Inchcock Today – Tuesday 14th March 2017: Thwarted with Problems!


Tuesday 14th March 2017

Turkish: 14 Mart 2017 Salı

0330hrs: I sprang awake so violently I nearly fell out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair. The few memories of the wicked dream I was having, evaporated immediately from my consciousness. All that remained was a sense of nervousness? I hate it when this happens, particularly when remembering so much of the night before dreams too. Tsk!

The call to the porcelain arrived on queue as I dismounted the recliner, and Harold’s Haemorrhoids were hot, sore and stinging like hell. But no bleeding when I passed. Most surprising that?

2Tue04Made a brew and took the medications.

Did the health checks, and compared the last two weeks total averages, in red.

The battle against the weight increase seems to be a lost cause?

Not a lot of difference with the others methinks?

Monday and Tuesday up to now, this week seem okay.

Apart from the weight of course. I must try harder!

2Tue05As I put the milk away in the fridge, I noticed something had been leaking into the vegetable drawer. So got it put and cleaned it and returned it. This sounds like a little job doesn’t it? Remember this is me I am talking about. The door would not allow me the room when open as far as it would go – So I had to move the stuff from the side of the damned fridge and turn it as far as I could to make room to get the drawer out, it was still tight and I struggled a bit to do it. Getting the thing back in was easier! Tsk! I’m sure it was less bothersome last time I did it. Maybe the flats are leaning a bit? 

Started doing a graphicalisation for the TFZer site, but had to stop to get the ablutions done, so I can get out to the bank and try the card, and have time to get back to visit Olive.

Set out calling into the Winwood Community Hut to drop off some nibbles for the Kamp Obergruppenfurheresses.

Onward down the hill into Sherwood and arrived at the ATM machine outside the new bank, and tried out the card for the first time.

Fully confident that all would be okay, now I had received the two emails from the bank welcoming me to the new account. Thus began the new:


I put in the new pin number and attempted to withdraw some money, and was informed on the screen that ‘This service is not currently available’ I cancelled it and tried once more – the same failure repeated itself.

I went into the bank and explained to the lady behind the counter, who told me to place my card and pin into the machine on the counter. So I did. “All okay there,” she said and waited for me to wander off. So I did.

Luckily, a bloke in the queue pointed out to me that the lady was calling for me to return to the counter. So I did. She pointed out that there was no money in this account! Almost immediately Anne Gyna started to kick at me. Frustration grew in double quick time, as it dawned on me that the black depression was about to be summoned back by my tormented soul and mind. A touch of annoyance brewed as well.

I thought I acquitted myself well, born through repeatedly being led astray by the bank management, as the manager came out all smile and took me into his office for a chinwag. He started by saying he had been trying to ring me. I replied, “That would be the one missed call on my phone then?” He was taken aback a bit I think, with my new found verbal courage, again prompted by frustration. He said the transfer of money from the Co-op bank had not gone through, due to the Council Tax people putting the wrong postcode on their letter to me. I told him I had followed his advice and shredded the old Co-op card. He did he is best to sound upbeat, then he called the Co-op Bank for me and got them to issue a new card. Another mess to sort out and even more waiting! I gave the Co-op bloke a password and it was sorted. I am to expect a new card within 3 days, and a new pin withing 5 days, then I have to activate them. Great!

That sorted, he then rang the State Pension people and told them about the problem with the postcode – they are to send out a new detail of pension breakdown for me, with the correct postcode on it. I can expect this within 5-7 days. Grumph!

He then told me I need to find a 2017 Tax Code letter and take it in, to him.

The manager did apologise for his part in the farce come error, but I thought he might break a tooth or two as he forced the words through his teggies.

I left the branch almost spitting blood but tried not to show it.

Muttering to myself as I crossed the road, almost walking under a turning left white-van, I avoided the temptation from the fresh cream cake shop and hobbled up to the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop with some donations to give them and an Easter Egg for the staff.

Feeling somewhat dejected, disconsolate, downhearted, and depressed now. I even managed to miss both of the buses that I aimed to catch back up the hill. So I carried on up and over the hill down to Woodthorpe Grange Park, up the path and then right down to the flats.

2Tue07I did almost cheer up a bit when I saw someone with two giant horse-sized poodles! Hehe!

Just as I was taking a picture of the lovely Spring flowers blooming, they both raced into the picture.

That was kind of them.

The daffodils were coming through with beauty and aplomb at the top of the hill, as well.


2Tue09Turning right on my way down the hill, some crows landed in the trees on the outside of the Copse.

Thought it would make a good picture to take them with the flats behind and make a humorous graphic about Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ at a later date.

But, by the time I’d got the camera out again, the Murder of Crows had fled. Just the one stayed for his photograph to be taken. Haha!

I had a natter with a lady tenant who was waiting for her lift in the foyer. Then went up and called in on Olive. She was in good form. She told me off for getting in a mess with the bank, for putting on weight and for not having gone back to Boots with the new spectacle’s that were leaving painful looking marks on my face and needed putting right. Lovely to hear her like this, I knew she was feeling okay now. Gave her kiss and departed to the flat.

The spirits sank again.

2Tue10Marinated some baked beans in the pan, ready to have later with the last of the roast belly pork slices.

Not sure why I seasoned them the way I did, but keeping the fingers crossed they turn out alright. I mixed BBQ seasoning, garlic, demerara sugar, dark mushroom soy sauce, tomato and bacon cooking sauce, tomato puree, black pepper and large spoon or two of black bean sauce together and left them to marinate for a few hours.

Tasted a spoonful to try the taste after a while. I liked it.

To take the stress of the news away, even if temporarily, I found doing the TFZ graphics for my next series, worked. So, I pressed on for hours and hours starting them off. Still only got three of them finished. Want to get them all done, then post them together.

The brain racing and getting nowhere, fighting against invisible, intractable, untouchable enemy problems that were preventing me getting to sleep…