Inchcock Today: Wednesday 8th March 2017 – Busy but betterer day!

Wednesday 8th March 2017

Sudanese: Kemis 9 Maret 2017


A  fragmentary dream filled sleep, with sporadic waking up and fretting over everything and nothing. Found I’d made more notes about the nightmares, but none of them readable at all. I do hate it when this happens. I go weeks without remembering any dreams, then a few days clarity and back to the mystery. Hey-ho!

0400hrs: Out of the  £300 wobbly second-hand recliner and to the porcelain. Good this morning, no bleeding anywhere. Duodenal Daniel and Roger Reflux were giving me what for, but easily endurable at the time. Pondered as I sat there on the throne, about what needed attention and action today. Morrison’s delivery 0630 >0730hrs, Dentist visit 0900hrs, Clinic 1130hrs and fresh bread needed.

Carried out the ablutions without getting any cuts shaving or bleeding from Inchies lesion. Things seemed to be going well. I was worried about this!

3Wed02Weighed me bulky, flobby, body. Down this morning, the first time for a while.  Into the kitchen and made a nice mug of tea, and did the health checks.

Into the kitchen and made a nice mug of Twinings English Breakfast tea. A bit scented, but nice occasionally. And did the health checks.

Then did the health checks and took the medications.

3Wed03The Morrison’s delivery driver arrived.

There seemed to be rather lot more fodder in the order today.So I set about sorting the stuff out

So I started sorting the stuff out.

I found the ‘Free’ Strawberry yoghourt pack and put it in the bag ready for when I get out, to drop it off at the Winwood Centre to give to Obergruppenfurheress’s Deana and Julie later.

I recall thinking about ordering some smoked streaky bacon when I did the order but thought I’d decided against this, as I had the Polish Bean Stew to have. But there were two packs of the stuff in there?

W3Computer activated and finished off yesterday’s diary and got it posted off, then started this one.

Cost me a good few hours of my life, and I was not really happy with the result, but I enjoyed doing it. I could tell things were improving in the depression stakes even if only a temporary situation, it cheered me a little and a very rare, warm contentment overcame me as I pressed on with graphicalisationing until it was nearly time to get myself ready for me to get out and do something for once.

I got the nibbles in the bag for the Wardens, record sheet for the Clinic and set out. Got as far as the lift and realised I had not taken the mobile with me, nipped back and collected it. Going down in the lift, it dawned on me I hadn’t got the hearing aids in… Tsk! Decided if I went back to the flat again, I’d be likely to be late for the dentist appointment, so plodded on without them.

I had a wond2tue09erfully warm laugh and conversation with a lady tenant in the lobby on my way out. Roy’s better half, who is as perfect a subject to lip-read as I have ever found. 

Called at the bottle bank on Chestnut Grove first.

Then into the Winwood Hut to drop off the treats. Back, up Chestnut Walk, up the steep gravel hill passing the copse, (Anne Gyna let me know this was not a good idea, Hehe) left down through Woodthorpe Grange Park, left up Mansfield Road, over the hill and down to the Dentists. Had a bit of a farce trying to communicate with the receptionists without the hearing aids in. An assistant came down into the reception area to fetch me, this has never happened before, and I  realised she had been on the stairs behind calling my name without me hearing her for a while.

3Wed06I was booked in with a different dentist today, in a separate treatment room (Second floor), which involved my having to climb two set of stairs to get there. Luckily Arthur Itis was kind at that moment. (Although Anne Gyna was still annoyed at my walk up through the park) Dr Vitish Patel this time, Young Asian, designer stubble, handsome and with an almost entirely undecipherable voice.

The layout of the tiny room was different to the usual one and the chair easy to fall out of. The most surprising thing I noticed was the lack of dead insects in the ceiling lighting housing, compared to the usual room.

Got leant back and he carried out the checks within minutes and declared, I need a filling and a chipped front lower tooth repairing. The cracked tooth was not giving me any bother, mind you, the hole wasn’t either. I decided to have the filling done there and then when he offered to do it. Two minutes later, it was done.

Down to pay the characterless receptionist for the treatment, got next appointment and hobble out and down the road to the Wilko store. Where I bought a pack of cheap teaspoons to replace the mysteriously disappearing ones at the flat. Like the odd socks. I wonder if this happens to others? Also got some toilet blocks, bleach, antiseptic disinfectant, batteries for the radio, air spray and citrus deodorant.

Called in the bank, but the manager was unavailable today.

Back across the road and down to the Continental Deli shop. Where I spent, even more, money when I espied that they had some huge jars of Fasolka on the shelves, some bread and cooked belly pork with herbs.

3Wed04Made my way back up to Winchester Street Hill, in the hope of catching an L8 bus up to the flats, as I was now overloaded with heavy stuff in two bags. But the bus came around the corner as I was waiting to cross the road to the bus stop. Shame that!

I had to struggle up the hill with frequent stops to put the bags down and get me wind back.

As I arrived at the top and turned left towards 3Wed05the flats, I put the bags on the decaying roadside bench and stood for a few minutes, pondering on life in general.

The jargogle of thoughts served only to confuse me more about the reason for life’s creation.

Nowadays things are happening quicker, more intense, greedy, selfish, nihilistic… so much extra information and advice for the youngsters to absorb and understand.

Still, the day was warm and humid, and I was going to see Olive when I got in. The eerie sensation of semi-contentment attempting to overcome me unnerved my consciousness. I pondered on how long this would last and when the next Whoopsiedangleplop would arrive?

I pressed on and got into the flats and called on Olive. T’was like going into a room and being greeted with warmth and getting soaked in appreciation of being there.

She had the cleaner ladies with her, and she looked fantastic. She was going into hospital again next week, for the final tests to see if her Crohns disease will allow her to have her hip operation. Amazing woman, she looked cheery and chatted to me despite her obvious pain. I am honoured to know the lady. After a chinwag and laugh twixt us all, I gave her peck and returned with the bags to the flat.

3Wed02Put the shopping away and departed to catch the 40 bus straight to the clinic.

Mr Grumpy, was on the reception again today. Signed in and gave him the paperwork, took a seat and I waited to be called in. Good job I took the crossword book with me, because I got in alright, but 40 minutes after the appointment time. Still, they did look very busy.

They took the tissue sample, and the usual gang of students and nurses were joined by what appeared to be a new intake, all came to have a look (And have a snide poorly concealed giggle) as they peered through the gigantic lighted magnifying machine at Little Inchies lesion. After the examination proper, they took another sample (They probably found out it hurts? Hehe!) for further analysis. The Lady Doctor said she was pleased with the lesion’s depth reduction, but concerned about the swelling, and asked me detailed questions about recent activities in that area. Overall, it was improving, but infection is always possible and got the nurse to get me some new cream to use. This must be kept in the fridge and taken out only when I need to use it. Said this might help with the swelling and to use it along with the usual Daktacort Cream. She is to let me know the next appointment by email and letter.

Caught the bus (Thank heavens for the Pensioners Free Bus Pass) back to the flat, well drained and weary by then.

Got the nos3Wed08h on.

Roast spuds, mushrooms, garden peas, beetroot and some bread with belly pork and herb.

Maybe cause I was feeling a bit cheerier, I really did enjoy this one, and I gave it a deserved 9.59/10 rating.

Once I washed the pots and got settled into the £300 second-hand recliner, Anne Gyna gave me some peace and I got the DVD on to watch some Doctor Who episodes without falling asleep at all! Oh yes! Hehe!

When I changed to the TV to watch some selected programmes that I fancied… the first commercial break sent me off into the land of nod.

Thanks for reading folks!