I’ll start with just what is a Whoopsiedangleplop,

It’s when the accidents, mishaps and calamities don’t stop,

Inanimate things break, disappear & if breakable, these you’ll drop,

 The surgeon takes poorly when doing your hernia op,

Your brain power is of 50cc in power, others have a turboprop,

Some go hang-gliding or skiing, you visit the bookshop,

For a self-treat some buy themselves a Jaguar or BMW soft-top,

A Whoopsiedangleplopper treats himself to an orange lollipop,

Other blokes may have a perm, but you’ve no hair on top,

Whoopsedangleplopper’s, too soft, you won’t even tread on a snowdrop,

Blokes work on their cars in the garage or workshop,


You polish your Pensioner’s bus pass as you wait at the bus stop,

Men give their partners Caviar, you make yours do with chips & a rollmop,

And Whoopsiedangleplopper’s, buy their clothes from the charity shop.

Common sense, confidence, social skills, Whoopsiedangleploppers? No ability!


Born, but unwelcomed into the world, a pity,

Whoopsiedangleplops followed him with great ubiquity,

He was surrounded my anger, hatred and mendacity,

But tried all his life to be kind, caring and witty,

Worked hard not to become a burden or a liability,

He soon learned to despise hatred, the selfish and nihility,

But to free himself of Whoopsiedangleplops he had no ability,

Dragged up in slums, he did not want nobility,

Thrown into the canal, that was no farcicality!

He yearned for a family and happiness in any quantity,

But he got just unintended iniquity, 

Left school at fourteen, little education or capability,

Into a bed and breakfast dwelling, turned to alcohol, life was shitty.


Got a partner and lost her soon, then a new disability,

The ailments he accrued with great persistency,

Deafness, colour blindness, duodenal ulcer with rapidity,

New mechanical ticker valve, done my Dr Ivan Moskovsky,

Then his hernia, being shot, and Anne Gyna appeared,

As he anticipated more ailments came over the years,

Broke his leg, ankles and rheumatoid  arthritis appears,

Then his reflux valve stuck to add to his fears.

Crushed his big toe, then he got colitis another disability,

Made redundant when turned 62, life was not very pretty,

Made redundant twice more, life now full of instability,

Eight years later, still full of gullibility,

Moves into the flat, feeling great inferiority,

Since which nothing has gone right much at all,

Not that life has ever been a ball…

I face each new day filled with trepidity.

Thinking, how today will show my stupidity,

I’m bound to once again display my ineffectivity,

I’d love to find and show some intrepidity.


In support of the Outer Peruvian Pregnant Kangaroo Appreciation Society

Inchcock: Saturday 4th March 2017


I hate myself when I feel like this!

Saturday 4th March 2017

Welsh: Dydd Sadwrn 4 Mawrth, 2017

Yesterday I nosedived into dysphoria at the news and complications with the bank. I spent most of the night awake pondering, regretting and feeling self-pity. I cannot see a solution. This was in-between nod-offs when dreams permeated and I’m sure made me feel worse, but I cannot recall actual details of any of the short dispiriting dreams, just a sense of defeatism and frustration.

Around 0300hrs I disentangled myself from the £300 second-hand recliner, no demands for the using of the porcelain yet, strange that for me.

Made another brew and did the first Health Checks.

3wed04Got the mucky clothes ready and went down to the Laundry Room.

Met fellow tenant Roy doing his laundry and we had a nice chinwag and laugh.

Got the washer going and up to the flat. Still no movement in the porcelain situation.

Made a mug of tea.

Carried out the second Health Check.


The weight seems to be going up and up? The temperature is too. Not that I was too concerned about this, in my low mood.

Back down and moved the clothing into the dryer. Back up to the flat again.

6sat04Sorted the medication dosage pots out.

Got the computer on and started these diaries on WordPress.

I have worried about suffering uhtceare, but not any longer do I worry about it, it has become the norm for me each and every morning.

Back down again to collect the now dried washing.

Up and put the clobber away.

Updated the excel readings and found the word uhtceare and loved it, so I used it as in the above. UHTCEARE: “There is a single Old English word meaning ‘lying awake before dawn and worrying.’ Uhtceare is not a well-known word even by Old English standards, which were pretty damn low. In fact, there is only one recorded instance of it actually being used.” Ten rare English Words to use

I’m now hoping someone will notice I’ve used this most appropriate and suitable word, and maybe I can become famous? Forget it, not my luck. Humph!

Spent a good few hours on WordPressing, then went onto Facebook.

Got the nosh and did the final health checks and took the medications.

So tired and full of angst about the bank problems, fretting too. Anne Gyna was causing me great discomfort in the extreme tonight.

Damnations, Duodenal Daniel has started off now.