Inchcock Today Wednesday 29th March 2017 – Got to see Olive


Wednesday 29th March 2017

Spanish: Miércoles 29 de Marzo de 2017

0215hrs: Woke up with a start – wide awake and with the dream that I’d been having still partly in my head. Within seconds it had gone. I hate it when this happens!

Decided to try and sort some of the paperwork scattered around. First, to the porcelain throne and found Haemorrhoid Harold to be bleeding and made a mess. With the extra clothing to be washed again, I thought I’d get the last of the laundry done while I was feeling okay

Got it sorted and down into the machine in the laundry room.

Up to the apartment, took the medications and started to sort the paperwork out, then, time to go down again and move the clothes into the dryer. All done.3Wed03

Up and made a mug of tea and started to finish off yesterday’s diary.

Soon time to return to the laundry room and swap machines.

Back to the flat and finished off the diary.H

The dizzies returned and made me feel a little nervous with their persistence.H

Back on the computer and started this post off.

3Wed04A final nip down the lift and retrieved the washing from the dryer.

Note the right foot and ankle this morning in this picture?

Well bent and twisted it was, almost fell over twice getting back up with the bag?

Cleaned the machines and filter.

Finalised yesterday’s chronical and posted it off.

Time for a look at Facebook before the Morrison delivery was due to arrive. So I did.

Then some WordPressing.

Made another brew and found the milk had gone off! Had a black tea instead, just hope I’ve ordered milk from Morrisons.

Had a go at sorting the paperwork, got some done.

3Wed08The Morrison man arrived and left the groceries, and I began to put them away.

Seems to me, that I may have slightly overdone it again today.

Had a right job sorting out the fridge and freezer, owing to the available storage space to hand, being somewhat less than the amount of storage space required. Hehehe!

3Wed08aSomehow I managed to get everything away, some cramped some squashed, mind.Ablutions

Ablutions tended to. (No new bleeding! Hurrah!).

The rain was pouring now.

Got the nibbles for the Kampf Obergruppenfureresses, jars for the bottle bank, hat and umbrella, and set off to the Winwood Community Centre.

Gave them their bites and asked if I could get any help with the banking I.D. fiasco. There were no signs of any presence of adjuvant inclinations shown.

3Wed07The subject was cunningly and cleverly changed… with genuine poise and ability.

Out into the strongly falling drizzle to the bottle bank and deposited the jars, then to the flats.

Met 92-year-old Norman in the Foyer, where he was waiting for a taxi to take him to the medical centre. So I had a chinwag with him for a while.

Up to number 72 and got the kettle on, now I have milk! aHaha!

Updated this diary.

Then did some more sorting of the paperwork.

The M&C hygiene ladies arrived. Had a chinwag with them, and M offered to do the oven for me. But this meant a skimmed on the other stuff. M is the owner of the company, and she was not happy because the other worker had chipped a bone in her foot and M had to go our working.

When they had gone, I rang Olive to see how she was, and she granted me a visitation, bless her. Nattering away and Obergruppenfurheress Deana called, and we all had a chinwag for a bit. Collected Olive’s jars, gave her a peck and back to the flat to check on Harold’s condition. No bleeding.

Already had the potatoes on the boil, added some of the mushroom Soy Sauce to them. Put the garden peas on warming up.Updated this diary.

Updated this journal. Superfluously perused the TV magazine.

3Wed09Getting some stuff from the fridge later, I noticed that I’d bought these here tomatoes in error on the Morrisons order.

What am I to eat these with, please?

Do they need warming?

Are they for a stew?

Ah, I see now, I think. I figured they were dried, but, they were not, they’ve just been cut and cooked?

3Wed10Got the meal served up.

Not too bad a one, but I undercooked the potatoes a tad. 

Rather taken with these vegetable slices with stuffing and herbs. 

Had to use the polish ham as I’d noted that is was a little beyond its sell by date, so tomorrow I’ll have the lamb hot pot thingy.

Got settled and watched some TV in between nod-offs.