Inchcock Today: Wednesday 15th March 2017


Wednesday 15th March 2017

Uzbek: Chorshanba, 15 Mart 2017

3Wed020245hrs: Woke still tasting the excellent meal from last night. Perhaps I’d overdone the flavourings just a bit?  Hehe!

The dreams I’d been having were unretrievable in any detail from my muddled depressed brain. I just knew they had been not nice and muddled?

Spotted that I had not washed the pots either, there they lay on the tray, in the chair next to the £300 second-hand recliner, dried bits clinging to the dish and the aroma had permeated everywhere. No wonder I thought I could still taste it. Humph!

Sprayed some air-freshener around and got the things in soak in the bowl in the sink and let them soak in bleach and washing-up liquid. Anne Gyna started kicking me all over and around the chest cavity early today as I made my way to the porcelain room for a heavy duty session. Not as good as yesterday this one. Haemorrhoid Harold was not as painful, but he had bled a lot, more mess to clean up and clothes to wash. Arthur Itis, Reflux Roger and Hernia Harry were all in a good mood with me. Duodenal Donald began joining in with Anne Gyna playing me up, and the pain forced me to take extra Codeines. Shame I can’t get the morphine sulphate again, they were effective so much more. I’m sure others have got this problem and a lot worse than I, but the constant grinding pains when two of the little aches and pains playing up together stops your concentration, and this brings on extra Whoopsiedangleplops I’m sure. Still, mustn’t complain, many others in a worse state than I am. (I did just complain didn’t I? Sorry about that).

2Tue001aA nice strong mug of Thompson’s wonderful tea and took the medications.

Carried out the Health Checks.

The weight continues to increase over the last few days?

Oh, dear!

The Sys seems to be lower this week up to now, and the Pulse is positively racing away?


Could I find the thermometer this morning? I looked in the drawer where I usually store it with the BP machine, then in all the other drawers. I use it only in the kitchen but still searched around for it in all the other rooms, drawers etc.

Got the computer on to update the diaries. Checking the email, found a reminder that had arrived from Morrison’s that the delivery is on its way.

Went into the kitchen to juggle the fodder in the freezer to make room to put the bread in later. Decided to have another mug of tea – and there it was in the cutlery drawer – The thermometer! Sad, is not a strong enough word is it?

3Wed02Did the ablutions.

While shaving in the little mirror, I noticed a colourful area on the back lower left arm. Tried to photograph it in the mirror.

I’m not sure what it was or what had caused this decorative scare. No idea at all really. But it didn’t hurt unless I caught it against anything and there was no itching or scratching?

3Wed03Dressed and made a mug of tea, but the milk had gone off. Tsk!

The moon was hanging in there this morning.

0643hrs, Morrison delivery due in the next hour.

Hello, the intercom is ringing, he’s here!

Non-talkative young man.

3Wed04He handed the bags to me through the door, took the return bags and he was off.

I got the bags into the kitchen and sorted them out. IT was a bit of a job finding spaces for some of the fodder, might have overdone it a tad today?

No doubt about it, with the fridge freezer as full as it is now, starvation is not likely in the short term!


If there should be panic and world shortage of Soy Sauce, Fasolka bean bacon and sausage stew, vegetarian sausages or out of date butter, I’ll be quids in. Haha!

The bread on the sink draining board to the left of the fridge is a new one I tried today. Polish half-Rye half Sourdough bread. I’ll give it a try and let you know what it was like later.

The giant box of Surf soap powder (Nice scent Lily & Ylang Ylang aroma) on the top photograph was on offer: £5.21 down to £3.00? Converted this means that in CAD $8.57 to $4.93 – USD £5.26 to $3.26 – AusD $8.25 to 4.84. Bargain there, what?

3Wed06Sorted them and it was such a nice looking morning, I meandered out onto the balcony and took this photographicalisation to the left of the flats.

Not a person in sight, no dogs taking their humans for a walk in the park, either?

A rarity that, mind you, it is still early I suppose. Love the shadows and sunshine effect.

Did some Facebooking for a few hours or more, then tried to get another of the TFZer graphics started off.

The cleaners (Well, I say cleaners…) are due later.

Did a bit more on the TFZer New Home Series. A slow job this, but I want to get them looking good if I can.b

4Thur04The cleaner gals arrived, I ask them to clean behind the WC today, and not to clean anywhere near the stacks of bank paperwork I have that are lurking on the computer desk, or to touch the second-hand 1969 E-Plan sideboard, cause they always catch the computer screen and it being a touch thingy I usually lose something I’ve been working on, anyway.

I was surprised when they did not find any garden peas anywhere in the front room. We had a natter and laugh while they worked and they were soon off with their bag of nibbles.

Did a good spell again on the TFZer Series graphic creation.

Off the computer, and decided to spray the curtains with fabric freshener, the expensive Airwick Citrus Infusions one, as I turned the blinds to do the other side… huh, another garden pea found! This must be the last one surely? Hehe!

4Thur05Feeling well tired now, I got the meal cooking, sorted some medications and served up the fodder to myself.

Had a change tonight. Chines mushrooms warmed up in black bean sauce, small potatoes and a rather delicious beef slice in pastry.

A banana and small pot of Lemon Fool to follow. I served it up in the glass oven dish, ’cause after the garden pea fiasco, I didn’t want a Whoopsiedangleplop with the shiitake mushrooms. They are so slithery and resist being forked or spooned up yer know! Hehe! I enjoyed this one, the puff pastry on the slice was too tasty for words.

Got the pots washed up and took the medications then settled down in the £300 second-hand recliner, which was shaking a bit more than usual when operated. Got the TV on, some stuff I fancied watching tonight too. Top Gear, Heartbeat, Law & Order and a nature programme.

Then it started… The Cramps befell me and boy did they stay with me! Started in fingers (Nasty) the legs, down to the feet, then decided to stay in both! How I managed not to scream or call out loud I don’t know. Used far too much than is permitted of the pain gel for 24-hours, even got up and took some extra codeine. Took hours before it eased. Why? I don’t know, but I do know I can do without this at the same time as Anne Gyna is giving me grief. Still, eventually, they both eased off and let me drift off into my slumber.

The dreams came thick and fast, and Anne Gyna ensured there were plenty of waking up struggling, periods to contend with. The thing that hurt most was the not being able to recall any of the dreams whatsoever! Especially with remembering one so well last week. Grumph!

Message to Brain: Don’t bother dreaming unless you allow me to recall them. Thank You!