Inchcock Today – Friday 10th March 2017


Friday 10th March 2017

Bulgarian: Петък 10 март, 2017 г.

A Nothing sort of Day

I stirred into semi-life and had another attempt at remembering the dreams, again without any luck. Glanced at the clock… Gotten Himmel, It was 0600hrs! I’d been in the land of nod, on and off for over seven hours. I must have been tired, not like me to sleep anywhere near this length of time.

To the porcelain after extracting myself from the shaking wobbly £300 second-hand recliner. So, some good news here again this morning, Little Inchy had responded well to the new cream (Although it did sting a bit more than the other one, hehe), and had not bled at all overnight. Haemorrhoid Harold was only leaking little bits, and this despite the painful evacuation battle just undertaken. Even Duodenal Daniel was a lot easier too. Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis were the only ones upset with me.

Did the first Health Checks. All okay. Took the medications.

Computer switched on and yesterday’s diary was finished off. Did some graphicationalisationing on CorelDraw.

Did the second Health Checks, okay again.

Blogged on for a while.

Then went on Facebook.

Did the third Health Checks, okay yet again.

Did some graphics and posted them off to the TFZ site.


Letters from the bank – all sorted now with the new card.

Did an order for a Morrison delivery for next week and changed the details, but it would not accept my payment. Turned it all off and back on again and tried once more and it took it this time.

Pleased with some long awaited progress, I cleaned the kitchen up a bit. This turned out to be not such a good idea. Within minutes I’d burnt my finger and broke a mug and clouted my head on the draining board.

6Sat03Got a bit peckish early on today, so made the fodder.

A steak pie, new potatoes, garden peas, mushroom with soy sauce and beetroots. A banana and lemon fool followed.

A nice one, despite my dropping some of the peas off the plate and having to extract myself from the £300 second-hand recliner, getting the hoover and brush and cleaning up the mess and the meal got cold before I got back to it. Interesting searching for the peas and thinking you’ve got them all, putting the hoover away and finding more – twice! Tsk! Still, I have plenty of comestibles and victuals to hand.

I double checked the bank paperwork and was satisfied I’d not made any errors. (Fingers crossed here)

Washed the pots and had a look what was on the TV tonight. Decided to watch some DVDs of Doctor Who.

As I settled, two more garden peas were spotted, on the chair this time – and I took off the cover and shook it earlier? I checked underneath it and hit my head in the same spot as I did earlier against the kitchen sink.

Eventually, I got to watched some of the DVD and the innards started rumbling, but this did not last, as soon as I paid yet another visit to the [prcelain, it stopped bothering me.

Took the medications and idly did nothing else other than Health Check and watch the DVD. Finally nodded off around 2130hrs.

It’s been an odd day.

Inchcocks Dream – 10th March 2017

Last night, well this morning early, I had a dream so confusing and remembered some of it.

But can I make sense of it?


I set about doing this graphicalisation of the main things, I could recall.

Dream11 3 17Mostly because I enjoy making them, Hehe!

This is the scene in the brain I recall best. The sign for Mars elections and the Bush fiddling Presidents was there alright. Lynton Cox on the scene too. I feel there were so many other things going on as well.

I know I had many other dreams as well but no recollections of any details?

Just wondered what bought this one on like?