Inchcock Today – Monday 13th March 2017 – Fantastic dreams, then Laundry Room Duties… Then the Whoopsiedangleplops returned!


Monday 13th March 2017

Hawaiian: Ka Poakahi 13th March 2017

What an utterly fantastic dream! Woke (I thought), around 0235hrs, and got scribbling on the notepad straight away.

The Dream(s): I was in on office and interviewing or counselling people and solving every one of their problems and giving them each a £20 note afterwards. I felt ecstatic: Thought I’d woken up to find that myself in the £300 second-hand recliner, but in an old luxury (I think hotel) room, the sounds of bombing in an air-raid… A knock at the door, and it was each of the people I had helped earlier… A maid appeared with cucumber sandwiches… 

Then, I thought I was back in my own flat for real, and grabbed the notepad to record things, and the door chime rang – it was the same folks again, all laughing. We all crowded into the so-called living-room, and we squashed up together as they all called out ‘April Fool Gerry! Laughed and disappeared? 

Again I thought I had woken up, struggling out of the chair, fell, put my hands out to break the fall, the walking stick broke and found myself in a classroom, one that I actually used back in my school days, where it seemed I was too scared to leave the empty room for fear of the bullies… a bit vague this bit: But I think Doctor Who, being Dr Lynton Cox this time, lifted me in his Tardis that was green not blue, back to the flat, he didn’t have time for a cup of tea I recall – I went in, and the lift stuck on the 13th floor? Which is really odd, ’cause I pressed the button for my floor, the 12th? Fire Brigade, hospital, bus… 

0300hrs: Woke up expecting the dream to continue and actually wondered where it would take me this time and half expected the door chime to go… As I dismounted the rickety chair, I stubbed my toe and realised I was actually awake and bruised???

To the porcelain room, very pleased when Haemorrhoid Harry was not pouring blood, just a few specks. Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Duodenal Daniel and Harold Hernia were all being so kind to me this morning. No dizzy spells. Even Little Inchy, had not been bleeding. Excellent start!

Full of uplifting inspiration because I’d remembered so much of a dream, at last, I got the laundry things gathered in the bag, and went down to the laundry room and got the washer going, then up to the flat.

1Mon02I opened the jar of Falsoka, by gum, they don’t half close them lids tight!

Got it into the saucepan and added, what I think was the same as last time that I enjoyed so much.

Tomato & Herb Puree, Soy mushroom sauce and a little bit of demerara sugar. Later when I start to warm it up slowly, I’ll put some bacon bits in the oven and add them too. A right little food experimentationalist,  I’m turning into. Hehe!

Half-hour later, down the lift to move the clothes from washer to dryer. Back up to the flat, and got Olive’s letter for posting and some glass jars for the recycle-bin.

Made a brew, took the morning medications. Turned the computer on and started this post off, and loved having the scribbled dream notes to use, and found I could read them this time?

1Mon03Down and had a slow hobble out along Chestnut Walk to post the letter in the mailbox, then dropped off the jars in the Recycling bin.

The dark morning (0515hrs) was not cold at all, and no wind to speak off either today.

It was a little enjoyable, this was when I realised I had beaten the depressions for the time being, and sang to myself as I walked back to the flats, taking this photographicalisation en route. I believe I was singing Adam Faiths ‘The Time Has Come’ song.

1Mon06Back to the laundry room and retrieved the dried clothing.

Sorted the things out so that they will be put in the airing cupboard.

Cleaned the machines and then cleaned the filters.

Made sure the taps were off, filter replaced and I’d got all the clobber from the machines.

1Mon08The woolly bobble hat had shrunken and barely covers the head top now, but still, Pound Shop goods, so no complaints.

I’ve now got three of these, all a suitable imitation of a kippah.

Up a final time to the flat, stored the clothes away, put the kettle on and back on the computer to carry on with this post.

Made a mug of tea and observed the prepossessing view from the kitchen window was worthy of recording photographically I thought, so 1Mon07I took this one.

Things seem to be improving so much in the down-in-the-mouth-moods.

I’m recognising the beauty in nature again, and find myself singing to myself if you know what I mean.

Fingers crossed please, that nothing untoward occurs to ruin things again.

Then I got on to finishing yesterday’s diary off, better late than never. Haha!

Facebooked a while, then got the ablutions tended to and dressed for the shopping trip to Sainsbury in Arnold. Hoping to catch the 1030hrs bus. (Oh, I do love my free pensioner’s bus pass!)

Feeling rather self-righteous and smug at remembering to put the mobile in the bag and putting the hearing aids in before departing the flat to the lift – Whoopsidangleplop again, I’d got the wrong glasses on – returned to the apartment and swapped them for the bifocal ones. Humph!

Back down in the lift and out to the bus stop. Only one chap was there at the stop, had a little gossip with him. When the City Bus arrived, three of the lady tenants got off, and I gave them a nibble each.

The Bestwood bus was little late, but that is to be expected, because of all the roadworks taking place on the route. I thought I’d photograph the Lady Birds, who were amassed in greater numbers than ever on the bus stop seating and concrete bollards – in fact, there were some in the lift earlier. However, I gave this photographicalisationing a miss. Because I had forgotten to put the camera in the bag. Sad innit?

I dropped off the bus at Sainsbury’s in Daybrook and got some Rye & Sourdough, bread, first time I’ve tried this. I can split it later and share it with Olive… if she likes it that is. A jar of Cantonese cooking sauce, Bacon bits, lemon yoghourts, beetroots on special offer and Surimi fish sticks.

1Mon09Walked into Arnold and called in Wilko, got some Citrus Air spray on offer and Wash Fragrance.

Then to Chamber’s Butchers and got some delicious looking cooked smoked belly pork slices.

Pottered along to Asda and got two pots of Black Bean cooking sauce on offer and two packs of orange lollies.

Struggled with the bags to the bus stop, and was very lucky here, the bus was early, but I just managed to get on, cause some folks were struggling themselves to mount the bus.

Contentedly I did some cross-wording en route and dropped off at the flats and made my way up… it was in the lift that it dawned on me I had not been to the bank to see if the new card works or not! Plonker with bar, me!

Got in and took the photo of the stuff as I unloaded it, and got the bacon cut up and in the oven, to add to the beans, etc. later. 

Caught up with this dairy then added the bacon, then rang Olive to see if I could get permission to visit her – a bit inconvenient for her at the moment, but she said I could call in the morning.

I set out to catch the bus to Mapperley top and try the card out.

7sun08Tsk, Huh, Humph and pickled walnuts!!! Next time I’ll take the card with me!

Missed the bus back and had to walk it up the hill.

Got into the flatlet, feeling that the Whoopsiedangleplops had not deserted me, and a right fool to boot!

But I had remembered to turn the Bean stew and bacon light off, so set to warming it up for the meal of the day.

I spotted outside in the distance, smoke from what looked like a fire.


 Clean looking smoke, though, so it might have been a garden fire gotten out of hand?

1Mon12As I updated this diary, my acuity faded, so I got the fodder served up and consumed it with great disappointment.

This brand of Fasolka was rather bland in comparison with the more expensive one from Morrison’s.

I’ll stick with the Lowicz brand in future.

Put the washing to soak in the bowl in the sink, and settled to watch some TV. Rubbish programme and I wasn’t in a concentrating mood anyway and nodded off.

Woke a while later with hunger, which confused me with all the food I’d consumed earlier. Made a belly pork sandwich with the Rye-Sourdough bread, settled to watch the football match and fell asleep again – woke up with the half-eaten sandwich and the associated crumbs all over me, the £300 second-hand recliner,  the foot stool and the carpet!

Had a clean-up of sorts then resolved to try once again to watch some TV, Law & Order was on by then. The  first set of commercials sent me off to the land of nod once again, where I stayed until 0330hrs.

7 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Monday 13th March 2017 – Fantastic dreams, then Laundry Room Duties… Then the Whoopsiedangleplops returned!

  1. Only a few mishaps, not a terrible day <3 I like to make list so I don't forget things (this only works when I manage to remember everything for the lists, LOL)

    • I’m with you on the mysteriously forgettable and disappearing lists pet.
      I was washing up the pots the other day, and into my brain popped the thought, Did I fill in the INR result booklet? So, I nipped into the front room to make sure, and proudly discovered I had done them! Fell asleep, woke up to use the porcelain and found I’d left the hot tap running! Such an everyday event almost, I don’t think I even mentioned it in the diary? Had to wait ages to have my shower while the water heated again. Hehehe!
      Thanks for being a bit like wot I am. XXX

  2. They had one of the main road across the river closed due to a bosque fire today. Really snarls up the traffic.

    • I had to look up bosque, Tim. “A bosque is a gallery forest found along the riparian flood plains of stream and river banks in the southwestern United States” Now I know. I like to learn a word a day, thanks.
      ‘Fraid things are getting to me again, with the new bank farce.
      Chin up I keep telling myself and finding me answering myself in a rather unpleasant manner. Hehehe!

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