March 1st 2020: Inchcocks Diary

Tuesday, March 1st 2020

The Monday Nosh… Ode

It doesn’t look like it would get the taste-buds tingling,
Baked potatoes, sausages… something was missing?
But did I care? No, for the eyelids were drooping…
I wasn’t really eating, just refuelling…
The taste buds were pleased, the stomach revelling…
In as tastier a meal for months, I was eating!
The Thought Storms came but were untroubling!
I know, it’s so rare, but tiredness was growing…
The little banana for dessert, I was enjoying…
A lemon & lime yoghourt… I was happily guzzling!

Peripheral Neuropathy Pete attacked me, what for?
The yoghourt fell down my legs onto the floor!
Shaking-Shoulder Shirley joins in, and furthermore…
The TV remote flew away; where to? I’m not sure!
A right mess to sort out, but I did perdure…
No injuries, bruises or blood, but this, I can assure…
It left me with my sanity a little insecure!
Save some of the food to eat later? No, It’d lost its allure!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The March Begins...

Another very decent night’s sleep! I reckon six hours. With only two spring-awakes! I lay pondering on what’s what for today demand-wise. After a couple of minutes, I realised two things; ① It was late, and the mooring carer was almost due. ② I needed the Porcelain Throne. So, hoping for a better evacuation than yesterday, and having taken a few capsules of Dioctyl yesterday after the concrete-like evacuation, I bravely limped off and ventured to the wet room! Haha!

Another release, similar to yesterday’s but far more manageable in comparison. Which foolishly made me think, well, that’s better, perhaps things might improve today… What an idiot! You’d have thought I’d have learned by now, wouldn’t you?

While in there, I thought I’d get the ablutionisationing done. So I did! The teeth and nasal cleaning went fine. The shaving too, only thee tiny nicks two on the chin, one on the ear lobe. I can recall saying my Alto-Ego saying something like; Let’s not get over-confident, Inchcock, no more banging into owt or tumbling over. I know you’re worried about the Carer coming but just take care!”

Not a single banging into anything, only a handful of dropsies; I got the showering done post-haste without rushing and got the same feeling as when I woke up… a foolish feeling of semi-contentment and a smidgeon of a Smug-Mode. No toe-stubbing, no walking into the door frame on leaving the wet room; a full-on Smug-Mode was adopted! I hobbled into the kitchenette to make a brew. As cheery as is possible for me, and no particular reason, other than this threatening semi-confidence in its going to being a betterer day today? Worryingly!

The only ailments hassle were Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley and Cartilage Cathy. I got the kettle on as ♫ Oh Susan ♫ rang out, and Carer Richard came in. He got the medications, and alert wristlet alarm check done, then handed me a camera he says he does not use. That was kind. I gave him the new far too big to fit anywhere air fryer I’d foolishly bought. Exchange is no robbery, as they used to say. Hehehe!

Being his last call, we had an excellent nattering session and laugh or two, the moan, and I enjoyed it so much. Richard made for his bed, and I don’t blame him! Haha!

I made the brew and nearly moped the kitchen floor, but I left it for her to do as Esther might call. I got on the computer, but it was not good. The Peripheral Neuropathy nerve ends always start, contacting and losing it when I’m typing! It never fails. Grrr! So progress was snail-paced, made worse by all the errors and correctionalisationing I had to cope with.

I took a break and had a close look at the Fuji camera Carer Richard had kindly donated. Put some batteries in that didn’t work. Then looked on the web and found out how, or which way around they have to go, and wallah! It worked! I didn’t use it then, as updating Monday’s blog was so far behind. Got back to blogging…

The intercom rang, and it was the Iceland delivery that I’d forgotten all about coming. I know… Dementia Doreen strikes again! Because I could use neither camera, cause the computer card reader did not recognise them, I used an old one from file here; I’m getting fed up with this palaver every day. Got the fodder stored away and found an exciting occurrence, even for Iceland! ① The strawberries I ordered were on the last day before consuming; they sent them for free. ② Again, they substituted ordinary sausages for the microwave ones I’d ordered (Sent back). ③ Substituted water for another brand, same price. ④ No fresh peas. ⑤ No microwave sausages. Choices are getting sparse in all of the stores now, for supplies. Oh, dearie me!

He was working well all day today; he was noisy so often. But none of the bouts lasted for too long, so no complaints.

I eventually got yesterday’s blog completed and sent off. Went on Facebook, then WordPress Reader. Got around to doing Email checks and then WordPress comments. Had some long ones today, which put me further behind. Haha! But they are welcome; I love getting messages and comments.

Then, the arrival of cleaning operative dominatoress Esther. She was collecting the laundry. She told me to take off my shirt, and she’d take that. I asked if she could mop the kitchen floor for me later – But No! She doesn’t like my mop and bucket. So I gave her some money, as she said she’d get one she likes. Obviously, every time she comes, she’s talking and walking into other rooms without stopping… I reckon I heard about 40% of what she said. Hehehe! Someone else who one can’t do anything right, but can’t help still love ’em!

She took the laundry with someone else’s, and I treated myself to a banana. Do you see the size of it? Miniature, I think, Hahaha! But they just sit me down to the ground.

Tried to get on with the blog again… Oh, no, such luck! The Amazon delivery arrived. In it were three things; ① Treats for the nurses, Carers and (kind only) delivery people, in the form of some cans of Southern Comfort Whiskey & cola. ② A tray of 12 cans of Beef Chilli (for Josie’s Sunday meals), and ③ 24 cans of garden peas, I got these cause they are hard to find nowadays after the Covid-virus estimated staff levels. Iceland has stopped selling them altogether. Sainsbury’s have put theirs up from 30p to 50p! Ocado’s only brand they sell now is £1.49 a can!!! So, I got these in before they rise anymore in price! Argh! It’s getting worse. The rents have just been increased, and electricity is going up by 15% this month. Get it while you can, I say!

I took the rubbish from the delivery to the waste chute. Trapped a finger end in the cast iron lid, pulled my hand away sheepishly, and hit the knuckle on the edge of the metal lid.

I thought the day had started so well, too!

I was reet wee’d-off when I hobbled back to the flat. I decided to try on the Fuji camera again and got it going!!! These are the photos I took with the Carer Richard gifted Fuji.

I’ve got to work out how to get different sized pictures, but not now; too much left to do on the blog and running out of time, energy and willpower.

I took a shot of HRH Lisa’s presents, Marie’s Koala Katie, and Patties Teddy Bear, who have all become members of my family now and are chatted to and given a cuddle in their turn, every day in passing. 💜

I poddled off into the kitchen, taking this photographicalisation en route. It was not as dark as this came out, but the flash worked on it. I saw the potatoes on the counter near the microwave and realised I’d not had anything to eat today… Ooh! I tell a fib, I had the baby banana. Haha!

I opened the window, and I took this effort of the teatime view of the darkening but still pretty looking skies over Sherwood.

The ♫ Oh, Susana ♫ tune brought forth my Caring Angel, Julia! 💖

I instantly became another person; depression and worries faded, to be replaced with joy and admiration. Julia is such a caring Carer and is so helpful to me. We managed a little gossiping laughter, and she, as usual, brought my spirits up from the depths I was in before she arrived. Luckily, I was just replying to an Email from sweet Jenny, in which she mentioned the strawberries, which reminded me of the packet I had in the fridge for the evening Carer. I think I may have looked and appeared to be with it, by remembering… but words kept leaving me as I was talking, which soon had me back as a recognisable dodo! Hehehe! 

Julia departed, and the dark depression of frustration soon returned. Also, the damned computer was not recognising the SD card again. Grrr! Damnangles and Groggleturds!

I pressed on with the blogging, making so many mistakes you wouldn’t believe it. Suddenly, as I got up for a wee-wee…

It was gone 23:00hrs! And I’d still had nowt to eat! I decided to pack in on the computer. So I did! I’ll have to do my best to catch up tomorrow.

Oh, no, I’ll read and reply to any comments on WordPress first. Three or four had come in.

Phew! Finally… at the end of the day (literally midnight), very most belatedly, at long last, I managed to get some nosh prepared! Despite feeling spot weary, I had the impulse for fish! So made a plate of battered fish fingers, fishcakes with peas in batter, potato waffles, yellow, red and black tomatoes for lunch, or dinner, no, supper. Maybe even breakfast? Hehehe! Another mini-baby banana, a pot of lemon & lime mousse, and two tiny tea cakes. No guilt filtered through at all! But it did after. Tsk! Taste Rating; 8.6/10, it went down a treat!

As I prepped for kipping sent took off the wristwatch, it seemed that it left a splat of bruising around the wrist? Not that it hurt at all, but once I detached the reluctant-to-leave my skin, watch, it started itching. Not that it woke me or anything. I was out of it for four hours solid! Again, praise to the Hemp capsules!

The London Philharmonic Orchestra could have come in the flat and performed Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture around the Beige, second-hand, £300, c1968, uncomfortable, recliner…

It reminds me, I also took a Dioctyl and some Docusate. The rock-solid evacuations might ease a little in the morning. Did you see that? That was me being optimistic!!! Me! Me? Worrying, innit?


22 thoughts on “March 1st 2020: Inchcocks Diary

  1. Wonderful ode to food. What a nice gift from Richard. Always a pleasure to have a lovely lady to chinwag with.

    • Thanks, Tim.
      What a mess I got in, Peripheral Pete has got giving me a Hitler-arm-out for days now… until I was picking up the tray of food, just when he could do most damage. Tsk! My luck! Haha!
      I took the recycling down this morning Tim, and inside the bin-fall room, was a cat so looking so like Spunk, and said “Spum what are you doing here! And e turned his heas to have a look at me. Hahaha! He was sheltering from the rain I think. Gorgeous cat.
      Keep safe.

  2. Your cleverly named ailments are making frequent appearances lately, perhaps they have spring fever and are getting cabin fever? The noshes are looking proper and tasty despite the overly large appearance of a gigantic air fryer. Very glad that it has found a good home with Carer Richard, that were very kind of you, but how could it be otherwise when in the generous arms of a lifelong Notting Hammer? We await the arrivalof a smaller fryer of air, air being very healthy and something that fits any diet, even the Diet of Worms, a personal favorite and always in season.
    I notice that Julia is left-handed, the best handed there is. my nephew in Berlin is also a lefty.
    Speaking again of Sir Richard, ’twas most generous of ‘im to provide the legendary photographist of an English town a spare Kamera, in the eventage that the Canon joins the land of items kaput.
    The beauties gifted by HRH herself look to be in good form and most pleased to find a new home. A good photo of ’em too, most kind Sir!

    • Thanks, Billum, the memory prompter! Hehehe!
      We lefties are decent bunch, methinks. I wonder if anone has worked out what percentage of the scum in prison are righties and lefties? Just a thought.

      All sorts of problems being caused here on the computer, with the Hitler Saluting, shuddering and shaking from Neuropathic Pete, yesteday.

      I think Lillie the Lamb knew I was taking that photo, and tried to blow a kiss to HRH – that’s my take on it anyway. She was missing her Mum methinks. X

      • I shall herewith posit that 0% of the scum in prison are righties. Just a guess. 🙂
        Hitler saluting get attention, particularly in a crowded elevator.
        That lamb knows her creator and is rightly (or lefty) proud of that and demonstrates this regard at every glint of a camera lens. What other explanation fits?

      • Oh, Billum, what fun you bring to me! I read posit as oviposit! Hahaha! However, also, and, as well, its a word I’ve not used for yonks, mate. I must remember to slip it in the blog at an apportune time. Cheers!
        I’ll not mention the Hitlering salute if you don’t mind Bill, it brings back memories of yesterdays diasterous one. Oh, heck!
        Ah, the lovely white Lamb, she doesn’t deem to mind me foprgetting her name whan I have a morning chinwag with the family. Lillie the Lamb today. It always brings thoughts of their Mother/creator when I natterise with them, thak HRH again for me please, Sir.
        I forgot (I know, me? Forgetting something! Haha!), to try to find out about the imprisoned righties.
        Fondest wishes for a Superday, at the mansion and laboratory!

      • I recall watchimg a David Attenborough program where I learned that wasps enter an ant colony, emit a spray that causes the ants to fight among each other. While this is going on, the wasp inserts ant pupae among the ant pupae. The ants tend to it until it comes time to break out, the wasps simply fly out of the colony. Ovipositting at play.
        Fortunately, your elevators are mostly uncrowded. Enough said then. I shall now research Putin salutings 🙂
        The lamb is indeed quite a cutie. Lisa has also created a moose to represent my avatar Mumbletunes. I must send you a photographic image.
        May you also enjoy a Superday at the publishing house of all things Inchcockian, Sir!

      • Cunning little bees! Nice to hear of ants getting fiddled.
        Ah, asketh HRH if the moose is female or male, please Bill. Then I can work on a name for it, and out a photo online. Hehe!
        If the Carers get any youunger, I’ll have to put teets on drink treats! Hehe!

      • They were actually *wasps*, but it is the cunning logic that astonishes.
        Thanks for asking, kind Sir! The moose is definitely male, he is based on my avatar, a moose who goes by the name Mumbletunes. The counterpart to Lisa’s avatar, an owl named Gretel.

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