Inchcock Today: Sunday 26th March 2017: Whoopsiedangleplop and Accifauxpa!


Sunday 26th March 2017

Swahili: Jumapili Machi 26, 2017

Must have been tired, well, I was so tired last night. Didn’t nod off until gone midnight and then kept waking up regularly. When I stirred once more around 0500hrs by then, I disentangled myself from the £300 second-hand recliner and took the dirty pots things with me into the kitchen, got them put them in to soak in the sink.

7Sun01Made a strong brew of Thompson’s full flavour tea and took the medications.

While drinking this, I sorted out next weeks dosage pots.

The tea had gone cold by the time this was completed.

So I made another mug of tea and took a photographicalisation from the kitchen window 7Sun02bfacing East towards the City.

A tad hazy this morning, the streets below having more parked vehicles than normal reminded me it was a Sunday.

It looked lovely out there, but it was only 60°f inside the flat? I had the heating on, and it was working alright?

The need for a heavy duty session on the porcelain throne presented itself, so off to the wetroom. Oh dear, things were different this time; Haemorrhoid Harold was been bleeding badly during the night. Had to clean up and cream certain areas, change clothes and get the used ones into soak with antiseptic disinfectant. Bad leak this one, had to clean the wetroom and porcelain too. This, along with a great soreness from Little Inchy, put me on a downer.

Made yet another mug of tea, determined to drink this one! Hehe!

Got the computer on and finished yesterday’s post and sent it off.

7Sun02aSneezing a bit then. I opened the curtains to reveal that I’d left the flipping window open all night!

Took a photo through it before closing it and despite the bad start to the day, I had to admire the view and appreciated living here once more.

I thought I was coping well with things this morning.


Then… Whoopsiedangleplop!

As I stepped away from closing the window, I fell backwards over the ruddy Ottoman storage box – come foot stool, hitting my elbow as I landed in a heap entangled in the now crushed Ottoman storage box with its rather damaged packs of nibble fodder.

Gingerly I eventually got up, shook-up a bit but soon recovered. Sorted out and threw away the damaged food, cleaned the cover and the box, the carpet and myself.

So glad I bought the cordless vacuum cleaner now. As I was doing around the area I heard a clunking noise and investigated when I emptied the machine, to see if I’d picked up a coin or something.

I found a toenail clipping and a granite hard garden pea in there! H7Sun03ehe!

Took the photo of the Ottoman and it’s cover and realised I’d missed some bits (bottom left) They turned out to be more toenail clippings. Got the hoover out again, and that hurt the elbow. Humph!

As I started to create this blog, I had the stab under the fingernail and now the clouted elbow giving me grief as I typed, not to mention the Haemorrhoid Harold’s stinging away at my lower region. Not one of my best starts to a day, but I’ve had far worse.

7Sun04So, I think it was the third mug of tea now that had gone cold and undrunken. Back to the kitchen to make another mug. In the distance, I could see a tree with its blossom blooming and had to take a photograph of it.

I bet the house owner’s neighbours aren’t too keen on it, as it is sure to cover their cars with petals of blossom later? Haha!

I felt drained already now, and it’s only 0825hrs.

Did some WordPress reading and made some comments on other folks work/blogs.

Went onto Facebook and got carried away with it.

Finished the latest TFZer graphic for Marie and Lyzzi and friend Mary.


Posted to each of their Facebook pages, suggesting it might make a good Caption Competition.

Very tired and a bit dizzy now. I’ll have a sit down with a cuppa I think.

TTFN, back in a bit.

Didn’t wake up until 0445hrs Monday!