Inchcock Today – Fri 3rd March 2017: Increased contentment, then Depression returns!

Friday 3rd March 2017

פרייטאג מערץ 3, 2017 Yiddish

5fri11I stirred around 0130hrs, extracted myself out of the recliner and to the porcelain. Pleased to report no bleeding, although, the hands and arms had acquired a rash of some sort?

Did the early Health Checks, the weight had gone up a bit?

Got a drink of orange juice and photographed the hand, then I returned once again to the £300 second-hand recliner to settle once more.

I noticed I had written something on the pad I keep handy to make notes of any dreams or any things I remember need doing, during the night. All I’d wrote was: floods, river, cave and dark?

Nodded off and stirred again at 0315hrs. The porcelain needed attending again (Oh, dear!). Made a flask of tea to last me a while, and onto the computer to do the diaries. Finished Thursday’s and posted it.

Then on CorelDraw to work on a graphic for the TFZ site.

Got the new header updated: Trimmed and posted to go in with the others.


4thur04Got the vegetables cut up and into cold water in the Crock-Pot ready to put on when I go out to see Pete later.

Rang Olive to get permission to visit her on my way back fro the meeting and shopping.

Did the ablutions and got things ready to take with me that I needed, passed wing and set out to catch the bus in plenty of time.

5fri02So sad to see the tree that was in the centre of the green now gone, just the trump left, Humph!

A new Scottish resident who rarley speaks or even answers when anyone says anything to him, like, ‘Good morning’, was ranting away in his strong accent about the destruction of the trees.

Listened to a few residents chibwagging while waiting to catch a bus, but I was the only one wanting the L9 destined for the City Centre.

5fri01I noticed that each nad every one of the concrete bollards has its own Loveliness of Ladybirds that seemed to have settled together on the tip of each post.

The other two came and went and I waited in the drizzle and wind another ten minutes for the City bus, which eventually arrived very late. This could not be avoided due to roadworks in Daybrook delaying all the traffic at the mement.

The other two buses came and went and I waited in the drizzle and wind another ten minutes for the City bus, which eventually arrived very late. This could not be avoided due to roadworks in Daybrook delaying all the traffice at the mement.

Arrived in town and dropped off into the rain on Upper Parliament Street and hobbled into the Victoria Centre.

Had a good walk around the Market, didn’t buy anything though. Down to the lower level and popped into the HMV shop, got a Jonathon Creek DVD. I was feeling far more cheerful than I have done for a good while.

Then into Tesco and got some bits, bread, bacon and Sopocka loin.

Out then to meet Pete at his bus stop. Gave im the pressies and nibbles, had a few minutes gossip and then went over the road to catch the last L9 bus back to the flats.

Into the flat and put the things away, went to check on the Crock-Pot vegetables and found that I had not put turned pot on! This started my sinking into a self loathing and pitying depression again…

I called in to see Olive and she had a look at the paperwork from the bank for me – while doing this, I got a phone call on the mobile from the bank manager – It seems that one of the qualifying items I’d supplied, from the Council Tax, had got the wrong postcode on it and is no acceptable. He is going to give me time to look for another statement from the m with 2016-2017 on it… which of course is impossible, as only one statement is issued a year?

He said he would phone me on Monday to see if I had found one. If Olive had not been there, I would have cried out loud.

I left Olive a different person to how I was when I arrived there. Morbid, listless and morose, dispitirited, woebegone and utterley depressed.

5fri04Back to the flat and had a meal, Mushroom Risotto, vegetable sausages (Very nice), chestnut, shiitasha and Po-Ku mushrooms and crispy bacon;

It should have been a wonderful nosh, but how I was feeling, so low now, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have.

To make things worse, I carried out the last Health Check and I’d put on 2lb from yesterday?

Feeling melancholy, lugubrious and so sorry for missen.

I hate me when I get like this.