Inchcock – Fri 14th December 2018:



Friday 14th December 2018

Yiddish: פרייטאג דעצעמבער 14, 2018

23:440hrs: Woke and found nocturnal scribble on the notepad about a dream I must have had. It was such a calm, matter-of-fact vision as well, it all seemed so natural. I could remember some of it at the time, and added a bit of detail I’d not written down. I was in a big field of nettles and thorns of some description. I was sat opposite Old Father Time across a school desk!

Oft (Old Father Time), was telling me he was about to come for me. I replied: Fair enough! He looked puzzled for a second or two, then the conversation went something like:

Oft: “Fair enough?” – Me: “Yes” – Oft: “That’s a fine attitude to take!” – Me: “Is it?” – Oft: How can I do my job and scare the living daylights out of people, if they whimpishly just accept death… it’s not fair is it?” – “Not fair to who?” – Oft: “Me!” – “Well, I’m sorry mate, but that’s how it is like…” – Oft: “What’s the point in my giving you life in the first place then?” – Me: “Did you give us all life then? Worrabout God, Allah, the Lord of the Hosts, El-Shaddai and Yahweh?” – Oft: “Who?” – Me: “The creators!” There was a lull as he frowned, during which heads would occasionally pop up out of the thick shrubbery around us, and someone would shout something to him, and disappear back into the undergrowth? After a long silence Oft replied: “Sod-this, I’m cancelling your return application now!”

Other things were said, but I cannot make out my own scrawling handwriting. Well, what an egregious short dream!

I dragged my overabundantly well-upholstered stomach and torso from the £300 second-hand recliner, without any problems occurring. Yes, it surprised me too. Haha! And off to 4Thu02the wet room for an SSWW (Short-sharp-Wee-wee). 

To my astonishment, I found only one EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle)! Perhaps victory, after almost six-months of poisoning myself with the Raid, Sanmex and Rentokil bug-spraying, giving Bad Back Brenda, Arthur Itis and Dizzy Dennis reasons to provide me with bother, I am winning the battle against the dreaded Weevils? I still gave each room’s holes in the walls, new windows, and cracked floors, as usual, a good spraying session done. This has become a routine habit now after so long. Hehe!

Got the Health Checks done and took the medications.


Making a start on the Thursday update, I had to nip to the Porcelain Throne. I’ll not go into detail other than to say it was a long session and I got a few pages of the Clarkson unofficial Biography book read.

Back to the computer, and I made up the funny ode, inspired by my dream, and got it posted off.

Then finished the Thursday Inchcock and got them sent off. WP reader was reading next. Then a comment answered.

04:15hrs. I made a start on getting the drafts made up for the Inchcock Todays in advance. Long job, but it has to be done. 06:50hrs. I got them finished at last! Seeing double and got finger cramps now. Phew!

Ablutions tended to. After shaving, teggies, showering and when getting my bulbous body dried, I found six full-grown EIBWBBBs 5Fri004scattered around the floor? Unless they came out of the floor drain, I have no idea where or how they appeared? Struth!

Did the medicationalisationing and got dressed, and made a mug of tea. I used the new ones delivered yesterday; ‘Morrisons The Best Assam.’

Advice for all WordPressamian Wordsters: If you like your tea to be wishy-washy, cat-pee like and tasteless, these ones are perfect! Anyone with a liking for a good-strong brew, I recommend you make it in an egg-cup, but not to fill it to the top, to keep a bit of flavour.

At the point of setting out, I started to feel a little queasy and weak? I hope it clears soon.

Down in the lift and as I was getting out I realised I had not got my wristwatch on and had forgotten to take the surgery telephone number to ask one of the Obersturmbannführeress Wardens if they would ring for me to make an appointment. Fed-up with myself as well as feeling not-right now. Lack of drive, for some reason. Hehe!

I took this photo of the centre block being built, the extra-care unit and Wardens Den, along with a rooftop al-fresco sit-out place and other stuff for us old ones.

I’ve put it on the largest I can so you can see the details better. Still, a few months to go with the erectionalisationing. But, I reckon they are doing well, especially considering the lousy access to the site for suppliers, workers etc.


5Fri007aAs I got to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Generaloberstesses Wardens Temporary HQ. WC, Rumourmongering Clinic. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationalistic Area. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Crockery and pottery to be stolen from location, and residents porta-cabin, the sun tried to get through. I thought the view was beautiful enough to try and capture it with my camera. The sun soon faded again seconds later. By gum, it as cold out there this morning.

I got in the shed, four other tenants in there told me that Generalleutnantess Warden Deana was out and about. So, I could not have asked her for help anyway. I must remember to Email the surgery when I get back. Shame really, but the receptionists did not do what they usually do and send me an email with an appointment. Which means with me now being so late contacting them, my getting an appointment let alone an early one, are about the same odds as Theresa May leading the Conservative Party to a win in the next General Election with a 90-seat lead! I can feel unwanted you know! Hehe!

5Fri007I had a few good chinwags, laughs and innuendo ridden natters.

I went out and found a decent crowd of Winwoodamians waiting for the bus. I’ll see how many I can name. Left to right. Mary, Roy, Elizabeth, Margaret and hubby. Cyndy joined us later, and much laughter ensued. There may be a chance I have got some names wrong, having the memory I have nowadays. Tsk!

5Fri08More talking and laughter on the bus en route to town.

Got off with most of the others on Upper Parliament Street, we said out cheerios, and I poddled along in the gloomy cold weather and turned down Clinton Street West.

I was not feeling poorly, just out of sorts, really. 5Fri08aNo drive in me at all now?

As I turned into the street, I saw the new traffic bollards that had been installed.

I bet they cheer up the storekeepers and delivery people!

Not as many folks around as I had expected.

5Fri09The penny whistler comically called a musician street artist was in his usual spot near the Holland & Barrett shop. 

A little further alone was two young men, they had a set up that made their terrible noise on their bongo drum and the electric guitar a little annoying.

I returned to the penny-whistler, a lady was still with him from earlier.

Ah, a few people about now on Clinton Street West. I walked down to Long Row near the Council House and the Christmas rob-dog stalls and amusements.

5Fri10aSome electrical work taking place underground left its mark as a new piece of Nottinghamian Street Art.

At this point, I decided I would not walk to the canal to feed the Mallards. I just felt all-in, tired and weary for some reason?

I walked to the Marks & Sparks food hall in their basement and foolishly had a wander around. I came out with some frites and a lamb moussaka ready-made meal.

However, it later turned out that it was somewhat fortuitous that I bought the frites. The potatoes I’d left on in the slow-cooker had broken up in the water, and those I tried were tasteless, so I had the frites instead.

5Fri10I paid and made my way back to Clinton Street west.

The lady was still talking to the penny-whistler as I passed by. Even busier shopper-wise now.

I called into the Sports Direct with the aim of getting another of those long sleeve shirt things on offer. I got one and some socks.

5Fri11Back into the slab-square area.

I could not believe what people were paying for the stuff, especially the cooked foods. There was plenty of variety on offer too.

The little stall selling cooked chestnut was there again this year. £3 for about ten chestnuts – she had no customers while I was there.

5Fri12WD 131.25.50 The good-smelling German Sausage take-away stall was not very popular I noticed.

I made my way up Exchange Walk, taking a photo of the crowds coming the other way.

WD 131.25.50 But, I suffered another case of the mysteriously disappearing snap from the SimCard! Tsk!

5Fri013I made my way to Queen Street to catch the bus back, feeling positively drained now. Why? I don’t know.

I took this photo of the old buildings on King Street with Little Johns bell tower on the Council House in the background. Apart from the tree, and lack of trolleybus and tram wires, I imagine it would have looked much the same in 1896! Just a thought!

5Fri014As I got to the bend in King Street and Queen Street, this naughtily parked car was blocking the buses access around the sharp bend in the road.

But not for long, one pap of the buses horn, and magically four or five busmen appeared and approached the car!

Wisely, the young man drove off!

I fell asleep a couple of times on the bus home. Elizabeth had got on, and I gave her the £5 off voucher I got from M&S to use on my next visit that I spend over £40. No chance of that happening! Luckily Elizabeth knows someone in the flats who spends a lot of dosh there, so she’ll give it to him.

Cyndy got on, and we had a natter and laugh as we walked back to the flats. Hubby Eric is having some terrible headaches she told me. So when I got in a picked up some Co-Codamols and tool them up with the cakes to their flat.

Back to 72, did the Health Checks. Discovered the Morrison peeled potatoes had gone to water in the crock-pot.

Got this updated in haste (To be corrected in the morning). Took me ages.

Got the Frites in the oven, did the last Health Checks.

WD 131.25.50 I let the frites burn! So, that’s the potatoes overcooked, turned almost to liquid, and the replacement frites burnt to a crisp! I was so weary and weak feeling before all this kerfuffle with the meal. Tsk!


When it came time to serve up the nosh, it looked a lot different to how it was initially planned to. Haha!

I assume my vagueness of mind and tiredness was the cause of my not eating a lot of it. The bread was dished altogether, only one bit of chicken ate, and of half the tomatoes.

The minted peas were very highly-edible, though.

Got the last Health Checks done and settled down in the recliner. I reckon I’d nodded off within seconds of getting my head down. Exhausted mentally perhaps?

WD 131.25.50 The doorbell chiming and banging on the door woke me… An hour or so after getting my weary body to sleep… Humph! I remember thinking about ignoring whoever it was, cause those who know me are aware of how my sleep pattern goes and would not disturb me, surely? Then I realised if it was strangers, it might be the Fire Brigade or other emergency services. So I forced myself out of the £300 second-hand recliner and went to the door.

WD 131.25.50 I stubbed my toe en route, Humph! At the door were two blokes wanting to test my fire alarm. I fear I was not very welcoming to them. My blood boiled actually, as an extremely frustrated, irritated, overtired, mentally-drained pissed-off Inchcock stewed inside and muttered to himself as they did their checks.

They did their job and left.

I returned to the chair, bleary-eyed, irritated, distempered, peeved, not feeling so good and annoyed with life generally. Huh!

I thought the disturbance might have stopped my getting back to sleep, but it didn’t. I really did nod-off within moments.