Inchcock Today – Thur 20 Dec 2018: Super-duper photos from the inmates, no, Residents party, Whoopsiedangleplops in excess! Tsk!


Dec 20 2018

Thursday 20th December 2018

Zulu: NgoLwesine 20 Disemba 2018

23:54hrs. Despite my many recent forfeitures of fair-fortune, I woke up feeling as if I had discovered overnight, the panpharmacon to all my worries and concerns! I hadn’t, of course. Most likely that I had been dreaming. Possibly a simulacrum of hope? At least the mind was not in a dwall again, in fact, it was concentrational this morning from the start. Smug Mode Adopted!

I knew I had a lot of catching up to do on yesterday’s Inchcock, the Morrison delivery was due twixt 08:30 > 09:30hrs and I wanted to get out to fetch another of the Aldi Sourdough part-baked baguettes that I have fallen in love with, and the Winwood Social Hour at 10:00hrs… Now, my remembering all this was a surprise to me, but a feeling and expectancy of a sudden return to my standard, gutless and passive ‘it’s-bound-to-wrong’ mode lingered, implanted in the grey-cells.

The extraction of my body, with its over-proportionately abdominous region from the £300 second-hand rickety recliner and off to the wet room for an SSWW (Short Sharp Wee-wee), was done without any toe-stubbing, knocking into or over anything, treading onto, or walking into owt! No signs of any EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) either! Double-Smug-Mode Adopted!

I tended to the Health Checks.


4Thu001I collected the tray with the meal residue, not food-wise, I gobbled all of that up, from the easy-chair where I’d placed it and fell asleep so quickly last night.

Got the cutlery used and bowl washed up and made a mug of Assam tea for myself. Which I suppose didn’t need saying did it? Only me in here, and I would hardly be inclined to make one for the Weevils! I think I might be on the verge of losing it again here? Hehehe!

4Thu01WD255.0.255 I think a little advice is called for at this stage, folks. When you go to dry off your cleaned cutlery, in particular, the steak knife, be careful.  Although this may well be a tip from a Nebbish, I think its still valid. Hehehe! Tsk!

I got the computer on and checked the Emails. One from the doctor’s surgery. Giving new level (3.8), the Warfarin doses and giving me an appointment for the next blood test, for Monday 24th December, at 0815hrs. I added this to the Google Calendar.

Then got on with updating the Wednesday blog. Got it finished and posted off after what seemed an aeon.

I made another brew of strong Assam tea. Noticing how the rain was coming down still, no harder than earlier, but with smaller but more frequent droplets. I hope it isn’t settling in. Because I am determined to get out to buy some more of the Aldi Sourdough Baguettes to keep in over the holiday period. Best tasting bread I think I have ever had.

Made a start on this blog.

Went on Facebooking on the TFZ site. Spent more time than I had planned on it, I got carried away answering comments and adding the photos.

The ablutions were completed in plenty of time before the Morrison delivery arrived. Got the things put away.

No Porcelain Throne summoning yet?

I got the nibbles, raffle prizes and pressies sorted into the bag for the Social Hour.

WD255.0.255 I took three photos from the unwanted, misty, light and view-blocking new kitchen window. I tried a similar shot with three different settings, but I’m still not sure which is the better one. Negativity and nilhilities seem to have moved into my life lately. Just saying, like!

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4Thu06aDown again and outside, dropped the empty beetroot jar in the recycling bin, greeted a couple of fellow prisoners… no, I mean tenants as I stopped to take this photo of the New Extra care block being built and Winchester Court.

Gave a good morning to one or two Willmott Dixon lads as I passed them.

Arrived a little late at the Winwood Social, and was taken aback by the number of inmates… residents, sorry, in there. Realised as soon as saw the amazing Christmas get-ups that many were wearing, and the biggest stack of raffle prizes I ever have seen anywhere, it was the Christmas Social Hour! Jenny must have worked so hard to get it all prepared for us. Thanks to Jenny! ♥

Here are shots of the lovelies I managed to take.


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4Thu10aI noticed a blood pool forming on one of my fingers, and remembered I was supposed to go to the clinic today! Klutz!

Made my excuse, and went out to wait for the bus. Handed the nibble box after distributing them; to Oberschützeress Warden Deana, and asked her to keep it safe for me, please.

Had a chinwag with neighbour Malcolm, at the bus stop. I decided, the lighting being like it was, might be a good time to take some decent shots of the Courts.


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Just before the bus arrived, I fumbled in my pocket for the bus pass. Getting on the bus, I found the mini-diary.

WD255.0.255 Opened it up to find that the clinic appointment is for tomorrow, not today! I felt self-chastened, regretful, self-condemning, shamefaced, reprehensible and such a Nebekh!

I decided to stay on the bus and call at the Aldi store to see if they had any of the sourdough bread for me. Got some wine for Sister Jane and Pete (Both alcoholics, but friendly with it… Hehehe! The sourdough baguettes. Spring water for me. Belly pork bites and some lemon and lime yoghourts.

The chilly walk back down the hill to the flats was enjoyable. So, out came the camera!


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I called in to see the tenants in the shed, and tell them of my Accifauxpa. Best, to be honest, innit. Even if you get the rise taken out of you! Hahaha!

The plates-of-meat were stinging by the time I got home. Did the Health Checks.

The potatoes were cooking okay in the slow cooker, I put the oven on to warm ready for decided nosh later. Pork Belly Bites, curried beans and some wholemeal bread thins, and a dessert from the massive choice now residing crammed in my full fridge!

Got this blog updated as far as here.

Getting weary now.

Al ingredients finished cooking now, I served up the nosh.

This meal took a lot of (to me, anyway) time, planning and effort.

4Thu19WD255.0.255 I admit it looked nice, smelt nice and had an appealing look to it. But a Flavour Rating of only 6/10 was the best I could grant it.

The flavoured baked beans (from a can this time), were excellent, I’d used Hoi-Sin marinade and mustard. The same sauce mix on the belly pork, when added to the dish. The potatoes had some dark Soy sauce added. I shall not try this again! Actually, the beans were first class tastewise, and the potatoes were passable – just the Aldi belly pork destroyed the enjoyment. Talk about fatty! Tsk!

The naughty and shameful lemon dessert was exquisite. Hehehe!

4Thu20I took the pots to wash them up, and get the Health Checks done.

I snapped this nephogram, through the unwanted, thick-framed light and view-blocking new window.

WD255.0.255 Off for an SSWW, and found that Inchies Fungal lesion had been bleeding. Humph! After a few minutes pure agony trying to medicate things, I gave up. My mind turned to the prospective investigation coming up tomorrow, by the Doctor, nurses, student nurses, Trainee Doctors and possibly this visit, they may bring in another class of about eight students again, to let them toy with things under the microscope discussing their take on the problem and trying not to laugh, like last time? It wouldn’t surprise me, if they let the caretaker in, too! Still, I mustn’t complain, unless they bring any morticians in! Hahaha!

I’d got some great gossips in today. Call them what you will; Schmoozes, kibitz’s, confabs, chit-chatting, verbal-ventilations or chewing of the fat, I love em!.

Got down in the £300 second-hand recliner and put a Torchwood DVD on, to watch for the twentieth time. Amazingly, as tired and weary as I felt, I stayed awake and got through three episodes with only two nod-offs and rewinding.

This resistance to nodding-off is annoying. Very later for me before I drifted off properly. Huh!