Inchcock Today: Thursday 9th March 2017 -Worra day!


Thursday 9th March 2017

Welsh: Dydd Iau 9 Mawrth, 2017

Woke around 0230hrs, doing my bestest to recall the dreams, but not much luck again. Themes and feelings from them yes, this time a happier atmosphere, but no details. Tsk! Deliberated on life in great depth – two minutes later I dismounted the scarily shuddering £300 second-hand recliner and off to the porcelain.

Little Inchy had been bleeding, he always seems to after the medicos take their samples and prod and poke him at the examinations. Not too bad, though, I got the new cream out of the fridge and applied both that and the old one… too late I remembered they told me to use them on alternate days, Tsk! Did my best to removed all of it and reapplied the new one again. No ablutions yet, too early to risk disturbing the neighbours.

Made a mug of tea and took the medications, I did do the Health Checks but decided to carry out the weighing later when I have my shower, and all the clothing will be off this magnificently misshaped wobbly body. Hehe!

The BP was a bit low, well, the Sys (142) was, anyway. So when I made another cuppa, I did them again, this time up to (151), so no worries.


Onto WordPress and finalised yesterday’s diary and got it posted.

Started doing the graphic for the top first.

Moved onto Facebook.

4Thur04Had a good long shave, cleaned teggies, scrub-up under the shower; using the back brush, scouring sponge and Dettol soap.

Then dried off and medicated, creamed and lotioned the areas in need of the same. Oiled the ear-holes, applied the deodorants, then weighed me self while naked…

And still, the flipping untrustworthy dial indicated that I had gained weight again! Tsk!

Got the nibbles and prizes ready for the Winwood Tenants Social Hour meeting and set off with them… got as far as the lift and realised I’d forgotten to check the kitchen, so returned and was so glad I did, I’d left the tap running. Turned it off, and the wet-room light I’d left on as well (Huh), out to the lift once more, pressed the button… then returned to the flat to collect the hearing aids. Sad, is not the word is it?

Had a natter with Roys wife in the lobby before her taxi arrived, then out to the Winwood Social Hut for the meeting. So happy that I could get to one again at last. 

It was Eddy’s 94th birthday today. Sarnies and cake supplied for him by the group. BJ was late, nothing unusual there with him (Hehe), and he was in fine form and looking well fit. Nice little chinwags, gave out the nibbles and went back to the flats having a laugh with some ladies as we struggled to get back in the high winds.

4Thur05Got in the flat and as I made a strong cuppa to have before going out again, I espied some wood pigeon or doves right over in the copse way off in the distance. A sure sign that the growth on the trees were returning. Took a few shots, this being the only one that came out decently.

Looking at it closer later, when I posted it, they’re three birds, (I thought there were only two) all having a kip by the look of it. The leaf/twig in front of the far one, almost makes it look like a swan? 

Mum, Dad and offshoot? Bootiful!

4Thur11Got the bags and set out to the bus stop and caught the L9 into Nottingham after a gossip with some tenants.

The Ladybirds, or Ladybugs to the Americans, were rampant on the concrete pillars and seats in the bus shelter again today.

Called in the Victoria Centre to get some of the dark chocolate cashew nuts, but they had sold-out. Went to the Jamaican food stall and got the last two tins of Shiitake & PoKu mushrooms. Then caught a bus to Bulwell to have a look for bargains in the cheap food shops there. After wandering around for over two hours or so, I realised that there were none of any interest to me.

Decided to go back to town on the tram, but having just missed one, I caught (Or so I thought) the bus back to town. I settled with the crossword book for a good while, when I looked up, I had no idea where I or the bus was! Extreme Whoopsiedangleplop! Having the comfort of the Pensioners Bus Pass in my power, I let it take me on, and after going through many estates, some I recognised, I knew we were going towards Arnold, so I stayed on and luckily, over an hour after getting on the wrong bus, I got off at the back of Asda in Arnold.

Noticed the bus I got off of was a City Loop one, I was none the wiser. However a bit of luck here, I noticed on the read out board for the stop, the L9, which will take me to the flats, was due in five minutes! Fifteen minutes later it arrived, and I was so pleased. Hehe!

I’d been into town, got two tins of mushrooms, went to Bulwell found nothing I wanted, got lost ending up in Arnold and caught a bus back to the flats… over four hours lost in getting two tins of mushrooms! And I forgot to go to the bank. Hehehe!

A rather inefficacious outing to say the least.

Back at the flats and hastily as I could manage into the porcelain room. Phew, just in the nick of time, too! Little Inchy got caught in the haste for his services, and the blood flowed. Tsk! Cleaned up changed togs and applied the Anti-fungal OTC cream.

Letter from the bank had been received, put it to one side to read when I was in a more receptive mood.

4Thur12Got the fodder prepared.Easy job today, I’d left the mushrooms in the slow cooker and they were ready.

An easy job today, I’d left the mushrooms in the slow cooker and they were ready.

Tin of curried beans and some crispy streaky smoked bacon were added, a pot of Lemon Fool and a banana for afters.

I felt well drained and a bit of a fool myself, with the Whoopsidangleplop on the bus.

Washed the pots and settled to watch some more of the Doctor Who DVD.

Little Inchy had responded well to the new cream and didn’t leak at all from then on.

1800hrs: Turned over to the TV to watch Heartbeat… don’t remember much more until I woke around 2300hrs. This time I tried to recall the dreams I just knew I’d been having without any luck at all, then just drifted off back into the land of nod again.

Worra day!

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Thursday 9th March 2017 -Worra day!

  1. Getting lost is nothing new to me, without google on my phone walking out my door can be very dangerous. I exaggerate a bit, I know my suburb pretty well, but going outside of my little town tends to get me completely lost. You made a simple mistake & were able to solve it yourself, I generally have to call for help. Wishing you the best <3

    • Thanks Ma’m. I hope you don’t do it again (Get lost) now you’ve mentioned it pet?
      Had humdinger of a dream last night by the way. I’ve done a graphic and posted it – I felt a bit like I did when I realised I’d got on the wrong bus while having this dream, sort of confused and annoyed with myself.
      Have a good day please, I fank you! XXX

      • Well lucky for me these days my phone has google & it always knows which way to go. Fancy that, I can navigate in Memphis, LOL!

      • My brother in law has something similar on his phone, he showed me how it worked once when we were out. I thought I’d give it a go, no idea what I did wrong, but I couldn’t get into Google on it. So gave up. Hehe!
        New technology seems beyond me, Hehehe! X

      • Not sure what phone you’re using, mine seems pretty easy to find. I do admit though, if I did not know what I was looking for I probably would not be able to find it either. <3

      • The aged brain and memory syndrome might get to you later gal. Although I hope it’s not as bad as wot mine is. Hehehe! Made some memory mishaps today Ma’am. “Read all all bout it”, as the newspaper vendors used to shout out. In an odd way, after a day and a half without my Whoopsiedangleplops, it was kind of nice to have them return.
        Haha! Best of luck sent through the ether! X

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