Inchcocks Dream – 10th March 2017

Last night, well this morning early, I had a dream so confusing and remembered some of it.

But can I make sense of it?


I set about doing this graphicalisation of the main things, I could recall.

Dream11 3 17Mostly because I enjoy making them, Hehe!

This is the scene in the brain I recall best. The sign for Mars elections and the Bush fiddling Presidents was there alright. Lynton Cox on the scene too. I feel there were so many other things going on as well.

I know I had many other dreams as well but no recollections of any details?

Just wondered what bought this one on like?


2 thoughts on “Inchcocks Dream – 10th March 2017

    • Thanks gal. That was a perfect description that was. I wasn’t in the dream I don’t think. I was just observing and trying to understand things I reckon?
      I did enjoy doing this one. But long after I’d finished it, I seemed to recall other bits I’d missed off. But that is not possible surely? I think I must have been musing over it and invented them. Hehe!
      TTFN X

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