Inchcock Today: Tuesday 25th December 2018: An aches and pain-ridden, natterless day. Depressed, sorry for myself… Hey-Ho!



Tuesday 25th December 2018

Croatian: Utorak, 25. prosinca 2018. godine

WD 29.1.61 00:25hrs. I opened my eyes, at first concentrating on my obvious need for the Porcelain Throne to be utilised with some urgency… but the immediate need was lost as soon as I tried to move the arms and they ached and hurt? Then as I went through the torso, I discovered that the legs, neck, hands, back, wrists, fingers, shoulders, knees… almost everywhere was smarting, aching, stiff or sore.

As I dismounted the £300 second-hand rusty recliner and got up on my feet, (Not easy when one is carrying such excess weight around the midriff, I can tell you. Tsk!). The moment I tried to walk, the left knee and ankle gave off the same pains and disquieting feelings as they did last week, in the shopping centre when I took a tumble as they gave-way. I recall the Security Guard asking me if I had been drinking! Humph! Sorry, back to this morning, I was I have to admit, a little worried about the knee and ankle. Surely, they are not linked directly together, are they?

WD 29.1.61 I got to the wet room, but I was a little late getting there. ‘Mega-Embarrassment Mode Engaged’ I don’t want to go into the details, but the cleaning and medicating after the evacuation took me a long time. Just as well nothing urgent on today.

2Tue02fWD 29.1.61 As I was leaving the wet room, I spotted a couple of EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) on the floor. Both kaputt. I followed Doug’s advice (Thanks, Doug!) and photographed them against something to judge the size of them against for the next picture. I used a 20p coin and kept it in the wet room to use again.

They were not as large as those yesterday, I don’t think anyway.

2Tue06I got the computer on and checked the Emails. A couple of WP comments and one from the Doctors Surgery about the Warfarin INR blood test results.

WD 29.1.61 It was too late for me not to take the ‘0’, as I had already had 2 on the previous dose listing last night. So, the level must be high, as the dosages had been reduced. Which means I will have to take care not to have any cuts or bruising. At the bottom of the Email, it said: Date of your next dose is 27.12.2018 at 11 a.m. I assume they meant my next appointment is on that date? So, the level has to be high, if they are calling me back in two days for another one. I began to wonder if this can have anything to do with my waking up with such painful,  aching joint and limbs?

At least Janis offered me a Merry Christmas, even if she did confuse me a bit. Hehe, bless her.

Heck, the wrists and knees are not getting any easier yet. But the shakes and shivering have stopped now. I’ll take an extra Codeine Phosphate when I imbibe the medications and get the Health Checks done.

I made up a humorous Thoughts of the day Ode blog about my ailments and posted it off. The words flowed freely and easily for this poem of Woe.

Then I got on with finishing off the updating of the Monday post and got that on WordPress as well. But, due to the message below, this took me ages to get finished! Humph! But it did get a lot less slow later on.


WD 29.1.61 Huh, I then realised I had not done the Health Checks, so I did.


2Tue04I am now more convinced than ever that something had gone wrong with the old, now thrown away thermometer. For since using this new one, the results have been higher, as you can tell on the chart above.

Good job Tim Price let me know about how low the old readings were with the old one! Thanks, Tim.

Both knees and ankles were still feeling stiff and painful. The left ones more so than the right ones. I have the feeling that the joints just might let me down again?

2Tue07While in the kitchen, I prepped the minced lamb and got it in the crock-pot.

I added some lamb gravy granules in the water and some mint sauce with a tiny drop of balsamic vinegar. I gave it all good stir and put it on auto setting.

Some canned borlotti beans to add later, and chop up some tomatoes to use as well.

2Tue0907:20hrs. The earlier crystal-clear view was getting a bit misty now.

I regretted opening the newly installed view and light-blocking, steamed up wet windows to take this photo. It was far colder than I thought. My spectacles steamed up and wet dripped inside off of the excessively thick plastic window frames and fell in onto the ledge where the bread was, and I had to throw away the bread. Well, the cobs I bought yesterday. A good job I bought the continental sliced bread though. I can have a good dunk of that in the lamb and bean stew later. Hehe!

WD 29.1.61 Hello, another trip to the Porcelain Throne. All good this time.

Did the midday Health Checks, not feeling too good now. The stiffness and aches are worse than earlier now. Humph! Still, I mustn’t moan, Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Shaun have both taken my leave.

Suddenly tiredness dawned. All I could do was to switch off the computer and get myself down in the recliner.

Four hours (or so) and many nod-offs later, I sprang awake confused. Got off to the Porcelain Throne, rinsed and got the nosh sorted while I could.

2useWD 29.1.61 A grand headache came on, and some vicious sneezing as I served up the most pathetic tasting meal I’ve made in years!

The lamb was so fatty, (but still, so am I, Hehehe!) The cob had gone hard and dry, but the oven chips were great! Tsk!

I left most it, well, I ate the chips.

I found myself in a right state as I washed the pots, battling to stay awake and ♫Aching All Over♫ still.

Last Health Checks were done, and I remembered not to take any Warfarin as per the confusing instructions.

Certainly not one of my best Christmas days. Hey-Ho!

17 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Tuesday 25th December 2018: An aches and pain-ridden, natterless day. Depressed, sorry for myself… Hey-Ho!

      • OK! Now I got a sense of the size of it – a bit more than one finger joint to a bit over, kinda a US quarter dollar+ in since. I went by shape and color when looking at Googled images, and picked the wrong one! No error on your part.

      • Not to fret, Doug.
        Guess what happened today: Blood test, Nurse made me an appointment to see the Doctor in the morning, then the Anticoagulation and Deep Vein Thrombosis Clinic! Expecting appointment for the Gum clinic too! Hours passed my head-down time now, because of the late appointment today… Fluid build-up bad in the ankles legs and feet…
        Fed-up? Me? Hahaha!
        Take care, mate. TTFN

      • Good old edema! As a dialysis patient, my left foot and ankle regularly swell up between treatments if I don’t watch my fluid intake. Half the fun of your blog is I definitely relate to your medical issues!

      • Excessive accumulation of serum in tissue spaces and or a body cavity. Hope you cope with it mate, sounds like you’ve got a grip on it; as if to speak. Hehehe!
        This morning’s medicalisationing sessions were both good uns, mate. TTFN

      • Yes, same here. Also, former school friends and I have a luncheon each month to see which of us is still abovbe ground! Good food and chatter make it a positive excuse to move outside the home, too. I confess to being one of those people who love, love, loves being alone, and would be quite comfortable (and happy!) crossing paths with my own species only for groceries and medical care only as needed. I make a point of finding reasons not to follow that inclination, like the time another old friend and I drove out of town to a restaurant we learned about on Facebook that supposedly had the best hamburgers and sweet rolls in the least likely isolated place. We both lived in this region most of our lives, and we took the road least taken that day, saw new things we were unaware existed, and had a pretty good burger and lots of socialization! (Didn’t kill me in the least!)

      • Hahaha! I follow what you say, mate. I even get pleasure out of, talking to and feeding the ducks.
        But I have to ask you, What is a sweet roll?
        Cheers Sir, taketh care.

  1. At least you had the two Weevils for company on Christmas day. The fogging photo out the window is wonderful. That warfarin schedule is confusing, it’s like an irregular heartbeat. Still wondering about the low temperature readings, sweating, and chills. None of it sounds good to me. Too bad to meal bombed.

  2. …any of a number of sweet, baked, yeast-leavened breakfast or dessert foods. They may contain spices, nuts, candied fruits, etc., and are often glazed or topped with icing. Compared to regular bread dough, sweet roll dough generally has higher levels of sugar, fat, eggs, and yeast. Wikipedia

    I am addicted to one called “I’ll have that one!” LOL! I point at it and never leared it’s name. Has apple in it and is quite tasty with a strong black coffee or – adding more apple to the ex[perience – cold apple juice. Love my apples!

    In the instance above, it is a sticky bun (sweet roll) that features cinnamon, walnuts or pecans (better!), and is best eaten off a plate with a form=k unless you have a

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