told me she was putting my name down on the list to have the surgery!!! I dare not ask how long it might be.

Hehe! Back to the initial reception to ask for transport home. I took a circuitous route to get to it cause I got a little lost en route.
I sat down around 1030hrs, thinking how well it went this morning.
I was still there at 14:00hrs but thinking a little differently.
Eventually, an ersatz ambulance came up and asked my name. And out we plodded into his vehicle. I was pleased to be going home, for some reason.

He took my trolley, removed the wire basket and put it in the cabin. Came back and asked if I was a diabetic when he noticed the legs were looking a little inflamed and rough, to say the least. ‘Yes!’ “Where’s your biscuits?” ‘The ambulance driver just took them and crushed them in the trolley walk. He’s just collapsed, mate!’ Today, there was a shortage of humour, laughter and smiling!
We then moved to the back of the site to a different section altogether, and we picked up two blokes in wheelchairs. (Getting later all the time!) We dropped the man at the back off in Carrington, not far from where the house was; the only good thing about this was it brought on a bit of pleasure and appreciation of living where I do now! At least the chap next to me was talkable to; we had a natter en route.
I was dropped off next. Gave the other bloke and the driver a choice of plonk from the trolley. That cheered them up a smidge.

In and up to the flat, I knocked my elbow on the door frame as I hurriedly got indoors to have a wee-wee. Stubbed my toe and, in my haste to get Little Inchie out, started the fungal lesion bleeding! I thought things were going a bit too well for me! Jon and a half cleaning up and medicating things in need (the lesion).

I came out after washing and medicationing, sorted the mess in the hallway, and found a leaflet in the letterbox from Nottingham City Homes.
They are organising a Special Event for all Winwood Heights Residents in Winwood Court communal lounge. Thursday, July 28th 2022, Twixt 11:00>14:00hrs. Attending will be the Nottingham Fire & Rescue Service, Community Policing, Nottingham Voluntary Services, the NHS, and more! NCH (Nottingham City Homes)  representatives. Building safety, Tenancy & Estate Management, Caretaking and Tenant Involvement Teams.
Also, a TRA (Tenants & Residents Association) General Meeting on Monday, 25th July 2nd. A few gentle reminders: Please do not leave food out for the birds, as it is attracting some less welcome visitors. Rats and other vermin.
Also, over the past few months, a few people, mainly youngsters, entered the flats and caused a nuisance. So be vigilant. Only let people in who you know and make sure that entrance doors are always closed after you have used them – and never leave ajar any fire exits.

Going to get some fodder, chips and Veggie-Chilli! Had the last of the pod peas with it – sad, heartbreaking, I may have a sob later. The Flavour rating given was a worthy 8.9/10! Apart from the bread being a smidge stale.

Carer arrived, and she soon got me sorted out. Thanked her with some strawberries from the fridge and her choice of a can of plonk. She took the waste bags out to the chute with her.

Washed the pots; I had a wee-wee. Darned lengthy follow-ups!) Got my head down. And had a decent kip for once. Grrreat!

22 thoughts on “Diary: Off to the EENT Hospital Again

  1. That is some progress on the eye care front. No humor in the dog days of summer. Said Isn’t it?

    • Got hope at last, Tim!
      I had to Google the Dog Days of Summer, I got “The dog days or dog days of summer are the hot, sultry days of summer. They were historically the period following the heliacal rising of the star system Sirius, which Hellenistic astrology connected with heat, drought, sudden thunderstorms, lethargy, fever, mad dogs, and bad luck.” As you knew, now I do. And you’re right!

  2. I enjoyed every event, a fun and spirited jaunt with curious characters, and a break from routine — welcome relief while finding good news in the guise of a higher-level procedure.
    The tale of the Sphygmomanometer brought on an excellent larf. As a fan of mash ups, I could so well imagine following the Sphygmomanometer as it tumbled through space in slow motion, to drop and not break due to TPs and bloody tissues. A hurrah as well as an easy clean up.
    Richard is a study to learn from, even though that doesn’t come across as a solid compliment, do it? Not to worry, we all have many multiples of ineptitudes. But it adds spice to life when you can’t even find the salt.
    The lift experiences included a comedy troupe as well as a delivery service, that is some very good value, Sir! Well related. Speaking of related, your ulcer sores being irritated by the trousers remind me of the eczema spots being bullied by my shirt. Feh!
    While all this occurs, Margaret of 1962 beckons, evoking mystery in memory.
    Needing extra hands to pull open your eyelids suggests to me that you need another appendage for just such times. A later procedure perhaps.
    “Where’s your biscuits?” Hahaha!!!
    A bit of a lift in spirits to know that you do not live in Carrington. Right!
    “in my haste to get Little Inchie out, started the fungal lesion bleeding!” An extended laugh resulted!
    There is that “gentle” warning about leaving food out for vermin. Petal and I are famous for feeding any and all furries and featheries because they were here before us interfering humans showed up. So there!
    A fabulous nosh, then a decent kip — the perfect combination.
    bis später, cocker!

    • Haha!, loved it Billum.
      I had a feeling you may grasp the situation with the Sphygmomanomete, mate.
      Richard is indeed a study to learn from. He found his salt this morning. I woke with solid fluid filled legs, and a pair of almost glowing ankle ullcers! (The heat I assumed) Richard reported my condition to the Meridian team leader. Who came to photograph the legs and feet, and sent them to my doctor… I’ve said this already haven’t I, Bill? It’ll be in the next blog, A Mega-Whoopsiedangleplop – the SD card reader has packed in again! So, I may not be able to put anymore in – SOB!
      Thanks for liking it.
      With your eczema spots and my ankle ulcers, another link develops? Uncanny!
      I pictured your idea for the need of another appendage to get the eyelids openener; Had a leather and metal head band supported auto-opener. You’d probably supply a remote control as well, and I can see two mini grippers lowering onto lids to open them. Hehehe!
      Well pleased to know that I’m away from Carrington. Spot on Sir!
      Petal and you good-self feeding any and all furries and featheries because they were here before us interfering humans showed up, esd mr, before I got s esrning letter about risking my tenancy. Sad!
      Bleib gesund und schlaf bitte ein wenig, my friend.

      • Sphygmomanometers do not get enough mention among stand-up comedians, they have no idea how much material they are missing by not following your blog. Their loss then Haha!!
        A relief to read that Richard’s salt is no longer missing. As I’ve been reading, the heat is affecting everything and is happening over the entire British Isles, so why not your solidly filled legs.
        A mega whoopsiedangleplop occurring to your SD card, another thing you did not particularly need on a mega Monday. GrazzlePoppingUnderdoneTaters!!!
        I was thinking the same thing with those ankle ulcers and eczema spots getting roughed up by trousers and shirt, respectively — that’s most of a wardrobe. And if you apply a plaster the buggers fester more. GrazzlePoppingUnderdoneTatersWarmedOver!!!!
        Your metal and leather appendage concept appears in my imagination as a steam punk assembly, the kind associated with Jules Verne’s devices. In any case, a vivid image that would also find a useful function on the time/space machine, of course. The mini gripper concept is a stroke of genius, again, of course.
        Indeed sad to read threats worded that way. Lisa would be on them with full talons extended, something they would not want to countenance.

      • The SAS (Sphygmomanometerisationing Appreciation Society), are missing out, Bill. I bet they haven’t adived people of where to drop their machines for the best chance of survival? Hehe!
        Ah, Richard’s actions in reporting my condition, helped a treat this time, Billum.
        On the net this morning, another warning of Thunderstorms, and a report on the ‘Huge increase is fires in London!’ So you’ve got that right mate!
        I’m with you all the way on ulcers and eczema, dilema (is that spelt right?, Grammarly not working)
        “Your metal and leather appendage concept appears in my imagination as a steam punk assembly, the kind associated with Jules Verne’s devices”, spoit-on Sir, but written a lot betterer than I could do it. Brilliantly put!
        A reaction from HRH… by gum that would good, and enjoyed by the victim.
        The bloated feet are 50% betterer this morning… not the ulcers though. Still, 50% of half, is twice as good as 25% of… No, no, I’ve lost it… Arithmaphobia strikes again!
        When do you go to see about your excema again Bill? If I know, I can send a healing and anti-snottiness vibe through the ether at the same time.
        Cheers, Love to all! (Furries included)

      • The SAS is the best place to begin. Actually, they are the only ones who know owt about using Sphygmomanomers in this way. I do not know what we could do without them.
        Yes. A word in support of Richard is in order!
        We are somehow located in one of the places not suffering from over-the-top heat events. The manor only hit 92 degrees and a feels-like-temperature of 103. Hit me like a bag of rocks this afternoon when I ventured forth for a short errand. Rocks is hard.
        You can see how much impact your description of that armature made on my imagination. You inspired inspiration!
        Lisa’s talons come from the owl side of her family, useful for defending those she loves. My talons are more like fingernails.
        Arithmephobia is actually something you share with HRH, the coincidentia continues.
        More on my eczema adventure at a later hour.
        And much love and cheer to you, Sir (family included) 🙂

      • Sphygmomanomers, yes, mich undrtrated, methinks Bill.
        Carer Richard is a Jrkll & Hyde. Hahaha!
        Today, the promised thunderstorms did not arrive in Nottingham. Much cooler, currently (23:30hrs) it be 54°f. I’ve just shut the window – I’m so impulsive. Haha!
        I inspired inspiration? Gof heavens, thanks, mate.
        I yhimk my talons are more like veggie-fingerd.
        Sharing Arithmephobia with Lisa is an honour!
        The coincidentalnesses grow!
        Billums eczema adventures must be at a point of either frustration, or a turning-point?
        I just nipped over to the family crib, they were all oeacefully sleeping bar one, I shall put the photo on todays blog. Hehehe!
        Best wished for the eczema, and Good vibes for Sweet Morpheus to visit the Manor more often!
        Cheers, Billum.

  3. i note that too many public officials are humourless these days, I just press on. So, you have been encouraging politicians to call round by leaving food out? 🙂

    • Me? No never, Sir…. Well, I did once when I saw some squirrels outside when I first moved into the flats, Paul. I got a letter informing me that someone had seen and reported me, and a ‘Mild Ticking Off’, with “If this occurs again, you ill lose your ‘Good Tenant Award’!
      The tenant above me (I call him Herbert in the blog), was always every day, knocking, banging, drilling, and dropping things on the floor. I mentioned this in passing to one of Top Dogs visiting during the upgrading, and was told what a wonderful man he was, building steam-engines for different charities. He’s still at it, now, five years or so later, but I’ve got used to the git now. Hahaha! I waffled a bit there, sorry, mate.

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